July 17, 2024
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Psychic Archetypes Farmer

Psychic Archetypes: The Farmer-Settler-Producer

A psychic archetype represents a core energy expression that we feel defines our psychological and spiritual journey, in this, previous, and future lifetimes.  While we may engage in various forms of life practice, like being a soldier or a doctor, we are one enduring archetype, which could be the Warrior or the Healer.

This article will explore the psychic archetype of the Farmer/Settler/Producer, which is linked with the astrological sign Taurus.

One Archetype, Many Guises

History is replete with warrior priests and soldier healers (medics).  Educators can be athletes and athletes can be educators.  We can wear many guises over the course of our lifetimes, but we most often operate from a single psychic archetype.

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Sometimes necessity and circumstance can force us into a guise that is far away from our spiritual purpose, or so it will seem.  If we look closely enough at our actions within any circumstance, we will be able to see the consistent psychic imprint of our representation.

I have a varied work history, which includes construction, website design/management, teaching (college English), and now spiritual advising.  Through each iteration of my work opportunities, I found myself in the same role repeatedly … as a spiritual and emotional advisor to the people around me.

The Farmer/Settler/Producer

Every society needs people who settle the land and produce through farming.  Many different qualities must blend effectively to represent a true farmer/settler/producer archetype.  In the tarot deck, there are two cards that best represent this energy:  the Empress and the Queen of Pentacles.  The sign of Taurus represents this archetype astrologically.

The Empress represents the feminine divine, organic life, and care of the land and animals.  The Queen of Pentacles seeks order with material life: finances, shelter, sustenance, and security.  Taurus rules the 2nd House of Possessions in the Zodiac and is ruled by Venus, which represents the body, sensual pleasure, and long-term health.  The physical home and the land are the most important concerns for this sign.

Each archetype travels through lifetimes to gather experience inside and outside its ideal representation to enjoy and understand the full range of human experience while learning lessons associated with completing his or her work.  We learn lessons through support and resistance.  A person learns the many facets of safety by being very secure in one lifetime and unstable and unsafe in another lifetime.

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The Ideal Society (Utopian Vision)

It really is not hard to imagine an ideal society in which each person discovers their psychic or spiritual archetype and is given a way to express that archetype through work and interactions with the other archetypes in the world.  Bringing such a world into existence would require a large-scale and comprehensive acceptance of balance between science and spirituality, between creativity and necessity, and between compassion and integrity.

Reality is an ebb and flow of balance, imbalance, and re-balancing, which is where all souls learn lessons that cannot be found in utopian visions or the spirit realm.  We choose to be here, and psychic or spiritual archetypes indicate that we choose a singular type of role so we can experience true mastership.

Do You Know a Farmer/Settler/Producer?

Each archetype has definable and distinguishable traits. The best farmers/settlers/producers prefer a stable and consistent life, putting down roots and establishing themselves in a location.  They demonstrate the ability to produce, be patient, and build the foundations that support society.  These are the “salt of the earth” and “pillars of the community” individuals.

Consistent and Persistent

Great among their strengths is the ability to be consistent and to persist.  They can get up at the same time every day, do repetitive tasks, and endure over long periods to produce results that can only come through consistency and persistence.  Farming, settling and producing require a long-range plan and consistent implementation of mundane tasks to achieve extraordinary results.  Consider state and county fairs where local farmers compete for the best and biggest of fruits, vegetables, and livestock; those events showcase the hard work this sign uses to produce amazing outcomes.

Creates and Upholds Traditions

This archetype values traditions that maintain the integrity and stability of the community.  They are naturally conservative and represent the aspect of humanity that wants and needs continuity in daily life.  “If it isn’t broken, it does not need fixing”.  They understand that traditions act as psychological pillars that keep societies connected with their history and provide recognition for enduring values and experiences.   These traditions also teach new generations proper etiquette and what is necessary for the good of the community.

Put Down Roots and Promote Security

Not only is this archetype concerned with producing for its own needs and the needs of others, it has the strongest urge to feel and make life secure, financially, and in terms of shelter.  If a family or individual can trace their roots back several generations, then they likely have a line of farmers/settlers/producers in their genealogy.  These people will embrace fortified walls, clear boundaries (physical and psychological), security systems, safes (for possessions), rich land, conservation and proper use of resources, and durable/high-quality goods.

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Many Styles, One Purpose

Farming/Settling/Producing has many styles and it is important for an individual to know his or her style and settle and/or produce from that style.  Circumstances may also dictate the style of production needed for success.  Farming in the tropics is vastly different from farming in cold climates.  What is important is the synchronicity of the producer’s design with an appropriate environment.  Regardless of the specific skill set, these individuals will want to entrench into their environment and be most happy when they can stay where they are and live a straightforward, simple life.   

One of the best fictional representations of comprehensive farming/settling/producing can be found in the history of the pioneers throughout the world who were forced to find new lands because there was not enough room or resources where they were.  As with any group, motivations differ.  Some pioneers keep looking for new vistas to explore.  But some among a group of pioneers are actually settlers, looking to settle down or settle in, so they can start producing and enjoy the fruits of their labors while also sharing the excess with others in their community.

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