June 12, 2024
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Discover Your Elemental Body Type

There are four elemental body types— Earth, Air, Fire and Water— each with its own signature pattern of metabolism, muscular build, weight distribution, strengths and weaknesses. While all four elements are present in any body, your elemental body type is determined by the element (or sometimes elements) which predominate. Each element is closely connected with a chakra, which dictate its energy patterns and harmonics.

Each element represents a quality of movement. The movement takes shape in our thoughts, our emotions and our bodies. Thus we find a natural correlation between the way people look and the way they express ideas, emotions and actions the world. If you think about it, you can probably recall that people who seem to speak, think and move slowly are also somewhat stout and lumbering in their physical appearance. On the other hand, people with quick, flighty minds and short attention spans are often lithe and slender. These patterns are reflections of elemental balances which prevail upon mental, emotional and physical levels simultaneously.


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An airy body type is often excessively light, wiry and underweight. Airy types are often tall with a “drawn-out” or stretched appearance. There may be a sense of disconnection of body parts, with gangly limbs which seem not to perfectly fit the torso. The body may seem to be segmented, as if the pieces were assembled together from different bodies. Such a person may be disjointed, uncoordinated or clumsy in movement.

This segmentation might also be reflected in the mind, where modes of thought are disconnected from the emotions and physical sensations. Airy types may tend to move rapidly in zig-zag patterns, setting many plans in motion yet unable to see things through to their completion. There is a tendency to remain “above it all” in the mind, seeing things from an abstract or planning level, but a reluctance to get practical or pragmatic when translating plans into real world action. Air types are highly conceptual and can be quite masterful organizers, designers or communicators.

The air element manifests specifically in three areas of the body: the shoulder area, the kidneys and the ankles. There are energy reflexes in each of these areas which can be used therapeutically to open blockages in the air element and balance its flow.



The fire body type is one of moderate weight and good physical balance. These people are lean, trim, firm, muscular and radiate much vitality and physical strength. Fire people often need physical activity to channel their highly charged energies in skillful ways, yet their bodies often stay in shape easily without need of much exercise.

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The fire element takes physical expression in the eyes, the solar plexus and the thighs. Fiery people often have a bright, piercing gaze that seems “intense” to other people. The solar plexus, which regulates warmth and digestion in the body, is also the source of willpower and desire. Fire people often have a lot of “get-up-and-go” energy, a drive that propels them forth toward what they want. This is also reflected in muscular thighs, or a busy-body who is constantly on the move. Fiery people can have aggressive tempers that are quick to flare up but also quick to die down.

A person with an issue in the fire element— whether it is a holding back of anger, suppression of personal will, or confusion about feeling power— may be be seen to have dull or menacing eyes, digestive problems, or tense and painful reflexes in the thighs.





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The Water body type typically appears moderate to stout with a padded look to it. Water types may be overweight or have a tendency to extra padding. The pelvis may be structurally unbalanced and these people may suffer from types of sacroiliac and lumbar pain, afflictions which have an emotional base.

The water element takes physical expression in the breast and chest area, the pelvis, and the feet. There may be extra padding in the chest (“an overflowing heart”) or around the sexual organs, indicating emotions which are “pooling”. Imbalance in water element is commonly seen in excess water retention, especially in the feet and ankles, known as edema.

Watery people are highly emotional, compassionate and mutable. They will often mirror and reflect the feelings or opinions of whoever is around, and find themselves highly emotionally affected by subtle aspects of the environment. Watery people tend to retain and receive much information, which can manifest as psychic or intuitive ability.



The earth body has a stocky, block-like look to it. Earth body types may have short, thick necks, large fists and feet, thick, tree-trunk legs and a heavy build which appears very solid and sturdy. Smaller bodies of this type can possess far more strength than they appear to have on first sight, as though something in the body is immovable.

The earth element manifests physically in the neck, the colon and the knees. This body structure usually indicates a person who would prefer to use his energies in a very practical field, such as building, where the individual can physically see his efforts come to fruition in solid form. These people are often still, slow, lumbering and methodical in the movements and even in their speech and thinking.

Imbalance in the earth element manifests as fear or a sense of lack of security. This emotion will be seen in the body parts correlating with earth— namely, shaking knees, uncontrollable bowels, or a stiff, rigid neck.

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