June 14, 2024
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Using Gemstones for Strength Training in Athletics

Gemstones and crystals, with their mesmerizing essence and enchanted metaphysical properties, have long captured the human imagination, but beyond being objects of fascination, these precious minerals have found their way into various aspects of life, including sports, and highly competitive athletics. In this article, we will be delving into how athletes can harness the unique energies of crystals, and most importantly, the appropriate routine and wisdom to go with it. Training for physical mastery? Keep reading then. You might need this crystal hack.

Bigger Energy, Bigger Strength

Crystals make it easier for your energy to grow. And if your energy grows quicker, so does your strength. What the crystal does to your body: is synchronizing the energy flow of each specific chakra it is supposed to work with, thus harmonizing the fluids, your blood, and the neurons of that area. The end result is, that you can use more of your willpower, more of your muscles, within that region, because they’re more relaxed, they’ve healed more than usual. Done correctly and with the right methodology, you’ll be able to grow yourself at a much quicker pace than someone who isn’t using the benefits of crystals.

Now, as an athlete, the main chakras or energy centers you want to be working with are the lower 3. That is your genitals, stomach, and diaphragm area. Muldhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, in the Sanskrit terminology. This is where all the physical strength within the human body is produced. And this is where we’ll be focusing. It is also recommended that you do not work with the higher chakras at the same time, whilst working on the lower chakras. In general, we recommend not touching the higher chakras too much, as energy should always get unlocked from bottom to top, gradually. Hope this is clear and well respected.

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So, let’s get right into it.

Different Crystals, Different Activities

Carnelian is your go-to crystal if you’re looking to strengthen up. With that beautiful orangey, reddish, yellowy color, it taps right into your lower 3 chakras, all at once. Carnelian is an extremely powerful crystal, but it is not to be used for too long within one session. It directly increases and works with your physical energy, self-confidence, life force energy, and strength. Place it in the middle of your belly while lying down, before training, for 5 minutes initially. When you feel the energy has been given to you for the day, remove the crystal from your belly and go about your session. You can build the exercise up to 20 minutes, but we don’t recommend going longer than that, as the crystal also needs time to reset and clear. Don’t worry if your stomach burns afterward, it’s just how it goes.

Now if you’re in a more competitive sport where you have to use tactics to outsmart the opponent, like boxing or fencing so to say, you might find also great benefit in the calmness and grounding properties of the Pyrite crystal. Also known as “fool’s gold”, due to its metallic form and brassy yellow color, it is a rather common mineral but you will almost always find it near volcanic deposits. This crystal, unlike the Carnelian, can be used for long periods, often seen in people’s offices or on living room tables, it doesn’t necessarily need that direct physical touch as the Carnelian does. You may also place it in the room of your home where you are the most active, or simply have it in the training area while you practice your craft. Its subtle grounding properties will gently, but significantly, improve your concentration during your practice.

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The next crystal we recommend for athletes is the alluring, deep, Black Onyx. Often referred to as the marathon crystal, with long-distance runners often picking this one up to increase their stamina and strength. Its black color gives it abyssal properties, allowing it to continuously eat your weakness and also reset on the spot by itself (black crystals do that). It is a great gemstone to wear as a necklace or ring, or simply hold it in your pocket, whilst training or throughout the day. It is currently placed on a silver ring on my middle finger, as this article is being written. The important thing is to make sure you don’t forget to take it out at night, as it might be too intense for your sleep, where you actually wanna have almost no crystals on you.

The next crystal we advise for athletes is the so-called Tiger’s Eye. This precious yellow-brown gemstone is made to enhance your confidence through practical activities, giving you the necessary extra courage to reach for that next level in whatever it is you desire, and solidify this next level through your repetition of it, it is why people often call the Tiger’s Eye, the lucky crystal. In reality, it doesn’t make you lucky, it just pushes you upwards and kind of forces you to back it up with skills (all that brown in it). This one is similar to the Pyrite in its maintenance, meaning that you can have it in your room, practice area, or simply in your home to receive its benefits. It can of course, also be held in the hand, ideally your left (for right-handed humans) or in your right, if you are left-handed.

And last but not least, the famous Hematite. Deriving from the Ancient Greek word “hema”, meaning blood, it is the go-to crystal for the neutralization of the blood pH. It directly works with the arteries and veins of your system, bringing harmony and coherence within those tubes. For the vast majority of people, it seems to act as an alkaline compound, helping the acidic body go back to neutral. But who knows, you might be too alkaline (rare, but possible), and it might take an acidic positioning for you. The ideal spot for this crystal is a necklace that is right at the base of your throat, under what we call “Adam’s Apple”, as this is the central point for blood circulation. In case, you don’t want it to be visible to others, then you can wear it with a normal necklace. Regardless, this is the crystal to have within your chest area, as this is the main region where most of your blood flows.

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Crystal Your Way To The Top

Now it is not so much which crystal you pick. Most likely you’ll probably go through a handful of ones anyway, as once you’re done with one, you need to find the next energy you are to integrate. All the aforementioned five, are some of the strongest for physical strength and endurance enhancement. Go with your feeling. Each crystal might have slight differences per person. It is why the feeling knows best. Guided by the soul, whichever crystal excites you, probably has something for you.

And the best part about them? They’re like lovers. Once their job is done, they find a way to disappear from your life. You might lose them. Maybe you’ll feel that a friend will need the crystal now more than you, and you’ll pass it on, or it will stay in a corner of your house for years, while rarely being mingled with again, except given the occasional loving gaze, bringing back memories, knowing what the two of you had together and what it did for you and your journey.

Because you see, crystals are alive. Just because you can’t hear or feel them yet, doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. They’re much older than you and I. And have guided humanity for eons. And will continue doing so. In doubt? Well, you never know unless you try.

Are you ready to pick your new friend?

Or in the case of the pro athlete, a strengthening buddy.

Go on then, where’s the nearest crystal shop?

May magic guide your way.

All the Love.

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