June 23, 2024
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Discovering the Metaphysical Root of Your Ailment

When the scientific process came about, suddenly we were able to recognize the physical causes of the illness and ailments which we suffered from. This was greatly liberating because it meant the illnesses and ailments ceased to be some intangible, abstract force, and instead something we could measure, quantify and observe. 

However, this new ability to identify physical causes of our ailments misled us into believing that these physical causes were the root causes of the ailments, when this is not the case. Believing that an ailment begins with the physical cause of that ailment is analogous to saying that the song you’re listening to on the radio originated in the radio, when in fact the song originated in a human being who wrote, performed, recorded and released it in an altogether different place, time and level of reality.  

In the same way, the root cause of an illness does not lie in the cells, joints, bones, bacteria, membrane, blood or tissues of your physical body at the time of its appearance; its roots lie in an altogether different space, time and level of your being— namely, your psyche.  

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It Is What It Is — Or Is It? 

Science and religion now converge on this conclusion: matter is an epiphenomenon of energy. We are submerged in magnetic energy fields and these fields give rise to the form of the physical world that appears around us. Our thoughts and emotions act directly upon this magnetic field and determine its shape. Like the ebbing, flowing tides of the ocean, the magnetic fields are constantly shapeshifting according to our dominant thoughts and feelings. 

The Role of Energy and Emotions in Genetic Expression and Healing

That matter is an outgrowth of energy has tremendous implications for healing, and scientists have only just begun to explore the ways in which our intentions, beliefs and habits of mind interact with our genetic coding. Esotericists, however, have long known that health is not determined by the apparently static coding of our DNA, nor quantitative metrics of biology. Many diseases which seem to be passed down through the family tree, such as Alzheimer’s, only manifest in an individual after they have been “awakened” by certain behaviors. And while a materialist or scientific perspective would point to physical triggers like diet, alcohol, tobacco or drug use as the cause, the primary catalyst is in fact the emotional state which underlies destructive lifestyle choices. 

Harmonic Induction: How Emotions Resonate and Manifest as Disease

We might think of disease in terms of harmonic induction across the physical and non-physical layers of the personality. When a bell is rung on one plane, it also resounds in a corresponding way on other planes of the individual. When anger, grief, rage, judgment, blame or fear within the mind and heart is sustained over a significant period of time, this blockage is eventually mirrored within the body as a physical disease or ailment.  

To give an example, a traumatic event may give us an impression of a cruel world within which we are unworthy of love. The individual often refuses to acknowledge or confront these feelings. Instead, they suppress these emotions into their unconscious. As a result, this repression creates an energy blockage and stagnation. This blockage may manifest first in certain mental or emotional patterns, such as a compulsive desire to appear superior to others. The individual remains completely unaware of this subconscious desire. However, he becomes plagued by thoughts of insecurity, jealousy, depression, greed, self-doubt, resentment, despair, and hopelessness. 

Ignored Emotional Blockages Lead to Physical Manifestations

If left untreated, this energetic blockage will continue to progress. Eventually, it will manifest in increasingly physical ways. These manifestations might include compulsive behaviors like drinking, smoking, reckless actions, or drug use. Some of these habits might lead to physical afflictions like injuries, stomach ulcers, liver damage, or cancer. However, the physical objects like alcohol, drugs, or crashed cars do not directly cause these ailments. The habits themselves are the result of deeper, underlying emotional issues. The afflictions are still only physical reflections of the ever-metastasizing disharmony which originates in the heart and mind.  

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Decoding Your Body 

Most of us take physical symptoms as the first sign that we are sick when actually they are the final sign that we are sick! This is even true of what appear to be physical accidents,” like falling off a ladder and breaking an arm. The physical plane always manifests from the more subtle realms. This is why modern medicine often fails to effectively treat chronic illness. It also accounts for those people who seem to be permanently ill; even when they successfully heal one condition, one or two more crop up almost immediately after. To permanently rectify any affliction, we must heal it, not at the level of the symptom in the body, but at the level of the root cause, in the energy field. 

Understanding Trauma as the Root of Disease

The root of all disease is trauma. In order to understand this, we must expand our understanding of what trauma is. Trauma, fundamentally, is distress. It is any upsetting experience that causes overwhelm to the system. It is important to think of trauma in this way when we consider our childhoods, as most ailments are rooted in childhood wounding.

Childhood Imprints: How Early Traumas Shape Our Lives

All of us have been imprinted in childhood by traumas that we may or may not be aware of, for what is traumatic to a child is not necessarily the same as what is traumatic to an adult. When a new baby is born, Mom often withdraws her attention to focus exclusively on the newborn. She may not carefully explain the situation to her other children. As a result, the siblings can feel abandoned, and this experience may become traumatic for them. Or for example, when caregivers or loved ones who provided stability suddenly move far away, this can be traumatic. When a child is harshly reprimanded for self-expression without a proper and proportionate explanation about why the time or setting is inappropriate for this activity, this can be traumatic.  

Unhealed Wounds: The Invisible Influence of Childhood Trauma

These wounds remain active within us until they are integrated, even if our logical, adult minds don’t believe such experiences are bad enough that they “should” hurt us. What matters is that the impact at the time it was incurred was overwhelming to the developing mind and personality of the child, and this injury induced certain subconscious beliefs, emotional patterns and chronic compulsions which are ruling our behavior from “behind-the-scenes” like invisible puppet masters. The longer the wound is unhealed, the more it progressed will be its reflection in the physical body, eventually manifesting as disease or injury. 

Using Illness as a Portal to Emotional Understanding

Since the ailment is only ever a magnification or reflection of its actual cause, it is a portal to instant knowledge about the mental and emotional blockage which created it. You can use your malady to discern information about what the actual, original problem is.  

Ask yourself:  

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  • How does this illness or ailment make me feel? 
  • How do I feel about it? 
  • What thoughts does it cause me to think? 
  • What was I thinking about at the time of its onset? How was I feeling? What was I preoccupied with? 

It is tempting to think that the illness causes you to think certain thoughts or feel certain feelings, but realize that the reverse is actually true: the illness is actually a reflection or a mirror of these thoughts.  

Tracing Ailments to Childhood Patterns for True Healing

First, identify the feelings and thoughts this ailment is activating within you. Then, examine your past to find similar mental and emotional patterns that existed before the affliction began. You may even uncover these patterns from your childhood.

This investigation will yield invaluable information about the emotional wound causing this affliction. You will gain awareness that becomes essential to understanding the root issue. Armed with this awareness, you can take the necessary steps to heal it permanently.

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