July 23, 2024
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The Type of Aries Girl You’ve Got to Watch Out For

The Type of Aries Girl You’ve Got to Watch Out For

At first, she will seem like your best friend’s wish come true. She’ll be fun, and smart and give you the confidence that you lack (because she’s got so much to spare). Being with her will feel like a high that you won’t want to come down from. You admire her so much, you let her lead the way, and the truth is she would not have in any differently. She is used to being the boss and wearing pants in almost every situation.

Friendship Should Feel Equal

This type of Aries girl might not directly come out and say it, but she thinks she is better than you, and when you want something it makes her like it too because she wants to take claim of or be a part of anything good or note-worthy that comes into your life. In fact, any moment that you will shine, she will introduce herself to others as your “best friend.” Aries may seem supportive, but truthfully what you have and Aries lacks will only bring out Aries’s competitive edge.

They may act uninterested or unsupportive on paper because Aries girl only wants to be a part of things where she can win, and what she’s not invested in is not getting her attention. When you talk about your skills at something Aries is not good at—they feel inferior. This is why at the root Aries girl is really selfish. It’s not easy for her to take direction or follow someone else’s tune. Aries girl is used to being good at everything, and therefore is not outgoing about what she struggles with. It’s really important for her that other people see her as golden 24/7.

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Boys Before Girls

This type of Aries girl is not the type of girl to live, express or follow any sense of girl code. This Aries girl is loyal to herself and her own needs first and foremost. Imagine being out with this type of Aries girl, you see a cute guy that you like for yourself and tell her about it. What does she do? Book it for him. Competitive Aries woman wants the best of the best and she doesn’t care about your feelings or whether or not she has to step over you in order to get what she wants. All she cares about is getting what she wants for herself, and what she needs to feed her ego.

It doesn’t stop there; it actually only gets worse. Imagine being on a Houseboat with this Aries girl. The people hosting are your friends, but you brought along your fun, dance-loving Aries friend to keep you company on the trip. On the boat, you meet a cute guy that you shotgun. Throughout the trip females with girl code would come up to you and ask if you still like this guy, they are asking because if you say no they will go for him, but you continue to say yes. The trip last five days, your feelings haven’t changed, but on the last night, your Aries girl, the person you call your best friend, sleeps with this guy on the last night of the trip.

You forgive your friend because he’s just a dumb guy, but then shortly down the road, she wants to date another guy from that same friend group. You don’t trust her, you know how she treats men and you are certain she will destroy your friend circle and make things weird for you. This type of Aries girl will not listen to you, she will not care about your feelings and she will do what she desires.

That’s exactly what this Aries girl did. She dated this guy for a bit, but when he ignores her one night she asks if she can make out with your best guy friend. Your best guy friend that you have had an emotional crush on for months. The same guy friend who would hold your hand at concerts, tell you that you are pretty, and has made you feel special. Reality check, he’s not attracted to you, he wants the confident, sexy, fun, adventure-seeking Aries.

Either way, this Aries girl moved on from one of your friends to another, but it was just as predicted. The guy from the first friend group totally blamed you for your Aries friend breaking it off with him. He deletes you off Facebook, and now you’ve practically lost that friend group because of this Aries girl. They no longer feel comfortable inviting you if that guy is there, and he is always. So, Aries moves on from one of your social networks to the next, climbing as high as she can go.

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Maybe She Will

You sacrificed your own dreams that weren’t destined to come true for the love of this Aries girl. She marries your friend, the one that you liked. After all the times she has fucked you over for guys, this feels the worst. You really love your husband like a brother. It hurts even more when she becomes friends with your friends and finds a way to make them her friends. At times, it seems like she’s taking everything from you and giving you zero credit. Her husband does not even know who she really is or what she is really capable of. She wants everyone to look at her as this wonderful person, but it is very apparent that she does not consider the feelings of other people or even care what they think because she still justifies herself to this day.

Fire Burns

It’s taken a lot to drive you from your Aries girlfriend, and this isn’t even the full load of reasons why one should be wary of her, but it’s enough to know that she’s never really had your back. Your feelings weren’t enough of a reason not to do something, her husband’s feelings, her life partner’s feelings weren’t even considered. Let them live in oblivion, this type of Aries girl will not stay down, so don’t be upset if she’s not sad that you’re not calling, and she will keep on doing what’s best for herself.

She is not the type to dwell on burned bridges, and she won’t be saying it was her fault. Remember, this woman is very good at projecting what she wants others to believe she is—you got too close to her, and that’s why you saw her ugly up-close, but you don’t need to stay under her thumb, honestly free yourself from this woman and start making your own selfish break that doesn’t hurt you (or anyone else) but benefits only you.

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