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Virgo Zodiac Color

Virgo Zodiac Color

“Brown is the color of hearth and home — of dried herbs and stone-ground bread and freshly baked cookies. It represents all of the nurturing, life-sustaining, down-to-earth qualities of terra firma, the very shade of earth itself. Just as in the sturdy oak, brown represents roots, a steady, stable source of security, comfort, and normalcy. It is the color of fertile soil and plowed earth, buckskin and rawhide, weathered redwood, bison and mustang, frontier land — rugged and outdoorsy. It is pine cone and bracken, chipmunk and acorn, beaver and doe. Brown is considered a classic shade of solid substance.” ~ Leatrice Eiseman, “Brown: Earthy and Real,” Colors For Your Every Mood.

Focus on Virgo

Virgo’s are true Earth signs and the majority of them will have a green thumb and an ability to grow almost any plant, fruit or vegetable, due to them having an instinctive connection with mother nature. They know how to work with soil, and they have a deep-rooted connection with the Earth. Brown is a good color to display how in tune they are with the earth, as it keeps them grounded and aids in their practicality. Virgos aren’t very spontaneous and energetic and are quiet observers. Bright, attention-grabbing colors are not ideal for them.

The Earth element is symbolized by rocks, soil, and plants. Virgo’s have a natural attraction to nature and gardening and displaying their earthiness through their clothing can be very beneficial and bring much-needed grounding energy to them. Virgo’s are the hard workers of the zodiac, and they are the people who lay the foundations of the soil for the seeds of life to grow in. They are very nurturing and can provide well for others, as the symbol of Virgo is the Virgin providing wheat.

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Brown is a color associated with Earth, and it brings a sense of security, solidness, and grounding. Virgo is a sign that spends a lot of time in introspection and isolation, and black and brown are good colors to symbolize a need for space, isolation, as well as possessing inner strength and resilience. It is a very solid color and it also is good to represent the solid and clear focus the Virgos possess. They have a scientific and practical mind and colors that aid focus and dependability are the best suited for them.

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, however, Virgo is ruled by the dark side of Mercury whereas Gemini is said to be ruled by the light side of Mercury. The dark side is considered the earthy, rocky part of Mercury, and the light side is said to be represented by the atoms blasting off the surface by solar radiation, causing different lightning-like effects. Virgo, like Gemini, possesses a mind where they can quickly take in information and process it, however, they have the practical earth element where they can take the information and turn it into something physical and useful.

The Virgo wardrobe

Virgos are practical and routine based individuals. They like to think all their actions through ahead of time and prefer not to rush into anything irrationally. Wearing overly bright color combinations are best avoided as it will remove the serious, mature image they portray.  Virgos are very sophisticated and have a sense of class. Brown is a good color to have as a base color in their wardrobe as it aids in exerting an aura of serenity, being down to earth as well as sophistication and practicality. When a Virgo wears brown, they get taken seriously just as they should! Virgos possess the archetype of the gardener so earthy colors are meant for them!

Virgo Females – Virgo women are natural and down to earth. Virgo women tend to look their best when they are natural, and rarely need to wear a lot of makeup or accessories to make them appear interesting. A Virgo will have a beautiful natural look and will be able to get away with wearing plain blacks or browns quite easily. Their skin and hair are usually very healthy, and they rarely need to wear accessories to distract you from any imperfections! Brown eyeshadows and lipsticks usually suit them very well.

Virgo Males – Virgo men are practical and don’t like to fuss with their appearances too much. They like to appear neat and well-presented but most of them don’t put too much thought into their clothing and style choices and choose to just wear what is comfortable and practical. Browns and blacks are good for Virgo men who are in hands-on jobs as their clothing won’t appear dirty too quickly, and most Virgo men will most likely have quite a few brown and black jackets and shirts as it is an easy practical color to wear that doesn’t attract too much attention to them (something a Virgo really dislikes!)

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The Virgo home

In Feng Shui Brown represents wood. Brown is extremely grounding, and it is a good color to aid growth. Although Brown has a focusing effect, it should still be used in combination with different shades of brown and other colors in a home space as too much brown can result in a lack of ambition and inspiration. It is advised for Virgo to mainly stick to colors of the earth, such as green and brown. The ideal Virgo home would look like a treehouse, with wooden floors, wooden walls, wooden tables chairs, all the woodworks! It should be decorated with green curtains, pillows, and additions to give the best natural feel to their home environment. Virgos also tend to lean toward more natural, handmade items and decor. They prefer their purchases to be fair trade and to be beneficial to the future of the earth, as well as sustainable. You might find many recycled items or handmade items made from earthly materials in a Virgo’s home!

The Virgo workspace

Mainly wooden themed furniture with white walls will be ideal for a Virgo workspace. Wood takes years to form, and it is said that surrounding oneself with a lot of wood helps cultivate inner patience. Therefore, a lot of us will find ourselves feeling more at peace when we are in natural environments such as forests. White is a good color to add to a Virgo’s workspace at it helps to bring a fresh, clear perspective. Along with the brown, it will keep them feeling clear-minded yet focused. Green additions and decor will also be favored as Virgo’s love to create, and green symbolizes creation and can bring inspiration to them in a workspace. Virgo’s love to label things, and make lists, so you might see a Virgo’s workspace filled with labeled items and files and dozens of to-do lists pinned up or stuck all around their desk on sticky notes!

The Virgo car

A Virgo will prefer to choose something practical over something flashy. They prefer to drive a vehicle that they know will get the job done, be economic, and last as long as they need it to. Virgos don’t usually splurge on lavish, extravagant items unless it will be of good use, and that includes vehicles. Virgo’s prefer to drive white cars, as they require the least maintenance in terms of appearance. Black cars are also preferred by Virgo as they like to give a classy feel wherever they go, however, the visible chips and cracks in the black paint might send Virgo into a frenzy. Brown vehicles are also a good choice if the Virgo is an outdoorsy kind, and if they find themselves driving in muddy areas.

Colors to avoid

Virgos have an ability to take in a lot of information. Their brains are constantly working in overdrive and they observe and take in everything around them. It is important for Virgo’s environment not to be overstimulating, as they have this constant need to consider everything that is around them. If there are too many bright colors or crazy color schemes around them, it can cause them to become anxious and overwhelmed. The only way that they can properly process the tons of information they are bombarded with on a daily basis is by remaining focused. Through mainly surrounding themselves with colors that aid in their focus, they can avoid becoming overwhelmed.

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