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how to get someone’s attention based on their zodiac sign

How To Get Someone’s Attention Based on Their Zodiac Sign

There are reasons that you want to get someone’s attention, and those reasons can range from wanting attention from your crush or wanting attention from an influencer. Perhaps you are looking for a job, and you know of someone who can help you get that job. Therefore, you will want to find a way to get that person’s attention too. The thing is, you don’t want to be too obvious either, but you want to get their attention by doing something that is slightly more subtle. That can be a difficult line to balance, so let’s see how you can get someone’s attention for whatever reason based on their zodiac sign.

Aries – Invite Them to Try Something New

Is your crush an Aries? Or is your boss an Aries that you want to impress to help win that promotion, and so on? There is an effortless way to get the attention of an Aries. You have to remember that Aries loves to try new and exciting things. Is there a new restaurant that you like that they have not tried? Take them out to it. Is there a sport you enjoy watching that they like but have not yet been to a game? Surprise them by buying tickets to the game so you and they can go. That is a sure and impressive way to get the attention of Aries.

Taurus – Bake Them Cookies or Cook a Meal for Them

You want to get the attention of a Taurus for whatever reason, and there is an easy way to do so without worrying about scaring them off. Taurus dislikes surprises that can put a dent in their routine, but they welcome surprises that strike their fancy, which involves gifts or, even better, food. Taureans love luxurious items, which is why they will love gifts, but the gift you would get for them would end up in their clutter which is why you are better off surprising them with homemade cookies or a cooked meal such as pasta or Sheppard’s pie. They will be honored that you thought of them that way, and that may be the best way to get their attention.

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Gemini – Be Positive and Strike up a Stimulating Conversation

Are you trying to get the attention of a Gemini? The one thing you can’t do is stay away from them or be a Debbie Downer. Gemini is social and wants to be uplifting. They also want you to stimulate them intellectually. Therefore, go chat with Gemini about something intriguing and intellectually stimulating and look at everything with the glass half-full. You will also want to appear to be social, even if you are the introverted type. You may be awkward if you are naturally introverted, but Gemini will not care as they will like what you say to them.

Cancer – Be Real

If you want to get the attention of Cancer, then you will not impress them at all by playing anything up, trying to impress them with gifts or food, or anything of that nature. Do you know how you can get the attention of Cancer without risking them avoiding you down the road? You need to be authentic. Show your vulnerable side and be honest. Don’t hide anything which includes your past mistakes. If Cancer sees that you are genuine and not faking anything, you have their attention.

Leo – Show Passion

If you have a Leo crush or you know of a Leo who can get you that dream job, the one way to get their attention is not by giving them gifts. They will definitely love the gifts, but they will know that you want something from them if you get them a gift or take them out for an expensive meal. The one thing that will intrigue a Leo is showing that you are passionate about something. It does not matter if you are passionate about something they are not interested in because all that matters is passion. If you have passion, then that is enough to get them listening to you.

Virgo – Be Direct and Clean

You know that Virgos notice everything as that is their analytical nature taking over. That means you will not get far with them if you go out of your way trying to impress them. That will keep them away from you. So how can you get the attention of a Virgo? You have to be direct. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell them what you want, and the worst thing that can happen is that they will tell you “no”. However, they will have more respect for you than they did before, regardless of their response. Also, being clean is a huge asset.

Libra – Show That You Are Interested in Having Some Type of Relationship

If you want the attention of Libra, then you cannot do anything that will get their attention unless you show them that you are interested in developing some type of relationship. It does not matter if it is romantic, a friendship, or is on the professional level. Connect with them on social media and talk to them once in a while on messenger. It won’t take long to do as Libras value their relationships, and they will value the one with you too. That is because Libra will be happy to do things for their friends. If it is romantic, you know that they would do anything for you too.  

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Scorpio – Take the Time to Understand Them

If you are trying to get the attention of a Scorpio, you need to realize that it would be difficult to earn their trust because they are secretive and private by nature. That means they will probably keep a distance from you. So how can you possibly earn a Scorpio’s trust? By taking the time to understand them and why they are the way they are. Don’t make them think you are probing into their business. Just take the time to empathize, show compassion, and be genuine about it because Scorpio, like Cancer, will not tolerate fake people. Scorpio will open up to you in this case.

Sagittarius – Stand up for Your Beliefs

You know that Sagittarius is all about being adventurous as they are the ones who have a case of wanderlust. Another thing about Sagittarius is that they are blunt and will respect others who speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in. Therefore, if you are looking to get the attention of a Sagittarius, it will be impressive if you talk about your travels and any adventure you have enjoyed. However, that may only partially get their attention. If you show them that you are the type that sticks up for your beliefs, then that is what they like, and they will be receptive to what you want and need.

Capricorn – Show Them That You Made Serious Life Investments

If you are looking to get the attention of a Capricorn, that may be not easy to do because those with this sign are known to be quite reserved. They take everything seriously. However, getting their attention is not impossible. If you show them that you have made significant investments in your life, such as personal care, career, or own a business – even if it is a side hustle, then you will get their attention. That is because they only allow those in their circle who take their lives seriously by making those investments.

Aquarius – Never Get into Their Way of Expressing Themselves

The thing about Aquarius is that they are distant but at the same time friendly and have a vast humanitarian side to them. They will rarely judge you, and they would expect the same from anyone. You may know that Aquarians do not want anyone tying them down at all costs, but that does not mean they don’t want to be a part of anyone’s lives either. If you’re going to get attention from an Aquarius, the best thing you can do is keep out of their way and allow them to express themselves in any way they please. They will shut down those who try to get in their way and judge them. However, if you don’t do that, they will be open to giving you what you want and need. 

Pisces – Show Them That You Relate to Them

Pisces is one of the most empathetic signs, and they are the ones who will sacrifice anything to help you if you need it. However, if you want to get the attention of Pisces first, you need to show them that you relate to them somehow. For example, if they share a story about something that happened to them, which makes them emotional, you can likely find something that happened to you that had a parallel or was relatable somehow. So don’t be afraid to share that with Pisces as you know they will not only never judge you for it, but they will be glad you did! And you will have their attention too.

If you do not know the sign of the individual you want to connect with, don’t worry about that too much. Remember that if you’re going to get anyone’s attention, you have to be subtle about it at first, and then once you do have their attention, you will need to be honest about why you needed their attention in the first place. Very few people will put up with anyone who beats around the bush for too long. Or maybe sometimes you don’t have to be overly subtle. You can always give them a call, invite them for coffee, and discuss what you want or need. The worst that can happen is that they will say “no.”

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