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How Do You Support Your Friends Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Support Your Friends Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Everyone needs a friend, and there is no denying that at all. That is because everyone struggles with some kind of challenge, so having a friend is very important. The friend must be there for them to support and encourage them during difficult times. You may be the reason that a friend of yours has dared to hang on after facing some personal crisis. You may have been the one to provide them the help and support they need. Perhaps you needed a friend when you were going through a difficult time, and that friend is the reason you decided not to give up. Of course, you have fair-weather friends who only take advantage of you for something you have and want. However, that is not what this is about, as we are talking about good supportive friends. Do you know what kind of friend you are? You can find out based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Motivational

Aries, you are full of fire, especially given that your sign is the cardinal fire sign. You have the reputation of being self-centered for that reason. However, that is only a stereotype. You do care a lot about your friends, and you want others to find it within them to motivate themselves to do their best. Therefore, when you have a friend that is on the brink of giving up for one reason or another, you are going to be the one to give them motivational pep talks. You will provide them with the encouragement they need to keep going no matter how down they feel. Your friends appreciate you for that when they end up in a better place.

Taurus – Loyal

Taurus, you are stable and need security and routine. You may be stubborn at times, but the one thing that you also are is a loyal friend. When you make a promise to a friend, you keep it. When you say you are going to do something for them, you always follow through. Your friends may become annoyed by your inflexible ways. However, they love you because you are reliable and loyal to a fault. They will never have to worry about you stabbing them in the back at all. If they tell you a secret, you know you will give them a reason not to worry about it leaking.

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Gemini – Funny

Gemini, you are the one that needs to socialize and go from one place to another. You are the one that needs intellectual stimulation. However, the thing about you is that even though your friends become annoyed that you are not always reliable, you know how to make your friends laugh. You are very good at cheering up a friend who is down and depressed. For instance, your friend did not get the job they wanted, and they are down because of it, one phone call with you will change how they feel. You know how to brighten their days.

Cancer – Compassionate

Cancer, it is not a surprise that you would be the one to take good care of your friends when they are down. You are the mother of the zodiac, after all. Yes, you may be quite emotional to the point others see it as overkill, but you also have a lot of love and support to provide for others who are struggling. Therefore, when you have a friend who needs help, you will be the one to care for them. That means you will drop everything you are doing so you can run over to their home. You do that by providing them with a shoulder to cry on, which shows your true compassionate nature.

Leo – Generous

Leo, you have a reputation for wanting to take up the spotlight. However, what others forget is that you have a warm and generous nature. You are not the nurturing type like Cancer. However, if you have a struggling friend, you are the one to not only make time to give your friend the attention they need. You are also the type to cheer them up by taking them out to dinner or for coffee and dessert. You will be able to cheer them up by talking about fun matters that can be a good distraction.

Virgo – Problem-Solving

Virgo, you are the practical type. Even though you are not known to be warm per se, your friends know that you care about them in your own way. Therefore, you are the one who will help your struggling friends in a practical manner by offering problem-solving solutions. For instance, if your friend is upset about not getting the job they wanted, you would be the one to look at their resume to see if there are ways to improve it. You would even fix it for them to submit a better resume when they apply to future jobs.

Libra – A Great Listener

Libra, you are all about balance, fairness, and socializing. You are the type that values all of your relationships, so you want to make your friends happy. That is why when you have a friend who is struggling; you are the one who is there to listen to them and to make them feel better. You will be the type who will stay on the phone with them until dawn if they need to talk to someone about their issues. The fact that you listen to them will make them feel so much better, and they will see you as one of the most incredible friends they can have.

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Scorpio – Helps You Find the Strength to Fight

Scorpio, you are intense, and you tend to struggle with strong emotions yourself. That makes you the type of friend who offers excellent advice, but you are not the first to take it. That means if you see that a friend is struggling, you will encourage them to find it within them to fight and to keep going. You can also help them come up with problem-solving solutions for them the same way as Virgo. However, once again, you tend to struggle to take your advice. When the role is reversed, and you are the one who is having a hard time, your friend will provide you with the same type of encouragement.

Sagittarius – Adventurous

Sagittarius, you are the adventurous type, and you know how to take someone’s mind off of their woes in a heartbeat. You don’t only possess an optimistic side that will help them look at the bright side of things. However, you will be the one to offer to take them to a place where they haven’t been before. If your friend is not in the mood to go anywhere, you will take them on another type of adventure. You will challenge them into looking into the spiritual side of their issues that will make them think and take them out of the emotional side of their situation. Either way, you are great at distracting your friends from focusing on their struggles.

Capricorn – Inspirational

Capricorn, you are ambitious, and you also are a hard worker. Your friends may not know you to be overly emotional, but you take your friendships very seriously. You also are there to give them plenty of encouragement if they are feeling low. You are very good at inspiring your friends to go after their dreams. If they give you excuses as to why they cannot do it, you know how to avert them and give them examples of those who were worse off than them who still went after your dreams. You are not shy to talk about your struggles and how you overcame them too. You are an inspiration to your friends.

Aquarius – Embraces Uniqueness

Aquarius, you are the type that marches to your own drummer, and you have a way to encourage your friends to embrace who they are fully – faults and all. You are a good listener when your friends struggle as they see you care about them even though you are detached. However, if your friends are struggling with confidence issues, then you know how to turn that around for them. You encourage them to embrace their uniqueness, and that includes their flaws. You are the reason that your friends will stop berating themselves for not being perfect. That is because no one is perfect, and you are the one to point that out to them.

Pisces – Intuitive and Caring

Pisces, you are dreamy, caring, and also intuitive. You are also one of those friends who will happily give them as much of your time that they need to talk if they are open to that. That means you are the one who will immediately know when you have a friend who is struggling, even if they don’t talk about it. You will bring it up to them that you sense they are having a hard time, and they will either deny it or open up to you. If they decline, you do not push them to talk. However, you are there to remind them that they can speak to you when they are ready. If they open up to you, then they also know that they can count on you to listen because you have an excellent track record of being there for your friends in need.

Do you agree with the type of friend you are matching your sign? Perhaps you find that your Moon sign is more accurate to the kind of friend because that is how your Moon affects you on an emotional level which is how you connect with them. For instance, if you are a Capricorn but you are not the inspiring type, and you find yourself to be the intuitive and caring type, then chances are your Moon is in Pisces.

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Either way, you have your own way of helping your friends in need, and your friends have their own way of helping you when you need them. Friendship is important because that way, you feel less alone and more hopeful when times are tough.

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