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Friday the 13th

Don’t Miss Your Luck on Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th can be a very auspicious day, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to cross paths with success. That’s because on this day the astral currents are particularly active.  

Predictions made during this period are highly charged with the positive energy of Luck and rarely contain bad news. In contrast to some traditions, which claim Friday the 13th is negative, the predictions I make on this special day are always filled with good tidings in the areas of money, Love, Luck, and health.

A Great Concentration of Astral Energy

There are always strong concentrations of astral energy in the Higher Vibratory Spheres on Friday the 13th. These periods trigger huge events, and it’s up to you to profit from them by adopting the right attitude.

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You should start generating positive thoughts, especially about a problem you’re preoccupied with, a few days beforehand, whether it concerns Love, money, health, Luck, or your career.

To do, that isolate yourself in a quiet place for 30 to 60 minutes, somewhere you know you won’t be disturbed. Shut your phone off, and don’t make any appointments for the hour or two before and after you practice. Make sure you’re protected from prying eyes. If you practice during the day, try to do it when the sun is at its highest point, or close to it. If you can feel the sun’s rays and heat on your skin, all the better.

A Ceremony for Day or Night

You could also practice around midnight, but you should stop when the clock reaches the midnight hour. That means you should start around 11 PM, a time when the nocturnal energy is most favorable.

Wear loose-fitting clothing you feel comfortable in. Be sure not to constrict your stomach so you can breathe properly.

Try to perform the ceremony at least three hours after you eat, and don’t drink any alcohol.

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Get as comfortable as you can, either sitting down or stretched out on your back (which is probably best if you practice at night).

Don’t worry if you fall asleep. Slipping into sleep just means you’ll get a good night’s reparative rest.

Generating Positive Ideas

It’s best to be physically and mentally relaxed when you begin the ceremony, free of stress at least for the moment. Otherwise, performing the ceremony will relax you.

Make sure there’s no tension in your back, arms, shoulders, and legs. Close your eyes.

Concentrate on your problem, the one that’s been preoccupying you most lately. As soon as you start thinking about it, you’re going to tense up.

That’s normal, especially if it’s been preventing you from leading the life you want. As long as it’s not resolved, it will create a mental block that will prevent you from evolving.

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Visualize all the disadvantages the problem brings you. Don’t be afraid to visualize them, because they’ll be powerless during the favorable periods around Friday the 13th, which last for about 2 weeks.

Even if thinking about the problem makes you uncomfortable, you must go through this phase. If you keep on denying it or running away from it, you’ll end up a loser in the story of your life.

Become the Master of Your Problem

I’ll say it again: even if your problem is a huge hindrance in your daily life, don’t be afraid to visualize it. It won’t have any power over you during these favorable periods, especially if you perform the ceremony of dissolution and transformation described below.

First, examine all the negative aspects of the problem, then invoke the Higher Forces and ask them to help you.

Visualize the Higher Forces as white and/or golden waves descending from above, washing away all the negativity connected to your problem. The negative gray or black currents in you are gradually dissolved by the Positive Universal Energy of Light.

I recommend doing this exercise 4 days in a row during the 2 weeks surrounding Friday the 13th. Practice it for 15 minutes the first day and increase the time by 5 minutes on each successive day. What you need to do is resolutely concentrate on finding a solution to your problem, and visualize it happening.

Friday the 13th: Vibratory Housecleaning

The astral vibrations are at their highest concentration on Friday the 13th. Visualize your problem as dark energy, and then see it consumed by the white and golden rays descending from above until its vibrations disappear altogether. Then work on dissolving your problem on a material level.

For that to happen, you’ll need to adopt the right behavior, and start putting it into practice right after you complete the ceremony (or the next morning if you do it at night).

Solving your problem on a vibratory level and then emitting negative thoughts about it, later on, won’t make it disappear.

Starting on or around Friday the 13th, and right up to the end of the month at midnight, you’ll need to emit as many positive thoughts as possible about resolving your problem and dematerializing it in your day-to-day life.

The Ritual I just described is very effective and will yield excellent results if you do it regularly, whenever Friday the 13th comes around.

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