June 20, 2024
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What Happens To Each Zodiac Sign When They Get Bad News

No one wants to get bad news, and that is the truth. However, you cannot pick and choose whether or not you will get some bad news because, in life, bad news and good news are inevitable. For example, you applied for a job you wanted but later learned that you did not get the position. That is bad news, and how are you going to react when you hear news of that nature? Everyone has their way of how they respond to bad news. So, let’s find and see how each zodiac sign responds to bad news! 

Aries – Storms Off Somewhere 

Aries, you are the one that is full of energy and passion, and you can have a temper. And you will react to anything with a lot of passion, whether it is good news or bad news. While you would jump around with excitement when you hear good news, you will storm off somewhere and blow off some steam when you have bad news. However, it takes you a long time to get the steam out since you will find something else to be angry about, given that you are in a furious state because of hearing the bad news.  

Taurus – Retreats For A Week 

Taurus, you are stoic for the most part, and you also need stability, and you cannot handle shake-ups and upheaval of any kind. That is why when you receive bad news of some sort, you will end up retreating somewhere for a week to lick your wounds, as you need that private time to do that. Any bad news is very unsettling for you because you cannot handle anything going wrong or upheavals. However, once you are ready to process it, and after you do, then you go back to your old stoic self and accept it.  

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Gemini – Laughs Then Cries 

Gemini, you are the versatile one, and you are the friendly one who can switch from one mood to the next in no time. You are also the communicator of the zodiac, but as an air sign, you keep away from your emotions. Once you hear bad news, you may begin to laugh in disbelief because you do not know how to react. But once you cannot help but feel the punch from the bad news, you will begin to cry. But in no time, you will accept it and be over that.  

Cancer – Wants Others To Reach Out To Them 

Cancer, you are the emotional one, and you will not handle it well if you get bad news, which is not a surprise. So you will do two things. Once, you will retreat and not talk to anyone because you want others to reach out to you to see if you are okay. Secondly, you will post a status update on social media saying that something is wrong and that you will not be online for a while. You do that because you want others to reach out to you to see if you are okay, and you want others to ask you if you need anything since you are the one who is there for everyone else.  

Leo – Keeps It To Themselves 

Leo, you want to make sure that nothing hurts your self-image, which is why when you receive some bad news, you will not tell anyone for a while. You will keep it to yourself, and while you do that, you will figure out a way to spin it so it does not damage your self-image. For example, if the bad news you receive is that you did not get the job you wanted, you will not want to tell anyone that you were flat-out rejected. You will want to conjure up a reason why that job did not turn out to be the right one for you.  

Virgo – Tries To Figure Out What Went Wrong 

Virgo, you are analytical, and you are also the one who wants everything to be perfect. Therefore, you will not take bad news very well. So when you hear it, you will go silent and work on analyzing what went wrong in your head. You may stay up all night to do it. You will not rest until you can figure it out. Often, you will not be able to pinpoint what goes wrong because, unfortunately, bad news often happens in situations that are out of your control.  

Libra – Tunes It Out 

Libra, you need balance, and you need peace. That is why you cannot handle bad news at all. If someone tells you bad news, it is like you stick your fingers in your ears and yell out “la la la” as if you are tuning the words out. It does not matter whether or not you learn that you did not get a job you applied for or that your partner is breaking up with you. You find a way to tune it out until you cannot do so anymore and face it. That will be an unpleasant experience for you, but you cannot be in denial about any bad news for good.  

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Scorpio – Does The Same As Taurus 

Scorpio, you are intense, and you are the one that also likes to remain mysterious. Therefore, you will keep your life private. The last thing you want is anyone to see that you are vulnerable. Therefore, if you receive bad news, you will retreat the same way as Taurus. You will need to spend a lot of time by yourself trying to process how something out of your control had to happen that was not in your favor. You may even cry in private, as long as no one sees you until you are ready to face the world again.  

Sagittarius – Looks For The Silver Lining 

Sagittarius, you are the optimistic one, so you will not get too saddened if you hear of some bad news, even if you find yourself dealing with disappointment over it. Therefore, you will be disappointed, but look for the silver linings. You may find that the bad news you heard could be a blessing in disguise. Your focus will be, so you will also remind others of that if they react poorly to the same bad news that you heard. Look for the positive in everything. That is what you do! 

Capricorn – Vows To Come Out Stronger 

Capricorn, you are the ambitious type, and you are very much into business. However, you also want to be the one to show strength when it comes to adversity. When you receive bad news, you will be upset about it initially. However, you will also not allow it to get the best of you. You will use that opportunity to get stronger and to become more immune to disappointment because you know that life is full of disappointments. You can be a pessimist, but you will be cautiously optimistic if there is a reason for it too.  

Aquarius – Makes Their Point Known For Why They Are A Victim 

Aquarius, you are a complex being as you are progressive, a humanitarian, friendly but distant. And at the same time, you don’t like to acknowledge your emotions until you no longer can escape them. As a result, you tend to make yourself appear as the victim of so many circumstances. And when you receive bad news, you will react similarly to Gemini, but because of your fixed nature, you will not let it go so quickly. Instead, you will clarify that you are a victim of so many circumstances and use the bad news you received to explain why that is.  

Pisces – Another Reason To Wallow In Self Pity 

Pisces, you are the dreamy and emotional one, and you tend to wallow in self-pity even when there is no bad news. However, when there is bad news, you will use it as a reason to wallow in self-pity anyway. You will also be the one to want to talk to a friend to cry about the bad news you received, and you will also get extra defensive when they tell you to gain another perspective because things could be worse, or there is a silver lining to it! 


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No one likes getting bad news at all, but it is part of life, and as long as you live, you cannot avoid getting bad news. You will get rejection letters. You will also have partners dump you, friends turning into ex-friends, and you will hear news of someone close to you passing away suddenly. There are so many reasons that you will end up having to face bad news, but at the same time, there are also many opportunities where you will hear good news too. Life is about experiencing both.  

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