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Capricorn Celebrities

Red Carpet Astrology: How Many Capricorn Celebrities do you Know?

Capricorns are characterized by feelings of loyalty, considerate and patient. They are termed as being very trustworthy and therefore are very important for society. Capricorn celebrities may be holding a high stature but in reality, they never allow their feet to leave the ground. Yet their gaze is set on the sky. This makes them a very suitable choice for a stable partner as they have the capability to listen to the other side of the story before making assumptions. Read more and discover red carpet astrology for Capricorn!

Famous Capricorn Men Celebrities

The list of Capricorn celebrities is never-ending and thus it becomes very hard to pinpoint the famous Capricorns from such a list of esteemed people. Here below gives a list of famous Capricorn men and famous Capricorn women.

1. Bradley Cooper

Being an actor and a producer, he knows the rules of the game. He was chosen as the nominee for the 4 Academy Awards. The ‘Hangover’ trilogy became the turning point for Bradley Cooper. Being one of the most famous Capricorn celebrities he quickly gained fame and rose through the ranks. Being a true Capricorn, he showed signs of ambition thus proving the fact that he was worthy of what was happening around him in the world.

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2. Eddie Redmayne

These Capricorn celebrities have a unique sense of taste in life. Eddie is a famous Hollywood actor, singer and also a model. An actor is supposed to be a person who can act out any type of role with the same genuine aura as the actual person would. His role as Stephen Hawking earned him the ‘Critical claim award’. With his calm and loving behavior, he gained the strength of character that normally characterizes the Capricorn. He was a person who made his work a habit and a reality which helps them gain success in almost every field that they indulge their energies into.

3. Nicolas Cage

Capricorn celebrities are those who know their goals than any other star. They not only follow them but try to convince others to recognize and follow theirs. Nicholas has that personality that can adapt to both romantic comedies as well as serious roles. Following the saying of ‘good things come to those who wait’ Nicolas proved that if you wait patiently you would rise to the world of success.

4. Kit Harington

There are many famous Capricorn men who deserve to be included in this list but Kit has a special place in this list. He earned his fame as Jon Snow in the game of thrones season. This famous Capricorn has also acted as the Milo in the famous movie of Pompei. Possessing the trait of sensitivity and persistence from his star. He acted on the Jon Snow character in the best way possible. As he needed both of them in excess in order to succeed.

5. Jim Carrey

Apart from being a comedian, a scriptwriter, a producer impressionist, and an American Actor. He is considered as a very important person in terms of position because he has won two golden globe awards. This Capricorn celebrity is considered as a gold mine in case of exercises. He might not seem someone who does pay heed to what is happening around him. Yet the people who laugh all the time are the ones who are the loneliest.

6. Anthony Hopkins

This person has earned his place in this list of famous Capricorn men just by the fact that they are considered as one of the most literate actors in the film and music industry and that is what makes him so important to all of us. Bright quickly managed to get roles in movies. The famous being in the movie “RED”. He amazed the people with his acting.

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7. Zayn Malik

Having a voice that entrances millions of people. Living a humble life in “One Direction”. He became a force to be reckoned with when he got separated from them. His life took a one hundred percent turn when this happened. He became one of the most famous Capricorn men. One of the answers that I have for this is the fact is they sing to join the cause to make this world a better place to live in.

Famous Capricorn Women Celebrities

It is impossible to mention men without the men of famous Capricorn women. Here is a list of all the women who are worthy of being written in this list:

1. Diane Keaton

People say it is difficult to carry on with a single job yet Diane has proved all of these misconceptions as wrong. Apart from being a writer, singer, real estate entrepreneur, script writer-director. Everything is managed her herself with a minute of help from the staff. This makes her worthy of being a member of the Capricorn celebrities. She stands as someone who would be responsible and happy with what is to happen to her. Thus accepting what is happening to her.

2. Ellie Goulding

A great voice is a blessing that one understands after they realize its true worth. This may take some time to find but at last, one does find it. Ellie Goulding is one of those famous Capricorn females who were blessed with a wonderful voice. Her famous records stole the hearts and minds of millions of people. She became the first person to get a critic choice award and Brit award at the same time in the same year. This had never taken place. Her persistence and choice of moving to the next level of becoming the best is what made her what she is today. She stayed as someone who was true to herself proving her belonging to the Capricorn. This was what made her so successful.

3. Hailey Williams

Being one of the most famous songwriters she also shares the passion to bind her listeners in a state of trance by her magical voice. Not only she takes part in the game as a lead vocalist. Apart from this, she loves to stay back and write songs rather than sing them. Being one of the most famous people, she earns a spot on the list of Capricorn celebrities. Her voice and her lyrics are what make her famous in this world. She is someone who would even consider becoming an idol for the followers to follow. Just to make them a better part of society.

4. Dolly Parton

Being more than one person can be very troublesome, yet these famous Capricorn females perform it with such professionalism. Not does she stand as the singer, songwriter, author, philanthropist, actress, and an amazing instrumentalist. She takes a key interest in country music. She started off as a young recorder at a local radio channel and then rose to prominence.

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5. Sienna Miller

The next person on the Capricorn celebrity is Sienna Miller. Not only is she an actress and a model but she is also a fashion designer. Being nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star Award proved her determination to her cause. She has also acted in one of the top films of the time known as American Sniper. She was also appointed for the Golden Globe award for the best actress category. Capricorn teaches one thing and one thing only that never compromise on your goals. That is exactly what Sienna followed when she went as far as the nominee for the golden globe.

6. Maggie Smith

She became overly famous when she acted in the movie of the Harry Potter series. She has appeared in over 50 films and is one of the most recognizable actresses. She has extensive experience of more than 60 years in the TV and movie industry. This Capricorn celebrity is one of the golden actresses of all. She might be old but she stands out from the public with her outstanding acting skills. As her passion was acting and that is exactly what she achieved.

7. Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner is an American actress who was considered as one of the most beautiful and prominent actresses from the 1950-60s. After surviving through the great depression, she worked hard to take place in the cinema industry with her acting skills. She became a leading heroine and stormed the entertainment industry with her exceptional performance. Her famous movies ‘The Killer’ made her a leading role in Hollywood. She stood as a true Capricorn that knows the downs before she can taste the ups and that is only when you can truly experience the true taste of success. That is exactly what happened to her. She saw the bad side and was motivated enough to go back and fight her way through.

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