June 24, 2024
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Kamala Harris: The Year Ahead (2024)

In astrology, profection is a predictive technique that involves advancing the natal Ascendant and its ruler through the zodiac to different signs, with each sign corresponding to a specific year in the individual’s life. The primary purpose of profection is to highlight specific areas of life that will be emphasized during a particular year. The time lord, often referred to as the “lord of the year” or “annual ruler,” is crucial in this technique. The time lord is determined by the ruling planet of the profection year, and its position in the natal chart provides insights into the themes and events that may unfold during that period. This article will explore this technique by looking at Vice President Kamala Harris and her chances of being Vice President for another four years.


Kamala Harris’ Birthday and Profection Year

Kamala Harris was born October 20, 1964 at 9:28 pm in Oakland, California, making her natal Ascendant Gemini. She is currently 59 and this profection year is running from October 20, 2023 to October 20, 2024, making the Ascendant Taurus and the Time Lord Venus, and thus activating her 12th House in her natal chart. She will move into her next profection year, at 60, and back to a Gemini Ascendant, with Mercury as the Time Lord, through the day of the election, November 5, 2024.

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This profection suggests that Vice-President Harris’ focus for the year will revolve around matters related to her inner drives, karmic debts, and need for time outside the public eye. It foretells that subconscious, introspective, and karmic influences may not be immediately visible in her public persona as Vice President. They will shape her inner world, motivations, and approach to leadership and public service. Fortunately her Time Lord is Venus, so the year should be generally positive.

Time Lord: Venus

As the Time Lord Venus governs Vice President Harris’ year, themes of diplomacy, relationships, and artistic endeavors are highlighted. She may find opportunities for collaboration, particularly in matters related to diplomacy and international relations. Additionally, she can develop her personal charm and grace to enhance her public image and diplomatic efforts. It’s a favorable time for fostering harmony and balance, both in her professional relationships and personal life, boosting her overall success and popularity.

In her natal chart, Venus is in Virgo in the 4th House placing additional focus on her family this year. Family bonds and domestic harmony take center stage, especially when Venus serves as the Time Lord. This configuration suggests a year where nurturing relationships within the family sphere, creating a harmonious home environment, and attending to practical matters related to family affairs. There’s a strong emphasis on finding beauty and value in the simple pleasures of home life and nurturing connections with loved ones.

The combination of the 12th and 4th House activations suggest it would be a good year for her to choose not to run as the Vice President and actually pull back from public life and concentrate on her private spiritual journey and her family. However, if she plans to run as the Vice President and remains Joe Biden’s choice, she will still get the benefits of the Time Lord Venus, which is the greater benefic in her chart because she has a “night” chart (the Sun was below the horizon when she was born), which makes Venus more powerful.


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Key Venus Transits Throughout the Year for Kamala Harris

March 11 to April 3

Transiting Venus moving through her 10th house during an election year from March 11 to April 3, 2024, as her Time Lord, indicates a period where her public image and career ambitions are significantly highlighted. This transit brings attention to her professional relationships, public persona, and aspirations for leadership. Harris may find herself particularly charming and diplomatic in her interactions with colleagues, constituents, and the public, enhancing her appeal and popularity on the political stage. It’s a favorable time for her to showcase her talents, network with influential figures, and garner support for her political goals as Vice President.

Moreover, with Venus transiting the 10th house, she may experience opportunities for even greater recognition during this period. Her efforts in the public sphere are likely to be met with appreciation and admiration, potentially boosting her standing in the eyes of the electorate. This transit encourages her to focus on achieving her long-term goals and solidifying her position of authority and influence. It’s a time where she can effectively leverage her charm, diplomacy, and creativity to make strides in her career and leave a lasting impression on both her colleagues and the public.


August 4th to August 28th

Transiting Venus moving through her 4th house during the election year, from August 4th to August 28th, suggests a period where her focus shifts towards matters of home, family, and emotional security. This transit encourages her to prioritize her personal life and domestic affairs, finding comfort and fulfillment in nurturing her inner circle and creating a harmonious home environment. She may feel a strong desire to connect with her roots, spend quality time with loved ones, and rejuvenate her emotional well-being amidst the demands of her political career.

Additionally, with Venus transiting the 4th house, she may find that her public image is influenced strongly by her private life during this time frame. Authenticity, warmth, and sincerity in her interactions with the public can resonate strongly, as voters appreciate her genuine connection to her familial and cultural background. This transit also indicates potential opportunities to showcase her compassionate and nurturing side in her political activities, emphasizing her commitment to serving the needs of the community and advocating for issues close to her heart. Overall, it’s a period where she can find balance between her public responsibilities and personal fulfillment, paving the way for greater emotional stability and resilience on her political journey.


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October 20th to November 5th

With her Profection year shifting to the 1st House (Gemini) on October 20th, and Mercury becoming the Time Lord, which will be transiting through her 6th House and the first part of her 7th House leading up to the election, there are several implications for her chances of remaining in office.

The 1st House Profection year emphasizes self-expression, personal identity, and leadership for Kamala Harris. This suggests that Harris will be focusing on asserting her individuality, presenting herself confidently to the public, and taking charge of her own narrative. Mercury’s transit through the 6th House highlights themes of work and service. Harris may find herself engrossed in the details of her role as Vice President, diligently attending to her duties and responsibilities, and perhaps even addressing health or administrative matters.

This transit could also indicate a time of increased communication and interaction with colleagues and constituents, as well as a focus on refining her skills and strategies in preparation for the election. As Mercury moves into her 7th House, which governs partnerships and relationships, she may experience heightened collaboration and negotiation in her political alliances. This transit could involve discussions with political allies, as well as navigating diplomatic relations with other nations.


Chances for Remaining Vice-President

Assuming Biden wins his party’s nomination, keeps Harris as his Vice-President, and successfully makes it to the day of the election, his profection year is strong for reelection, giving him a greater than 50% chance of winning.

If she is not selected to remain Biden’s Vice-President, or chooses to step aside to take care of family matters, it would not be unusual based on the current profection year emphasis or Time Lord. However, if she remains the Vice-Presidential choice, then she will offer positive support for Biden in his bid for re-election. With her experiencing Venus as her Time Lord until October 20th, then shifting to Mercury, she will be most helpful if she becomes more sharing about her personal life (12th House and 4th House private energies emphasized) and improves communication, especially around ideas of service and needed changes in society (her natal Mercury resides in Scorpio in the 6th House).

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