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The Holy Trinity of Spiritual Practices

The Holy Trinity of Spiritual Practices: Meditation, Concentration, and Contemplation

Traditionally there have always been 3 spiritual paths that lead to enlightenment. More often referred to as the Left, Right, or the Middle Way, today we’re going to dive a little deeper into their essence, energetically understand what each one means and which aspects are emphasized and enhanced, so you too, may be able to align yourself to your preferred way. Eventually, all vehicles must choose a destination, and their way to get there. Learn more about spiritual practices…

A ship torn between two locations ends up going nowhere. The Way is One. Are you ready to pick your path? We got you covered.


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Spiritual Practice number 1 – Going Left – Meditation – The Great Yin

Meditation is the classical known left-hand path. The great Divine feminine way of surrender, the Yin essence of our cosmos. And funnily enough, even though it is known as the left-hand path, it primarily works with the right side of the brain (intuition). This is obviously not a mistake, as energies tend to move in a spiral motion. Meaning that the right brain powers the left side of the body and vice-versa.

So what does it mean to choose meditation as a way to enlightenment?

Well. It means learning to cultivate the inner worlds above all else. It means to learn the act of surrender. To learn to say to yourself: “Not my will, but higher will be done”. The path of meditation is also referred to as the path of water. The path of no resistance, but utter encompassment. The path of inaction, non-forcefulness, and yet total presence and heart awareness. Patiently waiting while taking in the perfection that is.

To choose meditation as your way towards enlightenment means to learn to de-attach from things, people, events, and yet be fully immersed in them, filling and expanding your heart and others’ with joy. If you’re called to meditate your way to your halo, know that you are most probably the eternal giver. Always ready to serve and primarily here to raise the vibration of the whole. The idea is simple: If all is from God, how can someone or something not be perfect? It is your perception that needs adjustment, not outside events or people.

Zodiac signs prone to such a path are of course our beloved Cancers, Pisces, and of course our dear Taurus too. It is a path that primarily works with the divine feminine elements of creation or the magnetic fluid if you like, and often knows things without knowing how it knows things. The meditative path is not so concerned with developing logic and critical thinking. Who needs that, when you can become the entire ocean and encompass all that is presented in front of you right?

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Spiritual Practice number 2 – Going Right – Concentration – The Great Yang

Concentration lies at the opposite end of the spectrum from meditation.

Concentration is the Yang path or the Great Divine Masculine way. This path is the path of effort and willpower, rooted in the left, logical side of the brain. It is a process of unlocking yourself in levels and gradually developing consciousness. The idea behind it is that since we got separated from Source and incarnated in a human form, we must hustle and use effort to reclaim our divinity and find our way back to perfection, to unity with the One.

In the West, this has always been a strongly emphasized path with occultism, prayer, or even modern business. To choose concentration as your way towards enlightenment means to pick something to focus on and tangibly build, putting your entire effort and willpower there. It means to have a ladder of different goals and close down your energy field till you achieve them. One by one.

Because you know that through the accomplishment of your goals, through the embodiment of your higher ideals, you self-actualize, and make something out of your life and who you are.

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But what should one concentrate upon?

Well, that depends of course on the individual, but a good indicator is to find that sweet spot between what you’re afraid of and what you’re naturally good at. That could be a passion turned into a business, it could be a sport or a martial art, or it could even be magic itself, performing rituals or healings and training your willpower within the astral realms.

The important thing is to understand why you do what you do. To understand that within each day, there are daily goals, and within the accomplishment of those daily goals, you climb higher and higher, till you get to where you envision yourself to be. Unlike meditation, the path of concentration is one of detail, clarity, and ego-expression. And yes, it is okay to express your ego in society. It’s in a way what we all came here to do.

Looking to train yourself in the ways of the Divine Yang? Well, then the question naturally arises… in what field or what thing would you like to express and build your God-consciousness in? Where could society best benefit from your gifts and genius? And then get to work.

Zodiac signs more catered for this path: Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini

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Spiritual Practice number 3 – Going Nowhere – Contemplation – The Great Void

Contemplation is the no-hand path, also known as the Middle Way. The contemplative path borrows elements from both concentration and meditation but doesn’t identify with either. It uses the sustained energy of concentration upon one thing but it doesn’t force or pressure as much. And it borrows the surrender and acceptance of all realities from meditation but isn’t so passive or watery.

To choose contemplation as your way to your halo means to equally use fire and water, and be able to switch per the occasion. It is a dance of opposites… which makes it a rather convenient path since we’re constantly faced with opposites and paradoxes in our daily lives. Contemplation is all about the moment, acting in the now, correctly, as who you are. In a way, we could say that it is to simply be in your fire element when you feel like being in your fire element, and whenever that switch occurs inside of you, and you want to go towards the calmer water, you pause, and you make that switch. Irrelevant of whether you are in a conversation in a public place or alone at home. When the “go” sign inside of you happens to switch, you switch. It is a rather simple path that requires body attunement and awareness.

And unlike the other two paths which are about the mastery of either element, the middle way is concerned with the simplicity of existence and simply being your beautiful Self. Sustained pressure (concentration), but in a playful way (meditation). A good tip is to choose topics to focus on when contemplating. E.g. “my 5th house Venus Scorpio placement” or a more psychological event like “the day I got promoted in my job” or “that synchronicity with the stranger on the bus yesterday”.

This technique gives you enough context to not be completely lost in the wide ocean of all possibilities, but not too much structure where you are confined to using logic and your rational thinking mind. Are you keen to contemplate your way to your halo? Then you must learn to become a master of paradoxes. And patiently wait on the bridge where fire and water meet.

Zodiac signs prone to such a path: Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius

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To Meditate, Concentrate or Contemplate?

Regardless of which path you feel more drawn to cultivate, the difference is only in the journey. The destination is the same. On the other side of the veil lies the real magic. But one only wins through strength and consistency. Pick a path. And stick with it until completion.

Do you have what it takes? Your halo awaits.

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