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Moon Sign

Moon Signs

We can spend our whole lives studying the intricacies of the skies. While being one of the most mysterious, mystical, and fascinating forms of science, there’s more to astrology than sun signs and stars ruling our ‘conscious self’ and outer nature.

The business of the moon signs is a lot deeper and governs us on a more basic, primal level. While the effect of the sun is apparent on an external level, the moon sign’s impact on us is beyond that.

On a deeper, internal level, dealing with our instinctual default nature, our intimate subconscious that even we might not be aware of, relating to our deepest fears, feelings, desires, vulnerabilities, and our unique individual personality traits, moon signs are what makes us what we are.

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Moon Signs

The moon affects our most primal, basic emotional selves, and our needs when it comes to making decisions regarding love, security, family, and everything that makes us tick from an internal, foundational level.

The date and exact time of our birth, and the placement of the moon at the time can determine how our inner selves develop throughout our lives.

And the profound, powerful force that governs our individual internal development and choices plays a huge part in determining our habitual nature as well as our compatibility with others. See more about moon astrology.


Aries moon sign people are bold, strong, and determined. They neither follow nor lead. Instead, they create their own unique path in their desire to be the ‘one and only’, and would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

They hate being slowed down, are independent, enthusiastic, and love challenges. Prone to throwing a tantrum if they don’t get what they want, even if it’s just attention. Can be demanding, love excitement and new experiences.

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Healers, empaths, and loyal friends are fascinated by art, nature, and music. Sensual and physical connections are important but most important is the need for stability and routine in order to feel relaxed. Cannot function during change or unpredictability.

Extremely stubborn, but with a dreamy imagination, they might need material comforts, physical affection, and reassurance in order to open up and trust. Deeply sentimental and emotional.


The exact opposite of the Taurus moon sign, they crave constant change, excitement, and challenges. Mental stimulation and good conversation is a necessity, as is the consistent need for new adventures. Get bored easily, but are deeply intellectual and funny. Find commitment difficult.


Nurturers and lovers, find comfort in friends, family, and their home above anything else. They are healers, warm, domestic and extremely loyal, caring, and sensitive, but might need a lot of reassurances and are obsessed with emotional security and fear vulnerability.


People with their moon in Leo are natural-born leaders, and their need for followers and admiration is their most defining feature. They seek to be acknowledged and can be a bit vain, but genuinely express their love for others. They like to win, look attractive, and are their most charming self in order to please others. They’re open books; emotionally vocal and make very loyal friends.


Smart and ambitious. Like to be organized and systematic with their tasks, their need to help others and empathize can often drain them. They also second-guess themselves a lot owing to their single-minded determination to prove themselves, and these people can feel anxious in monotonous situations or routines.

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Peacemakers and balance seekers, people belonging to the Libra moon sign crave friendship, companionship, harmony, and love, and will do just about anything to avoid an argument or uncomfortable confrontation. Their obsession with trying to find the perfect balance often leaves them feeling unsatisfied or depressed.


The intense ones with their moon sign in Scorpio are deeply intellectual, passionate, and loyal individuals, but they rarely trust others and have a deep fear of vulnerability or emotional exposure.

They have powerful minds and operate on logic, rather than emotion, which can often lead them to manipulate others or develop dark coping mechanism as self-preservation. They crave privacy and strong sexual chemistry in their romantic life.


Free birds and wanderers by nature, people with their moon in Sagittarius crave a connection with nature and love to travel. They can be hard to pin down and impossible to control, while for them it may be equally difficult to commit or settle down.

They crave the open air and the spiritual and would do anything for an adventure or a challenge, without which they get bored too easily.


The need for self-sufficiency and leaving their ‘mark on the world’ is what makes people with this moon sign unique. Their ambition and drive to prove themselves make them strong, resourceful, and responsible individuals, but fear of vulnerability and failure can often make them a little insensitive or emotionally distant.


People born with their moon in Aquarius struggle with commitments and friendships because they often consider themselves different from the common crowd. They crave the unusual and are rule-breakers by nature.

They like to step outside convention and do something extraordinary, but the fight for freedom or individuality can leave them unable to find their place and they could end up feeling detached or disconnected.


The deeply emotional, artistic people of the Pisces moon sign tend to get lost in their ethereal, mystical imagination and often lose track of reality in their daydreaming.

Extremely empathetic, but often confused about the intensity of their own emotions, they can be difficult to figure out, because they themselves can’t be sure about how they feel.

They’re extremely imaginative, sensual, and often spiritual, apart from being the most creative and powerful healers.


Your moon sign can be calculated easily using the time, place, and date of birth, and unique to each individual, as the moon changes position, so do you. You’re more connected to it than you think.

Your deepest needs, desires, fears, and emotional state of mind, even our deepest hidden soul urges, all depend on the transition of the moon across the sky.

If you can track that, you might be able to pinpoint why you’re suddenly feeling different, or why you’re depressed today when you were happy yesterday, and so on.

Differences and similarities in nature (sometimes even with those sharing the same star sign) all depend on the moon. You can even match your moon sign with someone you seem to really ‘connect with’, and figure out why that is. Interesting, isn’t it?

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