June 12, 2024
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Netflix’s Hidden Gems: Our Spiritual Selection for Spring 2024

In a world where the quest for meaning and spiritual depth is becoming increasingly important in our lives, the small screen becomes a mirror of our most intimate questions. Netflix, with its diverse range of series, offers a fascinating journey. A journey through universes where esotericism and spirituality weave the fabric of captivating narratives. From mystical adventure to the quest for identity, each series becomes an open door to worlds where the visible and invisible meet. Let’s explore some of these series that plunge us into the heart of esotericism and spirituality.


Cursed (2020)

Cursed revisits the Arthurian legend by highlighting the character of Nimue, the future Lady of the Lake. So, throughout her journey, the series addresses themes of destiny, magic, and the fight against dark forces. Nimue’s spiritual quest, between accepting her heritage and fighting for a better world, echoes the initiatory journeys marked by self-discovery and overcoming. During her journey, Nimue will become a symbol of courage and rebellion against enemies.

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The Midnight Gospel (2020)

Rooted in adult animation, The Midnight Gospel is much more than a series. Indeed, it’s a deep exploration of spirituality, the meaning of life, and death. Each episode invites us to follow Clancy Gilroy. This man is a universe simulator who travels through surreal worlds, engaging in philosophical and spiritual conversations with the beings he meets. This series, through its rich and often complex dialogues, addresses themes such as meditation, drugs, death, and reincarnation, thus offering a unique reflection on our own existence. These interviews are based on real interviews, with the original sound of Trussell’s podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.


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Equinox (2020)

Equinox is a Danish miniseries that plunges us into an investigation related to the mysterious disappearance of a class of students in 1999. So, the series explores themes of destiny, past lives, and the influence of esoteric beliefs on our reality. Through the eyes of the heroine, Astrid, we are confronted with disturbing truths that question our perception of the world. As she begins to explore events long ago, she discovers a dark and disturbing truth that involves her in situations she never imagined…




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Fate: The Winx Saga (2021)

At first glance, Fate: The Winx Saga may seem a bit traditional. A fantasy series centered on a group of young fairies learning to master their magical powers! However, upon closer inspection, we discover a deep exploration of personal growth, friendship, and the inner struggle between light and darkness. The characters’ quest to understand their own power and their place in the universe resonates with themes of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.



Devil in Ohio (2022)

Devil in Ohio is an American miniseries that leads us into a psychological thriller where esotericism meets suspense. The series follows the story of a psychiatrist who takes in a young girl. Mae has a wound on her back, in the shape of an inverted pentagram. This form suggests that she escaped from a cult and that her life is in danger. What starts as a rescue attempt turns into a dangerous quest for truth, plunging the characters into the dark world of cults and their esoteric beliefs. The series questions faith, manipulation, and the limits of spirituality.



The Sandman (2022)

Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s famous comic book, The Sandman is a work rich in symbolism and mythology. It deals with the adventures of Morpheus, the King of Dreams, one of the seven Endless. Thus, this series takes us through different dimensions of existence, where dreams and reality intertwine. The Sandman explores themes such as destiny, death, love, and the power of storytelling, inviting us to reflect on the nature of our own reality.



Wednesday (2022)

The series Wednesday is a spin-off centered on the character of Wednesday Addams from the famous Addams Family. She is sent by her parents to Nevermore Academy after being expelled from a high school once again. Nevermore is an establishment for special children with special powers. Wednesday must then come to terms with this new life, while investigating a series of murders terrorizing the town Jericho and trying to master the visions she has had for a few months.




The Devil on Trial (2023)

In The Devil on Trial, the documentary tackles a subject as fascinating as it is controversial: the trials of the devil throughout history. This documentary series makes us reflect on how esoteric and religious beliefs have shaped human societies. By exploring historical cases where the devil himself was judged, it highlights the fears, superstitions, and quests for meaning that span the ages. The Devil on Trial questions the nature of evil, justice, and the place of esotericism in the judiciary.



Escaping Twin Flames (2023)

This Netflix documentary leads us into the dark meanderings of a cult centered around the concept of twin flames. However, the spiritual quest for a soul mate turns into deep psychological manipulation. By exposing brainwashing tactics and the destructive impact on individuals and their families, Escaping Twin Flames offers a chilling warning. Indeed, the quest for spiritual connection and love can be perverted.




Through these series, Netflix offers a rich and diverse panorama of esotericism and spirituality. This allow everyone to embark on deep reflections on the nature of existence, the quest for meaning, and the mysteries of the universe. Whether it involves initiatory journeys, encounters with the beyond, quests for identity, or battles against dark forces, each series becomes a mirror of our own spiritual questions. By exploring these universal themes, Netflix invites us to open our minds, question our reality. And perhaps glimpse the light through the darkness! Thus, from the comfort of our living room, we can travel through ages and cultures. And we can explore the infinite richness of the human spirit and the many facets of spirituality.

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