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breaking the numbers curse

Breaking the Numbers Curse

Numbers are energy, frequencies, and vibrations. They are subject to definition by an interpreter and the only way that numbers can be defined in a duality form of terminology is if they are interpreted by humans who viewed and understood life through the lens of good and bad. It is a human characteristic to subject an energetic object such as numbers through the perspective of how they perceive the universe at that time. But what if a person has evolved and no longer views life with the labels of positive and negative? What happens when we evolve above the 3rd and 4th dimension and start living our life free from the confinements of judgement? If the interpreter was able to tap into numbers as light codes and transfer the sacred art of ancient wisdom through interpretation, we would be able to understand more about ourselves and the direction our lives are leading us. When numbers become light codes, they can only carry the highest vibration within them. Can we question the origin of number definitions? Or do we blindly accept what we have been told? Let’s have a look at the numbers curse…

The Metaphysical Zero

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension and The Path of the Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking. 

In order to understand the upgraded new paradigm of numbers, we must acknowledge that all numbers are created from the Zero. The metaphysical zero symbolizes the absolute, uniting spirit and matter. It is represented by the moon and vibration of eternity and the sound of the Om. From this sound and vibration, all other numbers were created. The center of the circle represents our universe and contains all of our elements: earth, air, water, fire, and ether. Of all the other numbers, the zero comes closest to the vibration and spiritual essence of Source. The Zero is representative of the primordial void, the womb, the realm of your highest potential and all possibilities. It is a circle that symbolizes totality: that which precedes life  and eternal life force. It is nothing and everything simultaneously. The Beginning and the End / Alpha & Omega.

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Zero is often symbolic of Spirit or a Higher Source and of unity and wholeness.

So, in essence, numbers are energy and in their purest form they are light codes that carry sacred wisdom from Source and the only way a number can have a negative quality is through interpretation from the person delivering the information. 

This is why old school numerology just isn’t working for some people anymore. We are evolving out of the need to describe our lives through duality. What does that mean? It means that we no longer need labels of good or bad to justify our path. We are rising into the 5th dimension and out of judgement and when we do this, we become able to perceive numbers in their higher form of potency and power. 

My book, Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the 5th Dimension was written to give people a glimpse of numbers as light codes. It helps you see the higher vision of your Soul Contract and gives clarity, encouragement, confirmation, and crucial direction on your life journey in a world that is evolving and expanding toward a higher consciousness and awareness. 

The Myths of the Number 4, 13, and Angel Number 666

It is time to break the myth of numbers ever needing to resemble a negative attribute. These old definitions were written at a time when the veils between worlds  were still thick as walls and only a few were able to tap into the 5th dimension. We lived primarily in the third dimension and related the character of our lives in terms of good and bad qualities. 

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We now have the understanding of compassion, forgiveness, and transformation that allow us to know that everything that has ever happened to us was necessary in order to fulfill our spiritual evolution. We no longer need negative feedback to encourage us to move through the darkness and into the light. 

We are healing, evolving, and expanding our awareness to include positive reinforcement and allow higher visions to unfold so we can merge into more powerful versions of ourselves.  

The dark forces have always known the importance of numbers and just how powerful they truly are. They have long been responsible for starting negative rumors around several numbers to keep people away from learning and accessing the truth.

Today, I will talk about three numbers in particular: the number 4, 13, and angel number 666.

Number 4

The number 4 has been called a sickly number, bad luck, and karmic.

In Egyptian Numerology, the number 4 holds the sacred order and structure of the Universe.

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Those who carry this number in their birth chart, have the potential to mature as healers, druids, shamans, and teachers of alchemy with the elements of our planet.

In my book, Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension, I mention the Native American Zia Tribe and how they use the number 4 to guide their connection with life, nature, and Source. 

Four carries the healing properties from the heart and uses the elements to build a better world. It anchors and balances a deeper meaning to our lives and holds an inner intelligence of the active ingredients that holds all of life together.

It stands for the four elements of our planet: earth, air, water, and fire. It is symbolic of our four directions: north, south, east, and west. There are four main Guardian angels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. The Native American Indians celebrate the four stages of life: birth, adolescence, adult, and elders. There are four seasons; winter, spring, summer and fall. We also see the four times of a day; morning, noon, twilight, and nighttime. There are four major minerals: gold, silver, copper, and iron. There are four points on a compass and four phases of the moon. 

People using this frequency are driven by a methodical way of thinking and viewing the world which enhances their ability to use foresight and vision to create whatever project they are focused on. 

Number 13

This number has also been considered a karmic and unlucky number in numerology (1+3=4). In Egyptian numerology, it is the number of the spiritual athlete.  It represents self-discipline, courage, sensitivity, and expression. 

Self-discipline is vital for the production of the athlete. It takes courage, endurance, independence, and a burst of passion to motivate the expression of the number thirteen. Creativity, communication, and lessons of self-esteem serve only to strengthen the deep conviction buried in the soul of this solid number. It adds up to the number four, which brings the thirteen natural healing abilities and makes this spiritual athlete a dedicated steward of our environment and animals.

These people are independent and have a sensitive nature about them. These combinations of qualities are most admirable. They tend to experience life through a creative modality which may manifest as original thought and gentle but effective leadership skills. They are someone you can count on to support you through difficult times because their loyalty runs deep. They believe that actions speak louder than words.

The secret power of Friday 13th. A 14th century cover up.

The number 13 is good luck because it is associated with the 13 cycles of the moon in a lunar year, this is why a woman has 13 cycles a year and ovulates on the 13th day. In 1487 free thinking and Divine Female Energy was suppressed and labeled witchcraft by Heinrich Kramer who went forth to burn many healers on the stake due to forced ignorance and a hatred for powerful female leaders.

This is why Friday the 13th is actually a spiritual day of enlightenment, divine feminine energy, and healing that should be sacred instead of hated.

Angel Number 666

The occurrence of “666” has been viewed as an invocation of Satan, regarded as cursed, and the sign of the beast. 

Angel number 666 could not come at a more opportune time.  It is the frequency of Universal love and harmony that blesses us with Love, romance, beauty, health, and unity with family & friends.

Besides being the Number that reminds us of our connection to the Ascended Masters, intuition, and the higher realms, it is a personal message to carve out the practice for self-love.

In Egyptian Numerology, the Number Six is called the “Light House”. When connected to Source, their purpose is to Channel Higher Wisdom and Trust their intuition. When they do this, they relay messages from Source. When this number is tripled, it intensifies the potency of this angelic symbol. 

The number 666 is a sign that you are protected by your angels and guides. It is a symbol of connection with Source and the Ascended Masters. 

It is the ultimate sign of support from the Universe that you are close to reaching your goals. 

It is a reminder that there is balance between heaven and earth in your life and focusing on your inner peace will facilitate a harmonious union with your spiritual ancestors. 

So, just as humans interpreted the number definitions of so long ago,  many of us are now ready to accept the new paradigm of numbers as light codes filled with sacred wisdom and accurate information to nurture our venture into the higher realms.

Sound exciting? It truly is. On November 6th at 1:00, I will be offering a free Masterclass called Activate your Superpowers and become a Conscious Creator. I will have more access details as the time approaches, but I hope you can all join me. You can stay tuned by joining my Community Facebook Group.

Thank you for joining me today and have a blessed week. Namaste’

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