July 17, 2024
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Opening the Doors of Perception

Opening the Doors of Perception

The physical world is the most dense layer of energy, while the spiritual level is infinitely fine. The dense layers are more obvious and tangible, while each subtle layer is progressively harder to distinguish. The perception of non-physical layers of reality requires a more expanded state of consciousness and heightened perception. As your consciousness expands, that which is at first dim, blurry and vague becomes more sharply defined. Practice widening your perception and soon you will be living more and more fully in a world of energy, and less in a world of finite, solid objects.

Open Your Inner Eyes

The systems of this world— including education, media, religion, healthcare— are designed to pull your focus into the body and the material world. Society holds your attention on the content of the five senses, perpetuating the notion that the content of the five senses is the true reality.

The constant blaring screens of TVs, computers, phones, and the blasting noises of the modern world emphasize that which you can see and hear, distracting you from cultivating the far more impressive faculties of your higher consciousness.

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Can you imagine a civilization which prioritized and encouraged the cultivation of the faculties of intuition, or skill in sensing, interpreting and influencing the vibrational activity of the etheric planes?

With narrowed perception, we register only the physical plane reality, within which your power of influence is confined to the laws of causation and physics. It is upon this plane that we develop ideas like “might makes right” and “no pain, no gain”. Western civilization is built on the idea that only those who work hard, struggle and sacrifice can succeed, and that resources are limited. But these ideas are predicated on a notion of reality (and human beings) as purely physical.

You are not, however, just a purely physical clump of flesh and bones and brain. You are light. You are having a brief experience in a physical body, but you are having an eternal journey as energy.

When we change our self-conception, what we call the “world” changes, too.

The Great Magical Agent

Matter is not a reality; matter is indeed not a thing. Even among scientists, matter has melted into mystery. “Matter” is just a word for a mental abstraction which we make from our sense experiences, caused by a mysterious something which we now call electricity or electromagnetism. “Electricity” is only a label, however, and in other lands and days the same hidden force was given other names.

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Medieval occultists referred to the Great Magical Agent, which is identical with the light of the stars, that is, with the radiant energy of distant suns. This one force is diffused throughout the infinite and through it all forms have their being. This energy is substance and motion at the same time— a fluid and perpetual vibration.

The yogis called this force prana, meaning “divine breath” and defined it as the life principle of the Universe and all its creatures. Prana manifests as motion, as gravitation, as magnetism. Everything that is energy or force comes out of prana, whether manifesting as the actions of the body, or as the nerve currents, or as the force of thought. The sum total of all force in the Universe—mental or physical— is called prana. In this ocean of Prana the various heavenly bodies move with suns at different centers.

Anyone who can master this force and knows how to direct it has at his disposal a means of transforming the world— even the entire Universe. By the direction of this agent we can heal or hurt at a distance, communicate instantaneously from one end of the earth the other, change the order of the seasons, and form the shape of reality according to our will. To know how to direct the currents of the Great Magical Agent is to be master of fate.

How does one, then, direct this energy? You are, in fact, moving this energy around with your thoughts all the time. As the occult philosopher Eliphas Levi wrote, “The will of intelligent beings acts directly upon this light and by means thereof upon all nature, which is made subject to the modifications of intelligence.”

Being the instrument of life, this energy collects at living centers. We are in fact saturated with this light and continually project it to make room for more; by this projection the personal atmosphere is created. The patterns that you activate in your heart and mind are projected outward and create not only a psychic atmosphere, but a physical reality which reflects the engendering patterns. As you are, so is the world around you. In this way each of us lives in a world of our own creation, built in accordance with our own imagined mental pattern. As we believe, so shall it be.

Most of us do this haphazardly, reacting impulsively instead of responding deliberately to the stimulus of the world around us. Thus our direction of this energy is accidental and random. Yet this creative force is a blind force only as long as we are blind. Change the pattern that predominates in your psyche, and you change the world.

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Shifts in Perspective

Release your attachment to the definition of the world as physical. Practice opening the doors of perception, and view the world around you as energetic. If your life is a projection of your own beliefs, then what effect would this definition of reality have upon your experience?

If you conceive of yourself not as a separate, limited, physical being, but as energy connected in a sea of energy with everything else in creation, you begin to see your domain of influence is considerably more vast. A physical being cannot burst through a physical block without great force; but an energy can move effortlessly through the surrounding sea of energy.

As what we thought was fixed turns out to be mutable, we become more available to receiving help. The confining prison walls of what we thought was “possible” crumble away, and many hidden layers of the Universe open up and offer themselves as resources.

Why not let your internal patterning be one of ease? Why not try on a pattern of magic? Why not reclaim the power that is yours— the energy of which you are made? Why not project the force of your eternal and unlimited spirit?

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