June 23, 2024
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Your Spring Guide to Mystical Jewelry Shopping

As the days lengthen and the world bursts into the vibrant colors of spring, it’s time to refresh not just our wardrobes but our entire essence. This season, dive into the enchanting world of mystical jewelry shopping, a journey that promises more than just the acquisition of new adornments.

 It’s an exploration of symbols, materials, and designs that resonate with the deeper aspects of our being. Mystical jewelry, with its unique ability to connect with our personal energies and the universe’s vast mysteries, offers a transformative experience. Whether you’re drawn to crystals that promise healing, symbols steeped in ancient lore, or pieces that echo the natural world’s beauty, this guide is your compass to finding treasures that speak to your soul. Let’s embark on this magical journey together, discovering how each piece of jewelry can be a talisman for personal growth, protection, and prosperity as we step into the new beginnings of spring.

All photographs are sourced from the official websites of the featured brands.

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Mystical jewelry to embellish your home


The famous jeweler has created a collection centered around the zodiac. You can find gold bracelets with the constellation of the 12 zodiac signs, jewelry themed around the Chinese New Year (we love it, very flamboyant!) as well as crystal metal figurines. To quote the brand: “Taking notes from the cosmos, this bold Aries figurine is a wondrous tribute to the zodiac. The astrological design combines precision cutting with engraved gold-tone metal, featuring 98 facets that represent a ram holding a branch of a tree. Gift this special piece to yourself or someone who is celebrating their birthday.”


Karma Luck

We’re moving away from zodiac signs and stepping into true mysticism! On the Karma Luck website, you can find sage, mists, bowls, figurines, and all sorts of decorations. We love the hand-shaped and eye-shaped bowls, as well as the mushroom-shaped statues, very psychedelic!


Mystical jewelry and zodiac signs

Tiffany & Co

The renowned jewelry brand has this time offered a collection of necklaces without diamonds. Tiffany & Co presents mystical jewelry centered around the 12 zodiac signs in collaboration with Elsa Peretti. Discover the silver models. Far from traditional models and animal shapes, here everything is organic and wonderfully represents the signs.

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If you wish to wear your zodiac sign close to you while remaining discreet, the Mejuri necklaces and pendants are perfect for you! Indeed, there are simple, cute and pretty tiny but chic!


Broken English

On this marketplace, you can find jewelry created by various brands: Sauer, Engelbert, Azlee, etc. The materials are precious (gold, diamond, ivory, etc.) and the designs are very festive. It’s a way to showcase your love for your zodiac sign and your wealth!


In gold and diamond, Milamore’s pendants are among the most beautiful mystical jewelry! Thanks to their clasp, you can use these pendants on a chain, a bracelet, or even as an earring! A fabulous way to proudly wear the colors of your sign.


For those on a tight budget, Gorjana is here! Pendants, necklaces, and stud earrings are available in the colors of the 12 zodiac signs. To quote the brand: “This Zodiac Necklace is the perfect way to express your star sign! The cosmic-inspired zodiac coin is detailed with white mother of pearl and a reversible charm for added versatility. This perfect personal layer makes a meaningful gift.”


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A jewel like a mantra


The Los Angeles-based workshop recycles as much gold as possible for their jewelry or works with ethical producers. It makes original jewelry that is rarely seen, making us proud to wear our values. We really liked their mantra collection, pendants engraved with powerful phrases like “Growth, not perfection,” “Forget me not,” “A new dawn, a new day.” A jewel to use as a friend in your own personal development.


Brook & York

Express yourself boldly with the custom Colette Birthstone Initial Necklace! Indeed, choose your unique initial and pair it with a birthstone charm to celebrate your individuality. This eye-catching necklace guarantees to make a stylish statement. Elevate your look with this unparalleled accessory!


Wear your tarots, your angels, and your witch!


A collection accessible to those with deep pockets, but magnificent! If you hold tarots close to your heart, this collection by Sorellina is made for you. Sun pendant, Moon earrings, embroidered jewelry box, Wheel ring, etc. To quote the brand: “Based on the lore of cartomancy, this collection brings beloved signs and symbols to life.”



Ever notice a repeating number sequence wherever you are? It could be an angel number, a profound message from the cosmos to you. Honor these divine symbols with silver necklaces from Baublebar. A thick chain carries an angel number, like 444 and 222. So, if you often see a number, wear it to attract its powers.

Girls Crew

A real favorite for these jewels! Perfect for mystical jewelry shopping! The brand Girls Crew has produced a collection around the cute witch and spells theme. Pink unicorn earrings, abracadabra pendant, crown-shaped ring. Very girly and playful!


As we wrap up our guide to spring’s mystical jewelry shopping, it’s clear that each piece we choose is not just an adornment but a reflection of our inner world and its connection to the universe’s vast energies. These enchanted treasures, from the healing crystals to the ancient symbols encased in precious metals, serve as more than mere accessories. They are personal talismans that carry deep meanings, protect us, and align our energies as we navigate the season’s renewal and growth. Remember, the jewelry you bring into your life this spring isn’t just about enhancing your external beauty; it’s about enriching your soul and embracing the magic that surrounds you. So, let your intuition guide you to the pieces that resonate most deeply, and may your mystical jewelry shopping journey bring joy, inspiration, and a touch of enchantment to your spring.

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