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Best Phone App Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What Is the Best Phone App for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

There are always brand-new apps as time goes by. If you need something, anything, there is an app for whatever it is that you need. Apps make your life easy as all you need to do is touch the one you need, and then you will get what you need. There is an app for dating, cooking, or music, for learning, and you name it. Unfortunately, sometimes you have too many apps to the point that it clogs up your smartphone or tablet and the only solution is to clear it so you can keep the ones you need.

What is the right app for you? Let’s find that out based on your zodiac sign right now! Because there is a perfect app available on iOS and Google Play for every zodiac sign.

Aries – State of Survival

Aries, you are all about having an abundance of energy and surviving the hardest things thrown at you. That is why the phone app, State of Survival, is ideal for you. State of Survival is a zombie game where you have to not only create a strategy to survive, but you create your story. The app is not for the faint at heart which Aries is not, and that is why it is an intense zombie game app.

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There are many horrors associated with this game, and you have to fight the zombies to survive. But you are a survivor, and you not only need to beat those zombies but to build cities that keep zombies away.

Taurus – Yummly

Taurus, you are all about stability, security, routine. However, since you are an earth sign, you enjoy gardening and cooking. With Yummly, the cooking app, you can have a lot of fun with it. If you want to try some new recipes, you can work with them through this phone app. If you find a recipe with ingredients that you don’t like, you can use Yummly to help you find some alternative ingredients to make the food you want to cook delicious.

Since you are all about planning anything, you can use the app to help you plan your meals and schedule your recipes. That is what you like to do.

Gemini – Headspace

Gemini, you struggle with making decisions or keeping them. You also frequently find yourself scattered. That is why the ideal phone app for you would be Headspace since you associate yourself with your mind. There are plenty of meditation sessions geared for you to help you improve your focus, reduce anxiety, and find ways to relax. In addition, there are guided meditation sessions that will also help you sleep, which can be a significant struggle.

If you struggle with self-esteem, you can find meditations that can help you improve that as well. There are guided meditations for just about anything, and that is perfect for you.

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Cancer – Design Home

Cancer, you love to be at home, and you are all about home and family. The perfect app for you has to do with home renovation and decoration. Therefore, Home Design is ideal for you. You can create your 3D dream home in any way you choose. You can create different rooms and add furniture to each room you make through the app. The furniture that you can play with is from decor brands. There are so many other decor items that you can unlock if you want to upgrade the app.

Leo – Peak

Leo, you have high hopes and goals, and you want to be influential in the field that interests you. That is why you need an app that will help train your mind to attain anything you wish and become anything you wish. Peak is the app that is perfect for you as it is a brain-training app. It uses games and puzzles to help challenge critical thinking and to help improve your memory. Therefore, it will help you develop excellent problem-solving skills so you can achieve anything you wish!

Virgo – Day One

Virgo, you are all about staying organized, and you also like to write or journal since Mercury is your ruler. That is why Day One is an excellent app for you, as you can use it to stay organized. You can write notes and set reminders in the app so you can keep your day organized. In addition, you can write lists and use the app for journaling in general. There is also a calendar that every Virgo needs to monitor the schedule and to make changes to it ahead of time. You never have a reason to forget anything since this phone app can help you stay organized.

Libra – Drest

Libra, you need balance, and relationships are essential to you. You also love fashion. What is a better phone app out there for you other than Drest? Drest allows you to create an avatar, and you can dress it up in any way you like. If you want what you make, then you can buy the clothing from Farfetch. You can purchase clothing from elite brands such as Gucci, Stella McCartney, or Veneta. Therefore, this app may very well be your dream come true. You can play around with it while sitting at a cafe or home or in the shopping mall.

Scorpio – The Pattern

Scorpio, you are intelligent, mysterious, and very resourceful. However, you are also secretive and analytical, so the ideal app for you is the Pattern. The Pattern is an app that will not only keep your secrets, but it shows you what your primary desires are based on your birth date, place, and time of birth. You can get to know yourself on a much deeper level, and that is why you love this app. It provides you with the opportunity to do so. You may even find that the app surprises you with something about yourself too!

Sagittarius – Tripit

Sagittarius, traveling is in your DNA, and you need an app that will allow you to stay on top of all of your travel plans. That is why the ideal app for you is Tripit. If you struggle to keep your travel plans organized, then you no longer need to since Tripit will take care of that for you. That way, you don’t have to struggle to find notes from other sources that you took regarding your upcoming travels. Instead, you can plug that all into your app quite quickly. And if you are taking a friend or a family member on a trip with you, then you can fill their travel information into it as well.

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Capricorn – Yelp

Capricorn, you are the type to take every kind of business seriously, and you will rate them honestly and accordingly. That is why you are going to be the one to have Yelp on your phone. You will be the one to share your experiences with any business you deal with, whether it is a restaurant, a club, or even a store. Again, you will rate them honestly, and if you have an excellent experience with one, you will make that known. If you have the opposite experience with one, then you will certainly make that known as well. Giving constructive feedback is something that comes naturally to you. 

Aquarius – Canva

Aquarius, you want to flaunt your originality so that you will love a phone app such as Canva. With Canva, you not only have the opportunity to have fun creating unique graphics, but you can also create videos that will grab anyone’s attention. The content that you can make by using this app can captivate your audience on your social media platforms. You have the opportunity to share anything that you create on your media. You are also highly knowledgeable, which is why you can also create informative and entertaining infographics too by using Canva.

Pisces – Spotify

Pisces, you are naturally creative, and you also love music. So, if you don’t have a Spotify app, you need to download it right away. You need a healthy way to escape, and music serves that purpose for you. Spotify will connect you to so much music that you will spend a good hour or so creating your playlists. Therefore, whenever you face a difficult challenge and need to escape, all you can do is put your earbuds in your ears and enjoy listening to music. Through Spotify, you can discover new musicians too, and you can enjoy their gifts!

You may already have these apps and find enjoyment in using them, even if your sun sign does not correlate with the best app for you. Remember that your Moon and rising sign play a significant role in your horoscope as well as other planetary influences. You may also find different versions of the phone apps listed that you may find to be more robust or valuable. That will also keep happening since there is a creation of new apps all of the time. However, for the time being, the listed apps are ideal for you, and if you haven’t tried them, you will want to do so.

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