July 16, 2024
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Feeling the Light Body

Feeling the Light Body

One element of the human make up is the physical body of dense matter, which is subject to the known laws of chemistry, physics and mechanics.

 Another element, at the very core of our being, is the spiritual nucleus— the animating spark of life. The spiritual nucleus is the channel for a limitless flow of force from the unmanifest or “source”— that ineffable and mysterious powerhouse of the whole manifested universe.

 Between these two lies the Light Body— the electro-magnetic energy field which surrounds and suffuses all parts of the human system.

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Esoteric Science

The existence of the Light Body is a well-established fact, though esotericisms call it an “aura” while scientists refer to it as a magnetic field. They also have different perspectives of the relationship of this Light Body to the physical body which it permeates.

Scientists regard the magnetic field of an individual as an emanation of the physical body, with its energy is derived therefrom. They understand the Light Body to be “feeding” off the energy of the body; if the physical body dies, then the magnetic field subsequently vanishes.

So, what is the feeling the Light Body looks like?

Esoteric philosophers believe exactly the reverse— that the physical body derives its existence from the Light Body, which nourishes and sustains it.

They understand the Light Body to be a system of magnetic stresses which provide the framework into which each cell of the physical body is built. It is on the level of this etheric double where cell metabolism takes place.

This process of selection takes place on the level of the “soul” of the cell, rather than on the level of the physical cell. The magnetic field surrounding the individual is the unabsorbed portion of this basic energy.

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Physical body and Light body

Each element of the human energy field must receive nourishment upon its respective plane. The physical body is of the earth; it is material. The body thus absorbs energy from physical sources of food, which power the physical processes of chemistry, physics, mechanics, and hydraulics.

The Light Body receives nourishment from etheric sources. The energy substance of this “soul” is called by various names, including etheric energy, elemental energy, odic force or prana.

This elemental force of light vibrates like an alternating current between earth and heaven and runs as a circuit of force around the earth. Each living creature— and indeed each “inanimate” object as well— picks up this energy from these sources, and out of it the Light Body builds and sustains itself, operating by laws analogous to electromagnetism.

The Light Body is the link between mind and matter. The contact between one’s consciousness and one’s body is made by means of the Light Body in the same way that one is in contact with a car by pressure of his foot on the gas pedal and his hand on the wheel.

The vehicle, or body, derives its energy from electrically determined internal combustion— not from the driver. The diet and regiment of the body do not therefore directly affect consciousness, yet the care we give to the vehicle render it either an efficient or an inadequate instrument of consciousness.

If we do not put gas in the car, or if we put in kool-aid instead of engine oil, we do not affect the health of the driver, but we do make it quite difficult for him to get where he wants to go.

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Training the Light Body

When the Light Body is developed and cultivated, an individual becomes simultaneously more grounded and more expanded, gaining superior control of mind over body. At lower levels of development, one may experience heightened awareness, intuition, hunches and a greater sensitivity to beauty.

With a bit more cultivation, one will become very sensitive to the moods and thoughts of other people and the subtle aspect of environments; one may also experience frequent epiphanies, manifestations of desires and synchronicity. One is especially effective and productive, and in touch with higher realities.

Higher Level of Existence

At the highest levels of development, one becomes capable of supernatural feats like psychokinesis, energy healing and thaumaturgy. Any magical, spiritual, or energetic practice involves the development of the Light Body and an awareness of the relationship between the subtle aspect of the body to the mind.

The Light Body, being situated between the mind and the material, is maintained by a delicate balance of each with the other. More spiritual or cerebral people tend to disorganize the Light Body by cutting off the flow of life force to the physical plane.

This manifests as slovenly appearance, poor hygiene, lateness, dereliction of duty, aversion to the material or mundane and a lack of follow-through. Imbalance in the opposite direction will also disorganize the Light Body— that is, an overly materialistic worldview, an aversion to introspection or neglect of mental health.


One of the most efficient and powerful disciplines for feeling and improving the state of the Light Body is found in Yoga. While yoga certainly has its athletic benefits on the physical level, ultimately yoga is a form of exercise for the Light Body.

In these psycho-physical postures, the mind directs the currents of elemental energy in the Light Body, cultivating the centers of force and the channels connecting them, which can be trained just like muscles. These activities can yield very remarkable results both as to physical energy and the extension of consciousness.

Yogic exercises focus attention on the breathing, heartbeat, and the principal nervous plexuses, and through these we gain control of the Light Body. Once this has been mastered, the distribution of the vital and magnetic forces can be regulated as required and need not be allowed to become disorganized or unequally distributed among the levels.

Caution is needed here— as those who have experienced unexpected and unintended Kundalini awakenings have learned. If concentrated power is brought through in unregulated rushes or vital force is withdrawn unduly and inconsiderately to higher levels, both mind and body go all to pieces and orthodox medicine and psychiatry have no remedy to offer.


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