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8th House Intimacy and Shared Resources

The 8th House – Intimacy and Shared Resources

Astrology is a spiritual and creative language weaving the story of the solar system into a dynamic and organic narrative that helps us better understand ourselves, the people in our lives, the cycles of our planet, and the divine, as well as, practical nature of human consciousness. The chart wheel presents our astrology in a circular graphic divided into 12 pie pieces, known as Houses.  Each House rules an area of life.  This article will look at the 8th House, which rules our intimate partnerships and shared resources with an intimate partner.

The House and House Systems

There are actually numerous House systems used to calculate an astrology chart; the most common one is known as the Placidus House system. Others include the Koch, equal, whole sign and several more. Different systems do not change the meaning of the actual houses, number 1 to 12.

Each house rules a different aspect of our lives, beginning with the 1st House of Identity and ending with the 12th House of Spirituality.  Each house has a natural sign ruler, Aries for the 1st, Taurus, the 2nd, and so.  And each house has a point that rules in that house: Mars in the 1st, Venus in the 2nd, and so on. Some points rule more than one house, such as Mercury ruling the 3rd and 6th Houses.  After the discovery of the outer points: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, some points lost their dual rulership.

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The 8th House

The 8th House is ruled by Scorpio and by Pluto.  Before the discovery of Pluto, Mars ruled the 8th House, along with the 1st House and Aries.  Not surprisingly, Aries and Scorpios get along quite well even though one is a fire sign and the other is a water sign.

Bluntly put, the 8th House rules sex and the transformations we often experience in our lives through the intimacy of sex with another person or other people.  It is also known as the house of shared resources because we tend to let the people, we have sex with into our lives, either very formally through marriage or more casually through recurring liaisons that direct or redirect our resources towards the intimate partnership.  I like to refer to this house as the place in the chart where you “get naked” with someone.

Frequently, the sign ruling the 8th House is not Scorpio because the time of your birth determines which sign the Sun was in when it crossed (born after dawn) or would cross (born before dawn) the horizon in the morning on the day you were born. My 8th House is ruled by the Gemini, for example. Below we will look at each sign ruling the 8th House.  I encourage you to get your chart cast professionally so you can know which sign rules your 8th House.

Aries 8th House

Sex and relationships can often be sport or competition for this sign ruling the 8th House.  Not an easy sign for a long-term commitment, but a great one for active sex life.  There can be a tendency to enjoy the challenge and seek new experiences, getting bored if things become routine. Sex can be enthusiastic and, preferably, uncomplicated. Sharing resources is not high on the Aries list.

Taurus 8th House

Sex is preferred to establish and secure the relationship.  This sign opposes Scorpio, so it’s not uncomfortable here, just more interested in making things last and endure.  Taurus is a sensual sign and can really enjoy the pleasures of the body, preferring to stretch out the experiences and really feel the pleasure. Plenty of sharing for the intimate partner, but no sharing with anyone else. Hello monogamy.

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Gemini 8th House

Ever heard the term sapiosexual? It means “to be turned on by intelligence”. Not afraid to talk during sex, ask questions, and generally want to know everything about sex, and more importantly, what his or her partner wants sexually, Gemini rulership makes for a flexible attitude about intimacy. This sign can take or leave monogamy, just be interesting.

Cancer 8th House

The Cancer 8th House person wants sex to be emotionally intimate, healing even.  Surprisingly this can be one of the harder signs to “get into the sack”, but once there you may find you have landed yourself a porn star.  Another of the “share with my partner, but no sharing otherwise” signs Cancer 8th House individuals want to make sure their resources “stay in the family”.

Leo 8th House

One of the “power couples” signs, seeking a partnership that does not mind a little video action in their private space, maybe with the chance for it to “get out” unintentionally.  Performance and sex mix with this placement.  Sharing resources is about presentation out in the world; partners need to look good and make them look good.

Virgo 8th House

Before we get naked is everything trimmed, cleaned, and healthy? Like all earth signs, Virgo is not body shy and it knows what it wants and likes and will want you to ask for directions or to help him or her feel comfortable giving directions.  The body is a temple and the checkbook had better balance.

Libra 8th House

Sex needs to be mutually enjoyable and everyone gets their fair share of what they want in the bedroom.  This sign, more than any other, wants sex to be enjoyable and “fair” for all involved.  Negotiation and agreements are the foundation of intimacy and the way the resources will be shared.  This is the sign that actually rules the marriage contract.

Scorpio 8th House

No holds barred sex for this sign; it is the sign of sex. Not as sensual as its opposing sign, Taurus, but far more intense.  Sex as transformation, death, and rebirth, or the place to create and reveal secrets, Scorpio is fearless about sexuality and can certainly fall way down on the side of possessiveness, being possessed and possessing. Their money is theirs and your money is theirs.

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Sagittarius 8th House

The second “power couples” sign is Sagittarius. Like the other fire signs, there is a desire for passion in intimacy, fueled by adventure.  The dating profile might read, “Indian Jones seeks Laura Croft” or “Carmen Sandiego seeks Sherlock Holmes”. Whatever the shared resources, there will be a desire to use them for travel and exploration together.

Capricorn 8th House

Sex is a goal, sharing feelings has a purpose, and succeeding in a relationship is a worthy achievement.  The third “power couples” sign is Capricorn. Like the other earth signs, the sexual chemistry expresses itself through lots of physical contacts. Dominance/submission interactions and alpha/beta dynamics are clearly possible, but the ideal match would be alpha to alpha. Using shared resources to make more resources is the goal of a relationship for this sign.

Aquarius 8th House

Anything goes for this 8th House sign. Aquarius loves to experiment and operate on the fringe or even outside the norms. It can be highly idealistic about a relationship but in every different way; the most monogamous in monogamy or the most poly in polyamory. Sharing ideals will encourage this sign to share resources, a good shared cause can be quite the aphrodisiac.

Pisces 8th House

Like all water signs, sex can be intensely private but also remarkably wild. This sign more than any other is designed to adapt to the other person, so its sexual preference is likely to be the sexual preference of the partner, so long as accepting and adapting to that preference leads to emotional connection.  Sharing resources is essentially a de facto expression for this sign in any relationship.

Points in your 8th House or an empty 8th House will say even more about this area of your chart and nuance a better understanding of your unique expression of sexuality and how you prefer to share resources with another. There are few things more interesting in this world than your fully cast astrology chart.

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