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Life Path Number 1

Numerology Compatibility of Life Path Number 1

The science of numerology has existed since the Mesopotamian era; it is no secret anymore how one can determine the compatibility of partners through numerology compatibility. You must have wondered who you can be compatible with, is there a certain soulmate waiting for you to be united. These are some of the questions we have in mind.  Moreover, most of the mare answered by simple numerology.

If you are a life path number 1, how will you know it, well it’s a simple science anyways, it depends on your zodiac signs which determine your life path number. So, and so comes down to which other numbers you can have a good time with. Well, for starters a gal like you should go out with life path number 3,5 or 9.

To get a proper date or have a nice time with any life path number following are the reasons to do so

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1. Taking one on one

It is indeed a blessing to meet someone who is just like you or at least thinks like you. Uniqueness is always appreciated, but when one finds a spitting image of him/her, it just further motivates them to work on a relationship, but this can also be difficult. The problem lies in the self-centered nature of Life path number 1. The numerology compatibility surely works well for the same number, but it also has the tendency to fall apart. They are intellectually capable of sorting things out for sure.

2. How it works with 2

One’s are amazingly independent; they are also competitive and tends to lead in every situation. For a life path number 2 to get along one needs to be the follower and as obvious it is, it must be a 2. The numerology capability of a one and 2 is surprisingly glowing; they can complement each other and support each other in their own capacity. Though one takes charge mostly, a 2 also has his/her input to cope with the one’s competitive nature.

3. Hitting it with 3

It was mentioned in the start the best choices for life oath number one is firstly a 3. This is certainly the ideal relationship for one to pursue and not only it assures happiness but a never-ending love of both the partners.  This can be friendship, love relationship. The numerology compatibility guarantees a near perfect relation. 3’s is not only creative in nature, but they have a set of wonderful ideas to implement, and their attitude is always positive. They can construct a worthy relationship.

4. Life path 1 and life path 4

If laziness had a number 4, it would be. Generally, they are not lazy, they either procrastinate or think a lot. If they are to make a plan, they will sit for months and think about all the conditions and consequences. While it’s the opposite of life path number 1, who works with the speed of light. When the two of them comes together, it’s very hard to maintain a stable relationship because both work at a very different pace in their lives. The numerology compatibility shows a bumpy ride for you.

5. Thou art Pleasant with 5

5 is a very considerable choice for a 1. They both can move along at a better level in their relationships. Life path number 5 has a pleasant imagination and they like to do things, they are imaginative and are passionate too. They will also give space to life path number 1. This makes their relationship stable since both are comfortable in their zones. Although they might find it hard to give time to each other a lot. Apart from that, according to numerology compatibility, they rock their relationship if certain time issues are eliminated.

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6. A tough match with 6

Since it was established that life path number 1 are incredibly independent, a 6 is generally caring, and they like to help while 1 doesn’t need help. This makes a tense situation between the two. One doesn’t want to share while the other cares for sharing. This can lead to many difficult times for both. The numerology compatibility of life path number 1 and 6 doesn’t show positive increment.

7. Here comes 7

Life path number 1 and 7 together are the combination of a smart and a wise person. They can get along well. Both have the intellectual approach on how to build a relationship on trust and care given the way they are. Their interests might vary but both can be very supportive of each other belief’s and will try their best to be supportive and do what they are able to make their partner happy.

8. Life path number 8: A questionable Yet Worthy one

If it is looked upon, generally it is quite a good match from a business point of view. They can be very good partners in a company or even at firms. But it’s almost questionable when it comes to love. A 1 and an 8 have egos that stir up unwanted clashes in their relationship. They both tend to be competitive and independent. And if they cannot depend on each other or have the ability at least, then they are not going to be well together further in the future.

9. Life Path Number 9: A bliss

When it comes to relationships, you cannot find a more caring, generous and humane person than that of life path number 9. They might be the total opposite of life path number 1 but they, in fact, can get along surprisingly well. They are selfless and care genuinely, they open up and understand people feelings which makes them one of the few best choices for life path number.

In Conclusion

The trend of relationships with all the path numbers made it obvious that for a life path number 1, caring, competent, and a person who understands feelings is compatible with. If their freedom of choice is not challenged, they cooperate and can be better partners with life path number 3,5 and 9.

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