July 15, 2024
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Get Rich with the Law of Attraction

How to Achieve Goals with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Concept

I would first advise you to read my previous article again, “Understanding the Law of Attraction and How to Use it” so that you might familiarize yourself with the principles ruling the Law of Attraction in general. If you don’t have enough time for it, just focus on this article that will still allow you go get rich.

Likewise, it might be good to map a plan of action with goals that must be achieved at specific deadlines. This is why the “How to Use a Law of Attraction Planner Effectively” might also be extremely useful.

Now move forward on the path of personal enrichment thanks to this great immutable cosmic Law of Attraction!

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Do not dream your life, live your dreams!

Above all, do not merely read this article or intellectually approve it, because it would be useless then. You would have wasted your time.

Follow the generic directions below explaining, step by step, how to use the Law of Attraction to get your goals achieved. You will then genuinely alter your own existence and make great strides forward on your path to the life of your dreams so that you might stop dreaming about your life and start living your dreams

Try to assimilate my advice as soon as possible in order to get richer, but most of all put them into practice quickly because without your proactive contribution things will stay the same and you won’t be able to fully benefit from the huge benefits that the Law of Attraction can provide in financial matters!

Why do you need a Law of Attraction planner?

Before you define your financial goals, you need to have a planner dedicated to the practice of the Law of Attraction.

Indeed, its success is not random at all, you must realize that luck will not trigger on its own miraculously or just for a few people.

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Luck is real, but it needs to be triggered using, you guessed it, the Law of Attraction. It is one of the best ways to attract the mysterious phenomenon that has been called “luck”! So, having luck is a matter of strategy, not random chance!

Strategy means having a plan, which means setting up a specific schedule to meet your goals because it won’t be achieved instantly.

To that end, you need to take some time to put the Law of Attraction to use on a regular basis, for a few days or even a few weeks…

Well, if you want to succeed you need to set up a strict schedule and follow it to the letter without steering away from the path to follow futile or useless hobbies, which is why a planner, or a scheduler, dedicated to your financial goals is so convenient.

You have some leeway to decide which kind of planner you will need: you can either buy a printed paper one online or use a digital file that you will save on your computer, or even download freeware versions on the Internet.

You can also simply make your own planner using Excel sheets from your personal office suit.

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Setting your goals with the Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction consists of focusing your thoughts on a specific goal. If you do it on a regular basis, working towards your desires, your thoughts related to wealth will eventually materialize into words and actions. These will help you get rich or acquire the material goods that you want.

Also, once you have selected a planner, you have to write down your goals inside immediately.

The more specific your goal (or goals) is (or are) and described in a personal way using your personal words and personal motivations, the more you will increase your odds you meet these goals.

And so, you should take some time to define these, because you should not change them willy-nilly after that. The Law of Attraction asks you to powerfully focus your thoughts on a specific desire if you want it to be effective.

Use these core principles to craft your personal goals and describe them in your own way because you are the only person who can do it for you.

If you have no idea which way to go at first, use my examples to start walking on your path of wealth thanks to the Law of Attraction. You will see that if you work on it on a regular basis, you will soon follow your own path, different from anyone else’s path!

So starting now, or as soon as possible, fill in your planner with your main financial goals, ranked in a priority order depending on your wishes and on your existence.

Do not set any limit on yourself, and write down everything you expect out of wealth, preferably in a single sentence for each financial desire.

First, you should concentrate on, say, five financial goals with the most important one for you on top, and staying there until it has come true!

Once you have achieved your first financial goal, you can focus on materializing the second one on your TO DO LIST, and so on and so forth, but not before that.

Do not give up when you encounter your first obstacle, or if your goal takes longer than expected to be fulfilled. Keep walking until the end of the road, by focusing your thoughts on your financial goal and harnessing the opportunities that will be quite numerous then.

What are your motivations to achieve the goals ?

To strengthen the impact of the Law of Attraction on your existence, I would advise you to define your sources of motivation clearly, because they will be the “fuel” that will propel you forward, and prevent you from stopping on the side of the road or changing direction toward admittedly entertaining activities that might turn you away from your goals and even forget about them.

Once again, after writing your financial goal, write down your motivations on your planner as personally as you can.

Indeed, if you simply write “I want to get rich” as your first goal, this is laudable but quite vague and it is hard to focus on such a generic orientation in the long term.

So if your first desire is “I want to get rich” you need to motivate it and support it psychically with personal reasons.

For example, “I want to get rich” to:

  • Get out of my currently poor situation,
  • To be able to make ends meet
  • Help some of my loved ones (parents, children, close friends),
  • Buy a home,
  • Make a long trip around the world, visit a specific country…,
  • Ensure my retirement without any problem,
  • (add other more personal motivations here)

Thus if you start to falter on your path leading to wealth, feel the temptation to stop because results are too slow in coming for your own tastes, or face some kind of difficulty… you will bounce back even stronger thanks to your motivations and get back on the right track and keep enjoying the Law of Attraction!

Time is money… and money is time!

The well-known idiom “Time is money” means that the organization of your time is one of the strong assets that will ensure your success.

Once you have determined that your goals have been set along with your motivations, set up some deadlines to meet your financial goals.

So, write down a few deadlines (day, month, year…) you have decided for yourself on a column next to each of your financial goals.

Likewise, if there are intermediary steps in your plan, set up some deadlines too but do not worry much if you do not achieve them on that specific day!

Depending on circumstances, you might fail to achieve your goals within your own deadlines, but you might also succeed long before that!

What matters most is to achieve the financial safety that you crave. You will certainly ensure it with the Law of Attraction.

The problem to know exactly when you will achieve your goals is the only unknown element when you use the Law of Attraction that will, if you follow my advice, fully and completely fill you with joy!

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