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Why is Venus Important in Your Life?

In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. The planet Venus is directly connected to the Roman goddess Venus and the Greek goddess Aphrodite. We all need more grace and peace in our lives and connecting with what Venus represents through small rituals in your life can bring you closer to embodying the energy that Venus represents. 

Venus teaches you about self-love and self-care, as well as how to love and care for others. The more Venusian, feminine energy you invite into your life, the easier it is to deal with challenging, heated situations from a space of love, care, and compassion. 

Why should you create a Venus altar? 

A Venus altar, also known as a goddess altar, is a shrine you place in your living space that acts as an offering to the planet and goddess Venus. Usually, a table is used, and all the items are placed on and around the table. A Venus altar invites love and abundance into your life. The Venus Altar needs to be created at the right time and contain items deemed “acceptable” to use as offerings to Venus. Keeping this shrine in your living space will invite the positive energy of Venus into your life and home, allowing you to harness love, beauty, and peace within yourself and to create this for others. 

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Embodying unconditional love within ourselves is something a lot of us strive for. A Venus altar is a beautiful way to remind you every day of how you love, that you should love more and that there is beauty within and around you. It makes you aware of how much love you give to yourself and the world and how you can change your values and beliefs to allow unconditional love toward others, the world around you, and yourself.

Important Things to Remember

  • Green is the color that corresponds with the heart chakra. Green is the color that represents love and peace, and it is a vital color to use in your Venus altar.
  • White is the color that represents purity. White is a cleansing color, as it cleanses all the negative away and allows for clean, pure energy to enter. Incorporating white into your altar is highly important to allow for cleaner, lighter energy within your living space. 
  • The numbers that correspond the Venus are one and seven. You should, therefore, only have either one or seven of each item on your altar.
  • It would help if you kept a book or notepad with a pen on your altar, and you can write any requests, praises, or messages you should wish to share with Venus in this book. 
  • You need to keep a space on your altar for daily/ weekly offerings. Offerings are generally perishable items that would not remain on your altar over long-term periods.

Offerings can include:

  • Flowers
  • Honey
  • Wine
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Sweets
  • Water

Things You Can Use for Your Venus Altar

  • Cloths
  • Candles 
  • Money
  • The Venus symbol
  • A mirror
  • Gemstones
  • Perfume
  • Incense
  • Essential oils
  • A book/notepad
  • A pen
  • Statues/figurines 
  • Anything that represents love and beauty to you

How to Create a Venus Altar

1. Put time aside on a Friday to create your altar.

Everyone loves Fridays! Venus rules Fridays, and Fridays are all about love, beauty, peace, and connection. You are much more charming, outgoing, graceful, and keen to engage with and socialize with others on Fridays. You feel much more connected to your inner beauty and can recognize the beauty in others easier. Friday is the ideal day to create your Venus altar as you are more connected to the energy of Venus on this day. Making your offerings to Venus on the appropriate day is highly recommended. 

2. Cleanse & dress up before creating your altar

You must be physically clean when you create your Venus altar. Make sure you have a bath and shower before you start working on your altar, and also make sure you dress to impress! Venus appreciates it when people are clean, beautiful, love themselves, and take pride in who they are, and any offerings made to Venus need to be made when you are looking for your best! Even if there is no one around to see you, put on your finest dress and jewelry as part of your ritual to honor Venus and all the beauty she has given you in your life. 

3. Play some music

Music is powerful, as it can uplift or bring down your energy. So, find some music that makes you feel happy, sexy, graceful, and just generally good about yourself, and play it while working on your Venus altar. 

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4. Light candles on your Venus altar whenever you are using it

When you are adding items or taking them away, when you are sharing praises and thanks with Venus, or simply just spending time admiring your altar, always light the candles on your altar to ignite the flow of positive energy. 

5. Add a representation of what you wish to manifest in the future

Venus is the goddess of fertility and harnessing the energy of Venus within your life can allow the birth of some project or idea and allow you to reach a specific goal in the future. Place an image or some representation of what you want to achieve in the future on your Venus altar. 

6. Once you have completed setting up your altar, say a prayer to Venus

You can speak from the heart, or you can use the following prayer:

“I call upon the grace, charm, and unconditional love of Venus and Aphrodite. I give you these offerings as a symbol of my devotion to embodying beauty, love, and compassion within my heart at all times. And I ask you to cleanse my heart and spirit of anything that could taint my ability to show unconditional love to myself and others at all times, and I ask you to light up my aura and space with the purest light from the heavens above. And I thank you for the blessings and beauty you have already given to me, and I thank you for the blessings that you keep sending my way”. 

Once you have completed these steps, you are all done! Now you have a beautiful altar to beautify your home space and to remind you to act with grace and embody unconditional love in each moment of your life.

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