July 15, 2024
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Life Path Messages for May

Life Path Messages for May

Universal Number 1 Month

Have you been feeling a little heavy lately? Maybe some dark clouds came overhead and have been following you around and you’re wondering why the wind doesn’t just blow them all away?

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian numerology bringing to you the soul Life path messages for May in the Universal number 1 month. We have some powerful energies vying for our acquaintance this month. As we end a universal number 9 month, we are leaving behind all the shadows that came up for us to examine and clear and boy they came on strong. You are not alone and yes, things will get lighter, and the sun will come out once again.

The number 9 is always followed by the number 1 which promises us new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and bursts of welcoming inspiration. What makes this month so impressive is that we have a double 5 influence. This comes from the Universal year number 5 plus the calendar month of May is the number 5.

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Last month’s dredging up of old painful memories, patterns and beliefs to be cleared were crucial for us because we are entering a dynamic opportunity for transformation and increased inner knowing.

So how does Transformation and inner knowing benefit us during the Month of May? As I see it, all the inner work we have been doing is going through a “Transformation” process. It looks like nothing is going on within us, but our spirit is subconsciously arranging all the data we’ve been processing and distributing it where it needs to go. It may be time to stop the inner work and let it formulate. Rest and take comfort in a job well done. It is within this stillness that the greatest work of all is taking place. Trust the process and thank yourself for being present and available during these times of uncertainty.

Because the world is shifting, we need to rely on our own “inner knowing” to get by. We have never experienced energy of this magnitude before and it is just the beginning, so how do we proceed? Five energy can feel like a tornado of energy around us. Untamed, ferocious, and sometimes destructive. If we can learn to be and settle in the eye of the tornado, we will be more able to contact our Higher Self for guidance. We won’t be productive if we get swept up in chaos but if we remain calm and centered, we can harness our intuition and move forward with grace and ease.

Coming into Taurus and the number 1 energy will be more grounding but very demanding toward personal progress. This is a time to flourish with innovative ideas and creative projects, start new friendships, move forward with financial progress in the buying and selling department and strike out independently in areas of your life that had previously been weighing you down. It is a portal opening that brings many rewards and increased opportunity for achievement.

This month’s energy is welcoming some pretty inspiring messages for:

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Soul Life Path Number 1

The message for you this month is to “uproot your security system”.

You are being summoned by your higher self, spirit guides and nature to let go of any restraints and connect with your creativity.

What does that look like for you?

Not all creativity is demonstrated through canvas art. Creativity can be expressed through various means by a life path number 1. It may look like design, communication and expression, writing, research, gardening, organizing, making a memory board or even helping someone else solve a problem.

Anything that allows you to disconnect from your rational Mind and tap into the realm of imagination, dreams and fantasy is feeding your intuitive nature.

There is a lot of grounding energy around you this month, it would be beneficial to balance this out with less gravity by tapping into your heart body where passion thrives and is waiting to escape for some pleasurable hours of creative bliss.

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Entertaining activities that uproot your need for security will invite elements of pleasures you have not allowed yourself to indulge in for an exceptionally long time. Your sensible nature and predictable patterns need some revamping and this month, it is calling you to mess up your routine a little with some right brain activity.

Soul Life Path Number 2 and Master Number 11/2

The message for you this month is “Anchor down your confidence”.

Do you ever feel like you’re on the verge of receiving a brilliant idea and then disregard it completely because it appears to be too complicated to surface into reality?

The Universe is reminding you that you would never be given anything that couldn’t exist and be manifested in the physical world.

This month, you are being asked to believe in your abilities to create. Wrap yourself in a blanket of steel determination and courage, bite the bullet and manifest your heart’s desire.

Have the confidence that the Universe will provide if you align yourself energetically with what is calling to you. Don’t let pesty distractions dominate your ability to follow through with your psychic gifts. Put everything on hold as you take the necessary steps to bring forth your inner knowing and be surprised at how easily everything falls into place once you are committed.

Soul Life Path Number 3

The message for you this month is “Health, happiness & sunshine.”

Crazy energy has you going in different directions. The Scorpion full moon, Aries cycle and the collective shadows have all been pulling you closer into your psychic connection with nature.

Keep an eye on your health and allow the radiant sunshine to nurture your soul and restore your wellbeing.

Balancing rest, water intake, fasting, wholesome food and quiet time will stabilize the foundation of your “happy place” that allows you to express the positive heartfelt mindset you thrive on in order to be content. Your intuition will become stronger this month if you heed to the limitations of your physical body. Don’t overexert yourself because opportunity will come to you if you are strong enough to receive it. Relax and submit to the soothing sounds of water, take off your shoes and run barefoot in the grass, and inhale the fresh air of springtime.

Soul Life Path Number 4 and Master Number 22/4

The message for you this month is “Personal Freedom.”

What does liberation mean to you?

It means something different to everyone but this month, be impulsive. Allow yourself the personal freedom to act impulsively on your intuition.

You may think you do this already but find an area in your life where you tend to hold back and second guess yourself and focus your intentions on this area.

Align your motives with Source and go for it. Speak your truth this month without the fear of being judged. Allow yourself to pursue your dreams or even to experience appreciation without attachment. Whatever this means to you, explore the direction of personal freedom this month. Follow where it leads you and express yourself uninhibited.

Soul Life Path Number 5

The message for you this month is “fire up what inspires you” . You have been busy these past few months, and especially the last couple of weeks.

Your domestic homestead is calling for your attention. What inspiration can you bring into your home to make it inviting, safe and interesting?

Clear out what no longer inspires you to be the best version of yourself. This could be old pictures, clothes, books, collectible Knick knacks and even furniture and dish ware.

Donate these items to a worthy cause and sit with the void until inspiration flows to replace them or not.

You are not who you were a year ago or even a month ago. Timelines are shifting quickly, and this shedding process will help you align with the new energy coming through. Sitting in the void will inspire you to feel the progress you have made on your spiritual journey. How do the items in your home identify with who you are today? Are they launching you forward or holding you back? What can you do to change the environment you live in to be a reflection of your future self? Be patient and allow the answers to come.

Soul Life Path Number 6 & Master Number 33/6

The message for you this month is ”illuminate your Soul”.

Whether healing yourself or healing others, your empathic gifts have been magnified and appreciated.

This month is a time to align with Source and be fed by the illumination of Divine light. .

It actually won’t be a chore to do this because intuitively you know that your healing powers don’t directly come from you but rather through you and in order to be the maximum of service to others, you must replenish your inner source.

If you don’t do this willingly, the Universe will make it happen for you. How do you best illuminate your soul? Is it through writing, listening to music, meditation, nature walks, prayer, reading, watching a movie? Your intuition is always available to help you answer this question. Find some quiet time for yourself and tuck away an hour or more a day to replenish your reserve. Allow this project to become a beginning for a new routine for you. It will nurture the yin/ yang aspects of balance between giving and receiving.

Soul Life Path Number 7

The Message for you this month is “express yourself.”

Your power will be inspired through communication with other people. Even though you are not the most social tool in the shed, you may surprise yourself at how fluent you become when inspired through the collaboration of networking, especially when it is centered around a project you have been working on. You have much to gain by opening yourself up and expressing your ideas, knowledge, and wisdom.

The Universe wants you to trust the process and surrender any anxiety that may temporarily surface to detour you because your efforts will be catapulted into another dimension of productivity and order by releasing your hold on fictitious fears of what other people might think.

You have many gifts that the world will benefit from when you share your ingenious talents. This month, allow It to flow outward effortlessly.

Soul Life Path Number 8

The message for you this month is “build a foundation to supports your dreams.”

Creativity is one of your favorite pastimes and this month is a time to find a way to stabilize the foundation of everything that allows you the freedom to play with the angels. What is solid under your feet? Is it family, business, health, friends, or romantic relationships? There is always one important factor in everyone’s life that adds to the fluidity of success. Sometimes, we take this for granted and when we do, we always risk disappointment.

This month, dedicate some appreciation to the things in your life that allow you to move freely in the world. Do something to honor the moving parts that make your life predictably productive. If your foundation in life is a little shaky right now, do something that will strengthen it to add more assurance.

In the flow of making your dreams come into fruition. Once we feel confident in the sturdiness of the earth we stand on, it allows us the freedom to explore the heavenly realms.

Soul Life Path Number 9

The message for you this month is “Lead with your intuition”.

You are always busy supporting others on their path because you often walk in a straight line and this makes it easy for you to be a guiding light for others. This month is about leading with your intuition and

being prepared to enter spiritual doorways that open up for you as a result of the inner work you have been doing. This sometimes means leaving others behind especially those who are not ready to venture beside you. You must be strong and not let the pace of others hold you back. Trust that your intuition will guide you to be in the right place at the right time to make inventive leaps toward your spiritual evolution. The Universe will take care of everything left behind as you move to new heights.

Your life has always meant to bring you closer to the divine and at this time, you are ready to go further than you ever dreamt possible. Close your eyes, open your heart, and go toward the light. You will not be happy if you do not move forward.

This concludes the Soul Life Path messages for the month of May. Learn more about your life path and purpose by scheduling a personalized one on one reading with me off my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org.

Thank You for taking this journey with me, have a Blessed month, Namaste.

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