July 23, 2024
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The Sensory Alchemy: Exploring Hypersensitivity and its Spiritual Dimensions

Are you considered to be a hypersensitive individual where you quickly become overwhelmed, and you wish you did not have this extreme sensitivity? Don’t wish it away, because it has some gifts. Hypersensitivity is a heightened awareness of sensory stimuli and is a phenomenon that extends beyond the physical realm. It is often seen as an inherent trait, but some spiritual perspectives suggest hypersensitivity may have more profound, metaphysical causes.

Many individuals with this trait may be more attuned to subtle energies, intuitive insights, and the emotions of others. This heightened sensitivity indicates a deeper spiritual connection or heightened psychic abilities. Exploring hypersensitivity from a spiritual angle can offer valuable insights into one’s inner world and facilitate personal growth and self-awareness. Let’s discuss this more.

What Are the Traits of Hypersensitivity?

You may be hearing a lot about hypersensitivity or highly sensitive people, also known as HSP. Highly sensitive people are known to be incredibly empathetic to the point of putting their needs at the backburner and tend to be people-pleasers, as they are highly attuned to others. They are a type of empath, as they are also highly attuned to their environments and may become fearful of loud noises because their hearing is very sensitive.

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They are highly sensitive in sensory processing, as bright lights, disturbing images, and strong-tasting food can overwhelm them. That is also why they are often introverts.

These individuals were born with a unique nervous system, composed differently from most of those who are not hypersensitive. Unfortunately, the majority of those who are hypersensitive have grown up thinking something is “wrong” with them or seeing themselves as different from others.

HSPs are also known to have vibrant inner lives and are highly creative, innovative, and self-aware. They tend to overanalyze and overthink but are hypercritical of themselves. They also take anything others say personally, as they are sensitive to criticism. The issue is, because their highly sensitive nature is seen, those who don’t have the best intentions can see them as prey, as HSPs as children often were targets of bullying, and even adults can be targets of bullying at work. That is because they also don’t stand up for themselves, as conflict scares them. Additionally, many HSPs have endured some childhood trauma and often struggle to work through it.

Additionally, HSPs freeze under pressure as too much stress and pressure can make them anxious. That is another reason HSPs fear decision-making, as there is always worry about making the “wrong” decision. They can fall into the trap of perfectionism, which only creates overwhelm, which can lead to burnout. Being an HSP is exhausting, but if they can shield themselves energetically, learn to ask for help when feeling overwhelmed, and lower their standards themselves, they will cope much better.

As stressful as an HSP is, they share a gift: the ability to connect with other realms. That is because studies have shown that the brains of HSPs are wired in a way where they have a strong sixth sense.

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The Sixth Sense Is Potent Because of the Way the HSP Brain Is Wired

The HSP’s brain areas involving empathy and awareness of self and others become more easily and profoundly activated than those in non-hypersensitive persons. As a result, they are attuned to others and the environment due to feeling and integrating sensory information. A person with this wiring is highly sensitive, thinks deeply, loves deeply, and processes life around them deeply. That is what gives them a heightened sixth sense.

The sixth sense makes one psychic as they operate on a higher frequency, picking up about 85% more energy than those who do not have the hypersensitive trait. Therefore, hypersensitive people can pick up what is happening in other realms to develop a profound spiritual connection. Suppose you are an HSP who has been upset about your hypersensitivity because of how it causes you to feel that you do not fit in. In that case, you have an inner calling to develop a profound spiritual connection to hone your psychic gifts and connect with others like you.

As a Hypersensitive Person, You Are Spiritually Gifted, and You Want to Nurture That

When you’re an HSP, you operate on a high vibration, which lends itself to understanding other people’s energies, enhancing your capability for healing, mediumship, and psychic abilities. This is a gift that those who are not hypersensitive don’t have. Everyone can be psychic, as everyone is also intuitive on some level, but those who are not HSPs will not be nearly as gifted in it as someone who is.

Think about someone who is not particularly gifted in math and someone who is. Someone gifted in math can excel at it easily and pursue a career involving sciences and physics. In contrast, someone who is average in math may choose not to go into a career involving mathematics because they will find it is not their forte even though they have no problems with doing basic math such as budgeting.

However, if someone gifted in math does not keep flexing their mathematic muscle, they will not necessarily lose their gift, but they will also, in some ways, let it go to waste. If they allow distractions to keep them from excelling at their gift, they will not utilize it properly.

The same goes for HSPs not using their gift effectively, as they may allow their gifts to go to waste if they allow themselves to become overwhelmed and hurt by the actions of others. There are ways for HSPs to help themselves stay focused and calm so they can utilize their gifts to communicate with other realms effectively.

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Trusting One Self And Their Own Abilities Is The First Way To Nurture Their Gifts

As a hypersensitive individual, you would be extremely in tune with your needs. You know what you need, like, dislike, and want and intuitively know what path to take to attain your needs or wants. However, you find yourself second-guessing because you don’t trust yourself.

You don’t know if it is your intuition guiding you or your emotions that are tricking you. The rule of thumb is that intuition does not guide you if you are emotional about a path you should take. However, if you feel something is best or not for you without any emotional influence, that is intuition, which you need to listen to. The more you can trust that, the easier it will be for you to trust yourself when it comes to relying on your intuition when making decisions.

However, when you use your gifts and want to use them to the best of your ability, then you must ground yourself. You must do it, which can be challenging since you are hypersensitive to your surroundings. Though, it is necessary.

It Is Essential To Ground And Manage Your Sensitivities

You must manage your sensitivities by grounding yourself to hone your spiritual and metaphysical gifts. The only way you can do this is to be mindful and be in the now. If you find yourself anxious, stop, breathe, look around you, and ask yourself what you see, feel, hear, and other senses are activated right now. That does calm you down. The more you can do that, the easier it will be to ground yourself.

It is also necessary to meditate or get into a meditative state daily. You can meditate while walking or doing house chores if you cannot sit still and meditate the traditional way. However, meditation does clear your mind and is another way to ground yourself.

It is also essential for you to shield yourself if you are going to be with an individual you do not like or if you have someone in your home visiting an individual, you do not like, as they will bring back the energies from that individual, which can set you off.

You also want to shield yourself if you are going to a crowded area, and it is an excellent idea to protect yourself by shielding yourself each morning before you step out of the house and the last thing you do at night before going to bed. You can encounter low-level entities when sleeping.

The way you shield is up to you, but the most common way is by envisioning a white light surrounding you, protecting you, and thanking your guides for providing protection. It does save your energy, and you will feel unbothered if you shield regularly. You will also see that your energy is intact if you shield as no one can drain it, which leaves you strong enough to keep up with your spiritual gifts.

Addressing Traumas Is Essential to Make the Most of Spiritual Gifts

Another thing that can cloud an HSP’s spiritual gifts is the effects of trauma. If you are an HSP who is struggling to tap into your spiritual and metaphysical gifts because of childhood or early adulthood trauma, then you need to address it as challenging as it is. You have to do shadow work, and working with a therapist or coach can also help you manage the issues affecting you today.

Be prepared to be uncomfortable as you do it, but the more you can address the problems clouding your abilities, the easier it will be for you to tap into your gifts and communicate with other realms. You do not have to be 100 percent healed to do this, as that may never happen. However, you must be aware and constantly be a work in progress to hone your spiritual and metaphysical gifts.

You Have a Lot of Light to Share to the World

One of your purposes as a hypersensitive individual is sharing your light with the world. You can tune into the oneness and understand the importance of life, which is compassion and love. You have a desire to make others feel good, and that is because you have a lot of light to share. You have the potential to create a ripple effect of love and light, and that is what the world desperately needs. It is challenging since so many others are not on board, which is why terrible things happen. Horrible things are happening in the world, so that is more of a reason to keep sharing your light.

Being a hypersensitive individual is not easy because you easily get overwhelmed, emotional, anxious, and get hurt easily. You likely endured trauma growing up that affects you today, which would have affected your self-esteem and belief in yourself. However, as a hypersensitive individual, you also have some unique spiritual and metaphysical gifts as you have a heightened sixth sense, which means you can connect to other realms. That is why you are hypersensitive. The good news is you can manage it through grounding, meditation, and shielding, which will help you hone your unique gifts as you share your light with others.

To learn more, read this Healthline article: Being a Highly Sensitive Person Is a Scientific Personality Trait. Here’s What It Feels Like.

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