July 23, 2024
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10 Card Tarot Reading of the Month

10-Card Tarot Reading of the Month

Welcome to the tarot/oracle reading for the month. This 10-card tarot reading will use the Edgar Allen Poe Tarot by Sarah Christensen Fu.

The Reading Approach

The 10-card tarot reading is done by drawing ten cards based on ten questions. The overall question for the reading is, “What do the visitors to AskAstrology need to know about the upcoming month of March 2024?”


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Question 1: What is the Immediate Concern for this Month?




The High Priestess card signifies the need for patience in seeking knowledge and answers. It suggests that the truth will be revealed in its own time and requires a quiet, receptive mind to comprehend fully. This card urges you to trust your intuition and allow things to unfold naturally, rather than seeking immediate solutions. By embracing patience and maintaining a calm, introspective state, you’ll gain deeper insights and uncover the wisdom that lies beneath the surface.

Question 2: What is the Challenge this Month?


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The Star card presents the challenge of embracing gratitude and thriving in the present moment. It urges you to shift your focus from past disappointments or future worries and instead appreciate the blessings in your life. By cultivating gratitude and finding joy in the simple pleasures of each day, you can overcome obstacles and find renewed hope and inspiration. Embracing the energy of the Star card empowers you to see the beauty around you and find strength and resilience in the present moment.

Question 3: What is Obvious, but We need a Reminder?



The World card serves as a reminder of the conclusion of a significant life cycle and the inevitable change that accompanies it. It urges you to acknowledge and embrace the transformative process you are undergoing, recognizing that change is necessary for growth and evolution. While the path ahead may seem daunting, the World assures you that you have the inner strength and wisdom to navigate through this transition. Embrace the closure of one chapter and trust in the new opportunities and experiences that await on the horizon.

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Question 4: What is Hidden, that Needs to be Revealed? 



The reversed Ace of Graves suggests a hidden struggle with initiating new ventures or endeavors. There might be an underlying fear of failure or uncertainty holding one back from taking the first steps toward success. This card urges exploration into what internal barriers or doubts are obstructing progress. Perhaps there’s a need to confront insecurities or past setbacks to gain the confidence needed to move forward. Embracing the journey of beginnings, despite its challenges, can unveil opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Question 5: What is Something from our Past that will Help Us in the Present Moment?



The reversed Two of Hearts signifies a vital lesson from the past regarding disloyalty and mistrust in partnerships. Reflecting on previous experiences of being let down or involved in unreliable relationships can offer insights into the present moment. It’s essential to acknowledge red flags and heed intuition when entering new alliances. Learning from past mistakes fosters discernment, enabling one to navigate relationships more wisely and cultivate healthier connections built on mutual respect and trust. 

Question 6: What do We Need to Know for Guidance Going Forward?



The Ten of Ravens advises seeking meaningful companionship and supportive relationships as guidance going forward. It emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with trustworthy friends, allies, and partners who uplift and inspire. Investing time and energy into cultivating genuine connections with those who share common values and aspirations can lead to fulfillment and mutual growth. This card encourages discernment in choosing companions who contribute positively to one’s journey, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie essential for navigating life’s challenges with resilience and joy.

Question 7: What do We Need to Know about Our Life Purpose this Month?



The Page of Graves signals that your purpose this month is centered around perseverance and overcoming adversity. You’re called to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and to approach them with determination and resilience. This card reminds you to stay committed to your goals despite any obstacles or setbacks that may arise. Through persistence and tenacity, you can navigate through difficulties and emerge stronger on the other side. Trust in your abilities and remain focused on your objectives, knowing that perseverance will lead you to success.

Question 8: What do We Need to Know to Fulfill the Purpose?



The Nine of Hearts advises recognizing and addressing the discrepancy between pessimistic thoughts and the balanced, or even positive, reality surrounding you to fulfill your purpose. It urges a shift in perspective towards acknowledging the abundance and opportunities present in your life. By challenging negative beliefs and focusing on the blessings and achievements, you can align your mindset with the actual circumstances. Embrace gratitude and optimism, allowing these attitudes to guide your actions toward realizing your purpose with clarity and enthusiasm.

Question 9: What are Our Hopes and Fears?



The Eight of Hearts reversed reveals hopes for liberation from fears that hinder progress. It signifies a desire to break free from the shackles of doubt, insecurity, or past traumas. There’s a longing for emotional freedom and inner peace, hoping to transcend limitations imposed by fear. However, there’s also a fear of remaining trapped in these negative patterns, hindering personal growth and fulfillment. This card encourages confronting fears head-on, embracing courage, and trusting in the journey towards liberation and self-discovery.

Question 10: What is an Action for Each of Us to Consider Taking?



The Two of Graves suggests considering a balanced approach when juggling multiple situations, indicating a need for careful deliberation before making decisions. It advises maintaining equilibrium while weighing the options and understanding the consequences of each choice. Take the time to assess priorities, resources, and potential outcomes for different scenarios. This card encourages finding harmony amidst the uncertainty, trusting your intuition, and seeking clarity to determine the best course of action for addressing each situation effectively and with confidence.

In Summary

In this comprehensive 10-card tarot reading, several key themes emerge. The High Priestess card advises patience in seeking knowledge and trusting intuition. The Star card encourages gratitude and living in the present moment, fostering hope and resilience. The World card signifies the conclusion of a significant life cycle and the need to embrace change for growth.

Additionally, the reading includes insights into personal struggles and lessons. The reversed Ace of Graves reveals hesitations in starting new ventures due to fear or uncertainty, while the reversed Two of Hearts highlights past experiences of disloyalty and mistrust in partnerships. The Ten of Ravens emphasizes the importance of seeking supportive relationships and companionship.

Regarding personal purpose and growth, the Page of Graves indicates a focus on perseverance and overcoming adversity, while the Nine of Hearts advises aligning mindset with reality to fulfill one’s purpose with clarity and enthusiasm. The Eight of Hearts addresses hopes for liberation from fear, while the Two of Graves suggests carefully considering and balancing multiple situations before making decisions.

Overall, the reading underscores the importance of patience, gratitude, adaptability, discernment, and perseverance in navigating life’s challenges and opportunities this month.

Be well on your journey forward.


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