June 16, 2024
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Egyptian Numerology: Your Soul Contract

Have you ever felt like your life is missing something? Maybe you are meant to do something but forgot what it was? Kinda like misplacing the keys to your car or forgetting an item at the store but in this case, I’m speaking of something a lot bigger, something of more value and meaning. I’m referring to your Soul Contract, your Soul Life purpose, calling or sacred vocation.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology also the author of “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension” and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.”

I’ve had those moments in my life when I can catch a glimpse of the extraordinary like when lightning strikes out in nature and in that second, everything around me is lit up and I envision a moment of clarity but then just as quickly as it came, everything turns dark again and all I have is a vague memory of what I just saw.

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Soul Contract or the urge to do something

What if I was to tell you that there is a way to keep the forest lit permanently?

Would you be curious, intrigued, scared or motivated?

To be honest, I was a little of all the above. Before I became an advocate for Egyptian Numerology, I tried psychics, tarot, astrology, palmistry and so on.  And the reason why I was so determined is because I had a deep soul urge or impulse nagging at me that I was supposed to do something in my life but I didn’t know what it was. I desperately wanted answers and ignoring this impetus only made me more restless, irritable, and discontent finally sinking me into a long-lasting low-grade depression where I went through the motions in life, but I wasn’t thrilled about anything in particular with what I was doing.

Now it’s hard to pinpoint what you’re missing if you don’t have a clue where to find it. It’s like trying to look up a word in the dictionary if you don’t know how to spell it.

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Every day I searched, prayed and longed for answers and the Universe has a great sense of humor because when I finally stopped looking for it, I found it or more accurately… it found me.

Each soul incarnates on Earth with gifts. A soul is conceived not only to heal, balance its energy, pay karmic debts, but also to contribute its unique presence through expression.

Each soul brings their specific light force with purpose and intention: the Soul Contract.

You enter into a sacred life agreement with the Universe to accomplish certain goals and agree to this commitment with the entire fullness of your being.

When your soul fulfills and succeeds in accomplishing your goals, there is a richness added to your life. Your personality is recognized and honored by fellow souls. Both physical and non-physical.

Each soul agrees to a particular task as they walk the path of their life journey. It may be raising a family, communication through writing, or raising the consciousness of a community.

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It may be the task of delivering awareness through the power of love at a national level or contributing to education of a higher consciousness on a global level.

Whatever task your soul’s agreement entails with the Universe, all your previous experiences in life served to awaken within you the memory of your contract and prepare you to succeed and fulfill it.


Your human journey has always been about remembering who you already are

Each test, challenge, obstacle, pain, and scar were sent forward with a hidden message from your divine self to nudge you closer to fully remembering your divinity.

Your soul agreed to contract through experience (Soul Contract) – the full spectrum of the human journey for your soul to expand and evolve through contrast. This was always the plan.

You chose your life contract with excitement and enthusiasm knowing full well that the journey would not be easy.

Your soul cannot complete the agreement with a personality that is not empowered. It will dwell with an inner sense of emptiness. It will seek to fill itself with external power to make up for the void less passion and it will not be satisfied.

Your sense of emptiness, feeling like something is missing, or something feels off or wrong, cannot be healed by simply satisfying the wants and desires of the personality.

Continuing to gratify the needs of the personality based on fear will not bring you closer to the satisfaction of fulfilling your purpose. No matter how successful your personality becomes in achieving its goals, it will never be enough. Eventually, the hunger for the energy of the soul will override any illusion you have created.

Only when the personality begins to walk its chosen path will the hunger be satisfied.

Developing authentic empowerment, and fulfillment of your soul’s agreement upon Earth, are not separate dynamics.

You need Authentic empowerment to fully accomplish your soul mission. You move closer to your soul’s agreement with the Universe as you develop authentic empowerment and consciously move toward the energy of your soul. Empowerment and fulfillment expand, grow, and develop simultaneously.

The memory of your soul agreement with the Universe lies dormant, awaiting to be activated through specific experiences.

The experiences that trigger your awakening are not necessarily what the personality would choose but are necessary to the activation process of your personal power, soul mission, and the consciousness of the personality in preparation to fulfill your task.


Serving yourself and the others

Remembering your soul agreement engages the deepest part of you and what you are doing. Your activities become satisfying, and purpose driven. You serve yourself and others tirelessly and seek gratitude for the work and inspiration you create.

A feeling of buoyancy replaces negativity and fear. You experience fulfillment.

Intimate Interactions with the people you choose to share your life with including your parents and family, and the billions of souls on the planet that you encounter serve to activate your memory and awareness of who you are and what you contracted to do in this lifetime.

Meeting people in your life is never an accident. Someone cannot walk in and out of your life without a reason. No matter what the circumstances, lessons and the growth that you experience are never spontaneous. It is always meant to be and in Divine timing.

There is a higher purpose, a bigger picture, an end beyond you and I, which is not revealed until we reach it. Stop treating your experiences as casual occurrences that just happened accidentally and start looking for the deeper meaning, an end, or a goal. Look for something that helps you flourish, teaches you the important lessons that only people and their existence can give you.

There is a plan, and you must find it if you want to conquer it. Think about a world consisting of billions of people, and each person can teach you something. Why did your paths cross? It is because you needed a particular lesson at this point in your life. Change your perception and consider deeply the synchronicities involved. Everything happens to support your growth and teach you to appreciate your beautiful journey.

All the pain and suffering you have endured, the loneliness you have encountered, the disappointments, addictions, and distressing experiences are portals to open your awareness. These pitfalls offer you opportunities to see past the illusions and come to terms with balancing your soul growth.

Within each seemingly negative or painful experience lies the challenge of perception which is to demolish fear and grow with wisdom. The fear will not subside immediately, but as you work with courage, it will diminish substantially.

When fear seizes to debilitate you, it cannot stay. When you choose to evolve consciously and learn through wisdom, your fears will surface one at a time so you can exorcise your inner demons with inner faith.

If you fight or ignore your demons, they will devour your life and relationships.  Feed your inner demons with acceptance. Know their names and listen to their story. When you refuse to turn them away, they stop scaring you and become powerful allies.  Demons must be embraced for the doors of revival to open for you. Demons are like dragons, they must be kissed, not slayed.

Your spiritual guides and teachers continually offer you light. They encourage you toward growth and development, yet they cannot prevent you from learning, growing, or moving through the experiences that need to happen to influence you.

There is no single spiritual path for the soul. There are many spiritual paths. Within each choice you make, you immediately create numerous paths leading in different directions. The optimal path of your soul is the choice of awareness, the vertical path and once you have made that choice, it opens various forms of enactment.


Soul Contract and Egyptian Numerology

Egyptian Numerology guides you to your optimal and vertical path. It is encoded in your Birth date and name. These numbers serve as portals to the unfolding of your true and authentic self.

The energy of your Birth Numbers is a support system to your own personal magic and each number carries within it an aspect of brilliance that the Universe uses to help you evolve, expand, and grow.

Each number contains a universal law that resonates with their Life Path. It comes in the form of a lesson, ancient truth, and spiritual direction. Implementing these numeric Universal laws opens doors that lead you to a new frontier full of possibilities and unlimited access to fulfill your dreams.

In the higher dimensions, Numbers are light codes impregnated with formation to guide you through the mystery and mastery of your soul life agreement.

Your Soul Agreement is a Sacred Treaty created with your Higher Self before birth to achieve the next level of awareness on your Spiritual Journey of Enlightenment…

Through the process of raising your awareness, you attract the highest possible outcome in every area of your life.

This includes all the variables of your soul purpose … health, relationships, career, prosperity, locations, passions, abilities, potential, and so much more.

Egyptian numerology’s primary purpose is to help individuals remember who they are and why they are here. In this process, it guides individuals with their personal Ascension through exploring their soul contract and DNA Blueprint.

I encourage you to uncover and discover your Soul Life Agreement through Egyptian Numerology. Find how these numbers have affected your belief systems, values, and unique abilities so that you can be in alignment with all areas of your life.

Your highest dreams become reality through a step-by-step program of mind and heart opening techniques.

Walk your Path with dignity, fulfill your purpose with integrity, and align with the Cosmic Grand Plan toward Freedom.

It is ALL within you waiting to be explored.

Egyptian Numerology is a sacred art and science unearthed from ancient wisdom. It opens doorways to a new paradigm for truth and direction. It is linked to the unlimited soul where lifetimes and timelines are eternal, and your future depends on the alignment of your personal energy to a natural Source of love and light.

Your birth date and name are not just numbers and letters but calculated as sacred light codes using the translation through Egyptian Numerology. It is not concerned with the messiness of your life, it cuts through discord to bring clear, accurate, and vital transmissions from Spirit to Soul.

But, if you love your messiness, disorder, anxiety, and confusion, then this type of reading and life work is not for you. I find that it is not as important to let go of old patterns as it is to be and stay open to new information.


Egyptian Numerology can help you

  • Identify and respect the direction of my life path
  • Learn and pursue my life purpose with passion
  • Showed me the alignment to my Destiny and divinity
  • Revealed my Karmic lessons
  • Explained past and current events and cycles pivotal to my spiritual growth
  • Encouraged me to overcome my fear blocks
  • Confirmed my psychic, healing, channeling & intuitive abilities
  • Challenged me to make some necessary changes
  • Unveiled long lost dreams and goals
  • Enhanced the quality of my personality
  • increased my financial income
  • Improved my relationships
  • Allowed me to save crucial time
  • My mental, emotional, and physical  health improved
  • Increased spiritual awareness


Mark Twain said, “The Two most important days of your life are the day you were Born & the day you find out Why” and I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Twain.

Everyone has a purpose and everything you have learned and unlearned up to this point has prepared you to unleash your personal power to achieve it. But first you must find your passion and personal power. Almost everyone that I work with has lost this vital energy force at some point in their life. Where did it go? Have you ever looked at pictures of yourself when you were a child? You had that sparkle in your eye and tiger roar in your spirit but at some time and place in your life, before it receded.

That curious wonder, pure innocence, impulsive imagination, energetic drive and sensitive connection to nature is still a part of who you are. It is just buried beneath life’s confusion. Getting back in touch with your youthful kindred spirit is not as difficult as it may seem, but you must have the willingness to want to believe.


The willingness to grow is the essence of all spiritual development.

A line from Tim Harden’s “Reason to Believe” song goes, ” Still I look to find a reason to believe . . .“These lyrics reminds me that at one time in my life, I was not able to find a reason to believe that my life had a divine purpose.

Someone once told me: “You don’t have to believe but aren’t you willing to believe that there is a purpose and reason for your life, even though you may not know yourself what that is?

When you see how willing you are to believe there is a purpose for your life, then you can start to work on taking the steps to achieve it.

Whenever you start your day with the willingness to believe, you are using the key leading to action, honesty, and an openness to a Higher Source of Power flowing through your life.

You planted the seeds for your life mission before you were born. You left clues in your sacred blueprint found in our birth date and name. The deeper they are hidden, the more profound the harvest is worth. Becoming a soul archeologist is always a requirement for digging up true value.

If you have the willingness to believe that your life has purpose, your story is important, your dreams count, your voice matters, and you were born to make an impact then allow Egyptian Numerology to guide your way.  It has helped hundreds of people to fulfill their dreams and when you step into alignment with your purpose, you raise the consciousness of the planet.

Contact me through my website for a Chart reading or make a commitment to your soul and enroll in our Mentorship Program. You can find more information on my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org

May we be and stay determined to evolve, expand, and connect – so all of us support each other’s Soul Journey Home.

Blessings, and Namaste’, Sara

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