June 16, 2024
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Capricorn Season

Clean Your Slate, It’s Capricorn Season!

As the Capricorn season has just begun, check out all the information about the Capricorns around you!

Classic Capricorn

Capricorn is a sign that is concerned with realism, hard work, planning, determination, persistence, success, high status, good quality, reputation, and responsibilities. They can be faced with difficulties or problems. They are associated with paternalism, authority, and discipline, but also money, wealth and long-term projects. There is usually wisdom about them, they have a strong sense of loyalty, sensitivity, and beauty.

Qualities of the Element

Capricorn can be likened to the oldest and valuable tree in the forest, it is the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac.

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Very practical, Capricorn often reaches the bar, beating out who may be faster but are less ambitious.

It is imperative that Capricorn put their resourceful skills to good use. Skills with materials, finances, and social resources can be used to help a prospective goal.

It is Capricorn’s goal to understand, empathize and learn the feelings and needs of other people.


Positive Negative
·         Good organizing skills

·         Cautious and Realistic

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·         Hardworking

·         Scrupulous

·         Fearless

·         Calculates risks but takes when necessary

·         Is an admiring spectator

·         Has high but realistic standards

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·         Conventional

·         Concerned

·         Gives sound advice

·         Loyal to tradition

·         Respects authority

·         Tendency to believe their way is always the best

·         Egotistical

·         A slave driver

·         Unforgiving

·         Anxious, allows inner fears to dominate decisions

·         Takes a very critical view

·         A perfectionist who is never satisfied

·         Fatalistic

·         Status seeking

The Secret Capricorn

At the root of any true Capricorn is someone who worries about security. They want security in every aspect, physically, emotionally, socially and finically. Capricorn isn’t the type that likes to be embarrassed, they can be very reserved, but a lot of fun when they let go and get their feet wet. I’ve seen many hard-working, boss Capricorn women who knew how to let loose, but it was only after all the work had been done.

Capricorn will probably show you some, but not all of what their capable of doing when they really mellow out because that’s because Capricorn is rarely the fool by choice. They are also generally very private, and more on the introverted side.

The secret Capricorn is also a hopeless romantic and longs for that perfect love to come and complete their lives.

How Do the Planets affect Capricorn?

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which means that anyone with a strong Capricorn dominance on your chart will tend to take life seriously.

Saturn is the planet of fate in Astrology, it also rules time, sorrow, caution, and wisdom. Often it is referred to as “the great teacher “as Saturn is affiliated with the life-long ritual of gently working out our fears and getting past them. They say that Saturn is of the beautiful of the planets.

Capricorn at Work 

A typical Capricorn work hard and long hours. They might like to have some home comforts in the workplace so he or she can change and go on to another appointment, or stay all night if necessary. Generally, a Capricorn boss does not neglect family life for business, and family members may visit him or her at work, but usually, they have demanding jobs where visits to the office are needed. Capricorn at work is kind but expects obedience to the rules. They have a strong sense of duty very hard. They are not always the best mixer, but other people do trust them.

Capricorn does not give perks, but they respond when someone is in need. They might neglect personal needs because they take the responsibility very seriously. It is able to keep complex operations, move smoothly, is conservative and organized.

Capricorn as a Friend

Capricorn generally likes well-kept types who aren’t too extroverted. Earth signs love other earth signs.

They are loyal, kind and often very generous to friends. They prove their sincerity through true devotion, which can go wrong if the friend they have made is a wrong choice. Regardless, they will not desert or disown a loyal friend, no matter how bad the circumstances.

Negative Sides to Capricorn Friendship 

Capricorn isn’t always the best judge of character. If a relationship goes sour, because of poor judgment in the first place, Capricorn may turn hateful. If they suspect the deception of a friend, he or she will begin to question all friends. At times, Capricorn tests the trustworthiness of friendships more than once.

Capricorns have an annoying way or organizing stuff for you that they think will be good for you, but will not be. Worst of the worst, Capricorns can use a friend to further an ambition with a stint of gratitude.

Capricorn and Cupid

Love is the source of all inspiration, for Capricorn. Generally, on the shy side, private and awkward with the opposite sex, Capricorns are still very much interested in the love and known to be the most capable and loyal of lovers.

What is Capricorn Like in Love?

  • Slow to make moves
  • Never flirts for fun
  • Only says “I love you” when it is meant and does not see any reason to keep repeating it
  • May have concerns about the emotional aspects of the relationship
  • Needs to feel financially secure to be happy in love
  • Tends to be caring, considerate, and committed to loved ones

What Does Capricorn Expect?

  • Expects to be taken seriously
  • To make a long-term commitment
  • To have faithfulness
  • To have privacy
  • To build a home and a family
  • To be admired by their loved ones

Generally, Capricorns are not involved in casual affairs, if the relationship is beginning to fail, it will likely take some time because Capricorn has a strong sense of duty to his partner and his family—Capricorn hates divorce, and goodbye could be dragged out for some time.

Some Good Matches for Capricorn

  • Pisces
  • Capricorn
  • Virgo
  • Taurus
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius

On the whole, it would seem that Capricorn is a down to earth person with deep values and strong work principals. It sounds like they make for nice friends, and try not to cause much or any negative attention. In love with their dream job is when they are truly complete. This is a sign that sets high standards but usually achieves them through hard work and dedication.

How will Capricorn Season affect you?

Capricorn season comes right before Christmas and helps to neutralize things after the holidays. As the last night of a big production, it’s the lull period to sit back, relax, reflect and rejuvenate into the new year. Capricorn will inspire you to set those new year resolutions and give you the will to stick with them. Capricorn will influence a sense of a well-balanced lifestyle, influencing us all to keep our feet on the floor. Mind you the other signs will be placed elsewhere, and we won’t know what other influences we’ll be dealing with it. Capricorn doesn’t mean to bring any harm, though it could get you thinking too seriously about things, which in some cases is great, in other cases, let it be. Try to breathe, relax, refocus, do whatever you need to in order to maintain your happiness at this time.

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