July 23, 2024
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Conscious Awareness Number

The Conscious Awareness Number

When we are being asked to let go of what no longer serves us, a part of us will hesitate if it is not replaced with something of higher value right away. We are not always really good at waiting, sitting in the void or the hallway as I like to call it because it requires patience and blind faith in the Divine. Luckily, life has a way of filling the empty space rather quickly… most of the time. And yes, we are being asked to open up to new perceptions, walk through spiritual doorways, and seek paths into foreign realms. I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology bringing to you an important numerology calculation called the Conscious Awareness number.

A Highly Evolved Numeric Signature Code

Egyptian Numerology is ever-evolving as the energy of the planet continues to grow through rapid phases of development. The definitions within the numbers, like us, also expand as we seek deeper meaning and instructions from the universe. If we remain locked in old patterns and ways of seeing things, we are not allowing ourselves the privilege of emerging with the progress we incarnated to make. So today I am going to share with you a brand-new numeric calculation that will help you advance to a higher understanding of who you are and why you came here.

The Conscious Awareness Number is a highly evolved numeric signature code that helps individuals thrive on their spiritual journey. It only appears to those that are ready to transcend their energy to a higher state of consciousness. It is my hope that we all pull back the veils of illusion and step into our light, our power, and our natural state of being.  

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Our Birth name is our Sacred Oracle word Given to us at birth. In my book, The Path of the Wounded Healer, this chapter is dedicated to the meaning of our birth name. Our first name is our social name, our middle name is our soul name, and our last name is our hereditary name.

What I didn’t list in this chapter is the total calculation of our first, middle, and last name which in Egyptian Numerology is called our Conscious Awareness number Not to be confused with our destiny number. Although they share the same calculation. Let me explain.

Work in Tandem

Our destiny number activates around the age of 36 and continues to develop, guide, and influence our spiritual journey throughout our lives.

Now, if you have a master number, this frequency dominates our life purpose around the age of 40 and older. Both numbers work in tandem to create a forceful and potent momentum that cannot be denied.

Depending on what these numbers mean to you personally or the numbers in your chart placement, they can help you manifest the life you were born to create.

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Going against the tide of these forces will signal roadblocks from the universe. Only because you designed it this way as an integral part of your soul life agreement.

You strategically placed people, places, events, and circumstances to be triggered within cycle intervals.

In my Mentorship Program, we examine these cycles so an individual can clearly see why things happened in the past, what is being offered in the present moment and how to program the onset of your Life Purpose.

It is a beautiful symphony of colorful energy flowing in through and around the vibration of your Birth date and name.

Different Destinations

Back to the Conscious Awareness number. Your Destiny and Conscious Awareness will have the same number, but they serve different destinations.

Your Destiny points to your highest potential while fulfilling your life purpose. It shows you where your strengths lie and your easiest access to success. Aligning with your Destiny vibration assures that you stay on the right path. 

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Your Conscious Awareness number is about Transcendence. It is a Unity Consciousness movement and tool that your higher self identifies with. This is the vibration that all soul seekers are being called to step into, evolve and transcend.

When everyone surrenders to the lower dimension qualities of their human personality and adopts the 5th on up, the New Earth comes into focus and grounds itself as our permanent reality.

The Conscious Awareness vibration shows you how to do this by revealing what challenges you came here to overcome as a Divine obligation not only to assist in your personal evolution but cosmic collective consciousness as well.

This requires unconditional love because when we heal ourselves, we heal hundreds of thousands still suffering from the same infliction. If all of us transcend just one lower human quality, we begin an unstoppable momentum of rising currents like a hurricane of positive energy, leading to a pathway through the eye of the tornado where we all ascend to greater heights and awareness. 

The process of transcending your lesson triggers a Unity agreement that raises all of us further to a higher state of being. We become interdependent on unconditional love and conscious awareness.

If you are reading this article now, it is not by accident that you were drawn to this information. You were specifically born at this time and place here on earth to raise the vibration of our planet.

The Sacred Oracle Word

Because I have so much information to share with you, I have written an E-Book on The Sacred Oracle Word, including our Conscious Awareness Number; the meaning and definition of your name frequency and the Elementals and Archangels intricately linked to your Birth name helping you to transcend further in your spiritual path. It is available on my website.

It shows you how to calculate your birth name and the meaning of each individual aspect of your name including your first, middle and last. And now I have added the Conscious Awareness number which lists the lesson each number must transcend and master during their incarnation. 

Your conscious awareness number is the total Arithmancy of your Birth Name. It encourages you to transcend the 3rd Dimensional qualities of your personality in order to step into your magnificent 5th Dimensional “Conscious Awareness”.

The Doorway of Cosmic Consciousness

If each individual conquered or transcended into the higher version of themselves, they would step into or through a doorway of cosmic consciousness.

When we travel a spiritual journey, we inevitably search for truth.

We find our truth by being authentic, fearless, and ever responding to the inner sanctions of our soul.

By overcoming our hurdles and challenges, we pave the way for others still struggling to find their way because, at this point in our spiritual journey, we are well aware that we are not alone. Knowing this is our encouragement and the fuel that burns the fires of our passions and determination to evolve into greater heights and awareness. This is why this number is called our “Conscious Awareness” number. It is our true and highest potential waiting to be mastered, embodied, and shared in this lifetime. 

It is the total of the vowels and consonants in our Birth Name. Its motivation is transcendence and is only activated when we become consciously aware of our true and highest potential. 

These are exciting times and challenging times, when you have the directions and clarity through Egyptian Numerology, it makes your path easier, lighter, and more fulfilling. Egyptian Numerology is always merging with the energies coming through the realms of spirit.

If you want to learn more about your soulful journey including your Soul Life Agreement, schedule a Chart Reading. Soon, I will be offering a monthly group session called “Stay on Track with Your Life Purpose”. It is a spiritual forum for like-minded individuals where we meet to learn, grow, transcend, and participate in the Cosmic Collective. Namaste’

To Love, Light & Living It! Sara

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