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What Are Garlic’s Natural and Supernatural Powers and Benefits?

Garlic is delicious and flavorful, especially in stews, pasta, casseroles, and roasted garlic. On its own, it is a delightful snack. It may be smelly, and no one may want to be around you for days if you eat raw garlic. However, you will want to use this fantastic vegetable that belongs to the same family as the onion, which is part of the allium family, and leeks, shallots, and chives are part of that family, too. Onions not only have so many physical benefits but also supernatural benefits. In honor of Garlic Day on April 19th, let’s discuss this superfood’s physical and supernatural benefits, what are garlic’s powers?


Garlic’s Powers

The ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, believed in garlic as the best cure for many ailments, and he prescribed garlic to treat patients. In ancient times, it was not known how garlic could be so beneficial for healing health. In addition, many cultures, such as Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Roman, and Greek, have always believed that garlic could ward off evil spirits, vampires, and the evil eye.

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Therefore, garlic’s physical and supernatural benefits have been known since ancient times. Over the centuries, researchers have found proof that garlic does have some excellent medicinal properties. Before exploring garlic’s supernatural benefits, let’s discuss its physical properties, which is why you will want to consume this superfood or add it to most dishes.

Garlic Can Help Ward Off Colds and Viruses

Garlic has sulfur compounds that are responsible for its pungent smell. Still, these compounds provide the medicinal benefits of garlic, and one of the many wonderful things garlic can provide is that it helps to ward off colds and viruses as it helps boost your immune system. It also helps protect your host cells, as viruses cannot enter them so easily if garlic is in the system. Therefore, when it is cold, flu, and COVID-19 season, you will want to add garlic to your dishes, and you can even take supplements if you are not too keen on the taste. That will increase your odds of staying healthy.

Garlic Can Keep Your Blood Pressure Normal

High blood pressure can increase your chance of ending up with cardiovascular ailments. However, studies have shown that the compounds in garlic can help reduce your chances of heart disease because it can help keep blood pressure regular. Studies have even known that garlic supplements can reduce blood pressure in ways that blood pressure medication can help those who struggle with hypertension.

That is because garlic contains a compound known as allicin, which limits the production of a particular hormone responsible for hypertension. Therefore, if you are at risk for hypertension because it is genetic, then you may want to look into taking garlic supplements, but always talk to your physician or naturopathic doctor first.

High LDL, the bad cholesterol, can be a risk for hypertension and heart disease. Garlic can also help lower LDL levels, which is good for blood pressure.

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Garlic Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

As you age, oxidative damage due to free radicals can cause a decline in cognitive abilities, leading to dementia. Research has shown that garlic has antioxidants that can protect the brain from those free radicals, which will keep the brain healthy and help reduce the chances of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease.

Allicin may also protect against that and can help keep your brain healthy. However, besides garlic, keeping yourself intellectually stimulated, such as reading, doing crossword puzzles, and word searches, or answering trivia questions, will aid your brain and keep it strong, so the chances of developing dementia become slim.

Garlic Is Good For Your Bones

Studies have found that garlic can help strengthen bones, so post-menopausal women need to take garlic supplements. The reason for this is that research shows that the compounds in garlic can limit oxidative stress and that stress can lead to osteoporosis. In 2018, a study showed that women who took garlic supplements for three months had better bone health and less joint and muscle pain. If you have brittle bones, you may want to talk to your physician or naturopathic doctor about taking garlic supplements to help strengthen your bones.

Garlic Can Remove Heavy Metals In the Body

There is a good chance you have lead and other heavy metals in your body, and those are toxic as they can lead to hypertension and headaches. Studies have shown that the sulfur compounds in garlic can keep organs protected and help reduce lead levels in your body. There was a study in 2012 that found that those who worked at a car battery plant, which caused lead exposure, and took garlic supplements had an almost 20 percent reduction of lead levels in their bodies. They also got fewer headaches and had better blood pressure. Therefore, garlic can also purify you in many ways.

Those are some of the physical benefits you can get from garlic. Now, let’s discuss this magical vegetable’s spiritual and supernatural benefits.

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Garlic Has Been Known to Provide Protection Against Negative Energies

As mentioned previously, many cultures have always believed that garlic has the power to keep negative energies at bay. That is because the superfood has protective qualities, as the belief is that it can protect a barrier against psychic attacks, evil spirits, and other negative energies. Some cultures hang garlic cloves near entrances, and some even wear garlic as amulets to protect themselves against evil. However, you don’t see many in modern civilizations do that as much as there are other ways to keep you protected.

Garlic’s Powers Ward Off Evil Spirits

In folklore, garlic is often known to keep away evil spirits. It wards off evil entities and supernatural beings, and the reason for this belief is that the pungent smell of garlic repels them. Therefore, that is why it is and was a common practice to keep cloves of garlic at room entrances and even the front or back door of the home to avoid any negative energies and spirits that guests could bring in with them.

And if you forget to shield yourself before going somewhere, you could inadvertently bring negative energy with you if you go somewhere with crowds. When you return home, the garlic in the entrance will repel any negative spirit attached to you, freeing your energy.

Garlic Is a Cleansing and Purifying Agent

Garlic is known to have purifying properties, so many cultures use it in cleansing rituals by burning it. It removes negative spirits and energy and cleans the space of stagnant energies, which purifies it. Another reason that many people also wear garlic cloves as amulets is because it is believed that they can cleanse their auras and help restore spiritual balance.

Many who want to purify their spaces use other cleansing herbs, such as sage or palo santo, but garlic is just as powerful. Understandably, those who choose not to use garlic for cleansing spaces don’t do it because they don’t like the smell, as garlic is pungent.


Garlic Can Enhance Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Garlic is believed to help enhance psychic sensitivities and intuition, and the reason for that is that garlic is believed to open up the Third Eye Chakra, which helps promote clarity, intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. Therefore, add more garlic to your dishes or take supplements to enhance your psychic abilities and intuition. If you are attempting to strengthen your psychic muscles, you want to do readings for others, whether mediumship or psychic readings.

Garlic’s Powers Enhance Spiritual Strength and Healing

Garlic has been known to enhance vitality and spiritual strength as it gives you a boost of energy and stamina, and it can help you in your spiritual practices, such as connecting with the outer realm, meditation, and other spiritual practices you may have. In addition, garlic can help you with your spiritual healing as it can help remove energetic blockages that can be stressing you, facilitate emotional and energetic healing, and promote spiritual growth.

Garlic Day is April 19th, so you want to rejoice in this superfood. Unless you dislike garlic, you will want to add plenty to your dishes or keep some cloves by your entrances to ward off evil spirits or negative energies. Garlic has many physical benefits as it has potent properties to help keep your health top-notch. Additionally, garlic has many spiritual properties that can keep your space free of negativity and stagnant energies, and it can help cleanse your aura and promote your psychic abilities and intuition. Let’s take the day to celebrate this superfood for its unique physical and spiritual properties.

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