July 15, 2024
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Greek Zodiac

Greek Zodiac – What Greek God are You?

Greek zodiac is just one small concept among countless others that talk of assigning a god to each zodiac sign. 

Have you ever wondered what is it that made the horoscope system today the way it is? Surely, it must have taken some inspiration from the ancient world.

Greek Zodiac

In this article, let us give you a brief overview of what your Greek zodiac gods are and how your star sign relates to these zodiac gods ultimately.

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Aries as Ares

This one is self-explanatory. Notice how the names match all too well? This is not just any coincidence, of course. Zodiac gods have been a very common concept since the time of the Greeks.

The Greek zodiac associates Ares with Aries because the ancient Greek people were fascinated by Mercury’s red color, which also happens to be Aries’ ruling planet. Aries people are impulsive, just like Ares!

Taurus as Hestia

There goes a lot of thought when assigning a god to each zodiac sign. This can be seen in how the Greek zodiac gods came into being. Take Taurus, for example.

It is a prime example of zodiac signs as Greek gods fitting the prospects. Taurus people are caring and nurturing, just like a mother. This relation to womanhood is seen in the goddess Hestia, who was responsible for cooking bread and serving the family meals.

Gemini as Hermes

When discussing zodiac signs as Greek gods, Gemini gets another very apt reference. All of this comes down to the boil of ruling planets in the end.

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Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is named after the god Hermes. Among other qualities of his, he was also the god of communication, which is specifically why Gemini people are believed to be very communicative and expressive.

Cancer as Artemis

Zodiac signs gods and goddesses are not a new concept altogether. The real horoscope is partially built on references to Greek mythology.

With that being said, the signs of Greek gods have become a new trend, with people wanting to know which Greek god they resonate with. Cancer, in that regard, fits perfectly well with Artemis, the goddess of hunting. Now you know why your Cancer friend acts all fierce all the time.

Leo as Zeus

When does a Leo person ask what Greek god am I born under? They are in for a surprise. It is part-luck, and part of their personality, that all Leo people are born as natural leaders.

It only fits, thus, that the Greek god they resonate with is the mighty Zeus himself. Zeus was the king of gods. With that established, the signs as Greek gods do become a very interesting subject all of a sudden.

Virgo as Demeter

Grains, food, and harvest are all that connect Virgo with Demeter. This is because even in its constellation, Virgo can be seen as a woman carrying grains.

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Demeter’s name translates to mother earth, which is very interesting because the zodiac element of the sign of Virgo is earth too. Greek mythology zodiac signs tend to be very relative in that sense, connecting all dots and leaving none.

Libra as Aphrodite

Aphrodite was the goddess of love, and in that sense, resonates perfectly with Libra. Although people generally take Libra to be the sign of trying to maintain balance, the core values behind this act of balance are always their love for everyone.

Aphrodite was also the goddess of vain, which turns out to be one of the worst qualities that a Libra person can possess.

Scorpio as Hades

Zodiac signs as Greek gods are very interestingly knit in all kinds of theories if one starts to read about them. This knowledge can help a person understand not just themselves in a better way, but also see how ancient myths have a degree of truthfulness to them.

As they can be actively seen alive in the personalities of people today. Scorpio is related to Hades, the god of death. He was also very loyal to his wife, just like any Scorpio personality.

Sagittarius as Dionysus

Sagittarius is yet another sign that makes the Greek mythology zodiac signs theory come true. The relationship between Sagittarius with Dionysus is based on their love for luxury.

In ancient Greek mythology, Dionysus was the god of wine and pleasure. This can easily be seen in any Sagittarius person as they love to wear and live in luxury.

Capricorn as Apollo

Capricorn and Apollo have a lot in common. This includes, for starters, their desire to achieve what they want. Both will leave no stone unturned until their target is met.

Apollo was supposed to be the god of music and art, which can be observed in a Capricorn person since they are very creative and always looking to try out new stuff.

Aquarius as Prometheus

Zodiac signs as Greek gods are something that goes on and shows how each person is indeed part of the greater circle, defined thousands of years ago by the Greeks.

Aquarius is another such example. Both Aquarius and Prometheus are champions of human rights, and cannot see another human being in agony.

Pisces as Poseidon

Pisces has fish as its zodiac symbol, which makes it very easy to relate it to Poseidon, the god of sea and floods. Apart from their symbolic relationship over water, both share a lot of personality traits too.

Both of them have the temperament to destroy everything that comes between them and their goals, with fierceness.


Greek gods and many other sources like those from ancient times have influenced modern spiritual and psychic knowledge. It is only a rare opportunity that one gets to see the magnificent connection which all such things in this world are built upon.

With the Greek influence, many astrologers today can see how and why certain star signs act as they do, and this has led to even more knowledge being spread.

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