July 13, 2024
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The One Phrase That Triggers You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The One Usual Phrase That Triggers You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone takes offense at different things. What may upset or offend one individual does not phase another, and that is just one example of why everyone is so unique. Therefore, if you happen to be offended by a harmless phrase, you may not take offense to a phrase that will upset many people. The main reason that some phrases or sayings will trigger you is based on your personality and overall nature.

What is something that influences your personality and overall nature? That would be your zodiac sign. Let’s now talk about any usual phrase that can trigger you based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Let’s Talk About This Later

Aries, you are the passionate type that does not want to wait. When you want to go after something or do something, you want to take care of it now. There is no later. Therefore, if someone tells you that they need to talk to you about something important, you’ll expect them to sit down and have a chat with you right now. However, that often does not happen because the individual does not have the time. That is why whenever someone needs to talk to you, they will tell you that they will call you or tell you later about it.

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However, the last thing you want to hear is the phrase ‘I’ll talk to you about it later’ because that will only cause you to become anxious. You cannot wait for this discussion; you will overthink it, which is the last thing you want to do. Therefore, it is best not to tell Aries that you want to talk to them unless you intend to do it at that very second.

Taurus – I Am Keeping an Eye on You

Taurus is the type that does not bother anyone and only wants to do their thing. If you are a Taurus, you can relate to that. You also know that you have a strongly stubborn streak. That helps you because that is the reason that you have the tenacity to finish difficult tasks. You also have strong opinions and will not be open to the opinions of others if yours differ. However, anyone who tells you that their opinion counts more than yours is not a triggering phrase. You could not care less because that will not change your mind.

However, because you have a strongly independent nature, you do not want anyone watching or monitoring you. Anyone who says anything along the lines of ‘I am keeping an eye on you’ is what will trigger you. That is something you cannot avoid at work either if your boss thinks you are slacking off for whatever reason. That is why you would make a great business owner so no one can watch you.

Gemini – Please Be Quiet

Gemini, you are all about communication. And you need to talk. You don’t become triggered by many phrases except for one, and that is ‘Please be quiet’. Unless you are at a library or the theatre while the show is on or at work, you do not want to be quiet, and you definitely do not want others to tell you to stay silent. Even if you were at one of those places and said a few things, you would become pretty upset if someone told you to ‘be quiet,’ mainly if you spoke on a low volume. Therefore, never tell a Gemini to ‘be quiet’.

Cancer – Can I Please Speak First?

Cancer, you are nurturing, and you want to do anything you can to make anyone comfortable. You put your needs on the backburner. However, you also refuse to be disrespected, and if you need to say something first to someone, the very thing that will trigger you is if they interrupt you by saying they want to be the ones to speak first. You ask very little of people except for two things.

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Firstly, you want others to appreciate the kindness you show others. Secondly, you demand respect, and if someone feels that their voice is more important than yours is a sign of disrespect.

Leo – That Individual Does It/Looks/ Better Than You

Leo, you want to be in the spotlight at all times. You don’t care about being the best in something that you brings you no passion. However, you do not want to be told that you don’t do something that brings you passion and someone else. Or, you don’t want to be told that if you wear new clothing, someone else looks better in it than you do. Therefore, any phrase that involves someone comparing you to someone else is what triggers you. All that will make you resent that individual and not like the person who told you that you were not good enough.

Virgo – What You Think Does Not Concern Me

Virgo, you are analytical, and you are also very service-oriented, clean, and health-conscious. You are humble, but you will not stand for any disrespect. You value your thoughts and opinions, and if anyone were to tell you that they did not care what you thought about something – that would be a significant sign of disrespect to you. Someone who says along the lines of ‘what you think does not concern me’ would anger you. That feels like a slap in the face. It would be better for someone who does not value your thoughts and opinions to keep quiet that they don’t.

Libra – You Must Decide Fast

Libra, you are charming, and you value your relationships. However, there is one issue you struggle with, and that is making decisions. The last thing you want to do is feel pressured to decide on something without talking to anyone about their opinion on the thing weighing on you. That is because the idea of deciding on something independently scares you. Therefore, anyone who tells you that you need to decide on something fast will rattle you. It won’t necessarily anger you. However, it will cause you to feel very anxious. The best thing to do is if you find yourself in that situation is to tell them that you need time to sleep on it, and that is non-negotiable.

Scorpio – Trust Me

Scorpio, you are intense, and trust is a serious issue for you. Only you can decide when you can fully trust something or someone. They’d have to give you a reason first before you can trust them. That is why whenever anyone tells you to trust them on something, especially if it is by someone who you barely know or hasn’t given you a reason to trust, they anger you. Only you are the one to decide when to trust them. Additionally, whenever someone uses that phrase, you see it as them not taking trust seriously, and the reason that angers you is obvious.

Sagittarius – My Luck Is Terrible

Sagittarius, you are naturally optimistic, and there is no time for negativity. You do have patience and compassion for those who cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel facing grief over a loss. However, when it comes to those who complain about their poor luck who do not find solutions, that gets to you. Therefore, if someone tells you that their luck is terrible or are exceptionally unlucky who do not do anything to look for how they can change that for the better, you have no patience for it, and you would not hesitate to cut them off.

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Capricorn – Can’t You Stop Doing That?

Capricorn, you are ambitious, and when you have your eyes on the goal, you do not take them off of it. You will work day and night for it. You will also make choices regarding their goals and how to attain them. However, not everyone will understand that, and all they will see is doing things they cannot relate to, such as working in the middle of the night or getting up very early to work on them.

Therefore, if they were to ask you why you cannot stop doing that, such as working in the middle of the night or getting up too early, that makes you defensive. You don’t want anyone asking you why you do what you do. You feel judged and scrutinized. Therefore, you’d ask them back if what you do is their business.

Aquarius – That Is A Silly Idea

Aquarius, others may think that nothing phases you because you are pretty detached, but that is not entirely true. You are innovative and progressive by nature. You are an excellent problem-solver, and you know you come up with creative and fantastic ideas. Therefore, if anyone were to tell you that you came up with a silly idea, that would offend you. You may even question your competence if someone said to you that your idea was ridiculous. You would even be more offended if someone told you that their idea was better than yours as well because no one is as innovative as you are!

Pisces – Someone Is Talking About You

Pisces, you are sensitive, kind, and likable, which is why many people like you. However, you cannot handle others disliking you because of your sensitive nature. You get very upset if someone were you tell you that they did not like you. However, believe it or not, that is not the most triggering thing to you. At least with someone who admits they don’t like you, you know where you stand with them.

If you hear that others gossip about you, then that upsets you more. If someone were to tell you that others are talking about you, that feels like a slap in the face to you. You care too much about what others think of you. It hurts you more to hear about a friend or someone who does not know you well gossiping about you than someone being upfront about not liking you.

Do you resonate with any of this? If you are a Pisces and don’t care what others think about you, but you care more about others telling you to decide on something quickly – then perhaps you have a lot of Libra energy in your charts. Maybe your Moon or rising sign is in Libra. Or, you may find that several of these phrases mentioned in this article that you find triggering. That is because perhaps you are finding that several components in your horoscope are enormously influential.

How do you handle these triggering phases? You can always practice tuning them out if you can. Whatever you do, don’t let them ruin your day! Because you will hear them from time to time.

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