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Life Path Number 6

Numerology Compatibility of Life Path Number 6

Life path number 6 are nature nurtures. They have an innate quality, which is why they are compassionate towards other people. They define the qualities of a leader and caretaker since they are its living examples. Being responsible is their main qualities, they take full responsibility and gives their utmost focus and dedication to the duty or cause which they are responsible for. The most compatible relations of life path number 6 are with 2 and 3 mostly.

Life Path Number 6 Strengths

It was clearly mentioned how a life path 6 nurturing nature makes them care towards others. Besides, they are also wise and supportive.

Life Path Number 6 Weaknesses

Their caring nature also makes them inquire a lot about people and this questioning might irritate other people, also meddling in other people businesses is what they might be doing mostly.

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To get a proper date or have a nice time with any life path number following are the reasons to do so.

1. Life path 6 and 1

To restrain someone in a relationship can sometimes be cumbersome, especially when it comes to one who is very competitive and usually doesn’t demonstrate their feelings. A life path 6 would usually inquire, and this might emotionally restrain a 1, and hence you might hut some bumpers in your relationship. The numerology 6 with 1 is quite better than many others, and they surely can find an ideal partner in themselves if they understand each other feelings and inquire when it’s required.

2. Is Life path number 6 and 2 a match made in heaven?

Again, it comes down to understanding each other feelings, since a life path 6 is easily stressed and possess a superiority complex while a life path 2 is friendly in nature and tends to care about others. Sometimes a life path 6will keep its feelings inside them just for the sake of harmony in relationship while a life path 2 might be doing the same, when things get out of hand both can have an emotional outburst, this can cause a crisis, but it also can strengthen their bonds to a level they are inseparable.

3. A Strong Attraction with 3

A life path 6 and 3 attract each other a lot, they have the ideal romantic relationship of most life paths. Number 6 is creative and always comes up with ways to entertain while life path 3 is very open and they have their charms which always catches the 6’s eye. The problem that arises in their relationship is that if their emotional needs aren’t fulfilled life path 3 would tend to flirt with others. If they are both honest and try all things through this relationship will rock.

4. A deeper affection with 4

This union is guaranteed to last longer because not only they tend to be loyal to each other, but the relationship is based on mutual happiness where both show equal devotion. They will try to be romantic but mostly on special occasions such as dinner dates, anniversaries, etc. they have a deep love for each other, but one might find no deep passion in them. It surely will be a stable relationship and both the partners will experience a sense of security and comfort.

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5. 5 is surely unpredictable

Life path 6 creativity and valor always makes him/her stand out among people. They are artistic and surely touch people’s hearts. That is why life path 5 are attracted to this quality. Life path 6 can be controlling at times which might be a nuisance for 5 since 5 are sensual, and they can be sensitive in these matters. Their kindness is sometimes exploited, and such a thing will cause hindrance in their relationship with a life path 6.

6. And there go 2 Sixes

Well then, who doesn’t like to get along with a person just like them? They will be attracted towards each other because of the mutual appreciation for each other qualities. But sometimes it is also cumbersome to deal with one own self.

For example, both life path 6 will be controlling and stubborn in implementing their ideas in a relationship. This will cause a series of fights between them at times. Then again, it’s very easy for two 6 to understand each other and maintain a stable relationship.

7. A union between 6 and 7

A union between 6 and 7 is very rare since they have an array of varying personality totally opposite of each other, not only they don’t notice each other but they aren’t likely to be friends in most cases. It’s not necessarily that a relationship is not possible, but they don’t usually go into one. Besides, when they do, they can be very sensual and romantic in nature. Number 6 tends to flatter while 7 focuses on romance more.  Life path 7 are very open about their feelings while life path 6 are good listeners as well. This develops a certain trust in their relationships and makes it a healthy one.

8. The careful 8

In the initial start of the relationship between 6 and 8, they tend to be very shy of each other, and usually lacks the art of conversing from both sides. There is always some disparity amount the partners, and they might come to the conclusion that one of them is not interested. The priorities of these life paths might be different, and it will take some effort to understand their life.

9. Life path 6 & 9 Compatibility

To live up to someone’s expectations is a very rare commodity and this is what 6 and 9 are all about. They are very compatible with each other. They reciprocate each other feeling as they are intended to. They are supportive of each other and care about each other lives. They focus on enjoying their lives.

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In Conclusion

Life path 6 are supportive and caring, they are selfless in nature and try to do the best that can be done for anyone. This sometimes becomes controlling, and certain life paths cannot deal with it while those who need a deeply sensual and romantic relationship. Life path 6 is a better choice.

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