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Earth Signs

The Surface of the Earth Signs

Among the four elements, Earth is the most stable. Unlike Water, Fire or Air, this element represents a firm ground in our life.  It is an element of stability and support. The element of our roots. Where we come from and what made us what we are. Within the zodiac signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn form the trinity of the Earth Signs and share most of its traits.

In the case of these three signs, it is not unusual that the term “down to earth” fits perfectly with all of them. Earth Signs are not quite the kind that is constantly dreaming. On the contrary, they are fully set on reality and don’t do anything without a clear purpose.

Earth Signs Traits

Even though the influence of the Earth element with these signs can make them a bit stubborn, there are plenty of qualities that make these signs exceptional. Earth Signs have a vision on their mind, and their bigger goal is to build this vision. They don’t mind doing the dirty work, as long as it helps them achieve their purpose.

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Earth Signs are used to carrying the weight on their backs. They have no trouble in assuming any responsibilities or tasks.  For them, duty comes first. And they will do anything to secure their objectives. They calculate their steps very well and leave nothing to chance to avoid making stupid mistakes.

But not everything with Earth Sings is connected to responsibilities. Earth Signs do know how to enjoy life and indulge themselves. Weather is an expensive meal or the finest clothes or an all-inclusive trip, Earth Signs feel at ease surrounded by luxury.

One by one of the Earth Signs

As previously mentioned, the three signs that are marked by the Earth element are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

A bull represents Taurus, that is the animal that is known for carving their feet on the ground before a charge. This sign is influenced by Venus, which is linked to the Earth element by the constant search for finer things in life.

A maiden represents Virgo. The dominant planet for this sign is Mercury, which is strong in communication skills. Normally, Virgos are well known for their precision and their obsession for details. This helps them to be efficient and methodical.

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Finally, Capricorn is represented by a Mountain Goat. They are ruled by Saturn and they are famous for knowing how to make the right decisions. This is part of their success in life. They make their moves based on strategy and combine this with their ability to be persistent.

The relationship with other Elements

The nature of each element plays also a big role in terms of compatibility. Mixing Earth with Water is not the same as mixing Earth with Fire or Air. Each of the element has different traits that can help two signs to get closer or in the worst case, put distance between them.

Compatibility Earth and Water

In this case, the Earth element can guide Water to their final goal. Water Signs are strong on imagination, but sometimes they can drown on it, making them give their backs to reality. The lucidity of the Earth element can canalize this perception and help them to be more in contact with the real world.

From another perspective, Water can make Earth Sings a bit more flexible. Make them fewer prisoners of their rigid structures. This can help them contemplate other alternatives and not keeping pursuing the wrong path. Like someone with a stubborn nature would do.

Compatibility Earth and Fire

The flame of Fire can help and Earth Sign to be more adventurous and spontaneous. The fire has so much energy that Earth can recharge their energy levels with them, especially when they have to carry on with a task that is consuming all their time.

The other way around, Fire can profit a lot from Erath. The structure-oriented mind of Earth can guide fire to bring all their good ideas to fruition.

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Compatibility Earth and Air

Earths’ interaction with Air is like fresh breath. An exhilarating experience. Even if it is only for a small moment, Earth can feel like levitating with Air. However, if we look at this relationship with another perspective, you can see that Air doesn’t offer anything tangible for Earth, apart from a big smokescreen.

For Air, on the other hand, a little bit of gravity and not just floating around can be handy. Being down to Earth can give Air the right balance to make all his dreams come true. Even if the nature of Air is in the clouds, Air will appreciate the counterweight that Earth offers him.

Compatibility Earth and Earth

Having someone on your side that share the same vision as you and that is ready to go until the bitter end to make things happen is a blessing for an Earth Sign. A synergy like this can be unstoppable. Earth an Earth can build long-lasting empires, and their results will be as amazing as the process they overcome to get there.

The only thing that Earth and Earth have to be careful of is getting trapped in working for the future and completely forget about the small things that the day-to-day offers. In the long run, this can create a small crack that could get bigger with time. That is why it is essential to plan some time to disconnect from all the obligations.

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