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12 Scorpio Celebrities Who are a Mystery

12 Scorpio Celebrities Who are a Mystery

Scorpio is the cool, calm, collected water sign of the zodiac. People who have this sign in their big three tend to be mysterious and artistic, which is why so many mega-celebrities have a Scorpio sun, moon or rising. Check out this list of celebrities to see Scorpio magic in action!

Scorpio Celebrities: Suns

Georgia O’Keeffe

Known primarily for her work which dances with the themes of birth and death through mundane realism, Georgia O’Keeffe is best known for painting flowers and bones. Her flower paintings are subtly erotic in nature, often resembling female genitalia, which is unsurprising seeing as Scorpio rules over the sex organs in medical astrology. O’Keeffe also happens to be a triple Scorpio, meaning that her sun, moon and rising are all in this water sign!

Winona Ryder

Scorpios have long held the title as the creepiest zodiac sign, not only because Scorpio season starts right before Halloween but because they tend to relish in the darker and more mysterious aspects of human nature. This is apparent in Scorpio sun Winona Ryder who has a habit of taking on roles like Lydia Deets in Beetlejuice or Joyce Byers in Stranger Things. Spooky and scary stories come naturally to her because of her Scorpio sun!

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Scorpios have a way of rejecting societal norms and standing on the outskirts of society, and though Lorde has certainly been welcomed into popular music there is no denying that she stands apart from the classic pop princess. From lyrics like, “I’m kinda sick of being told to put my hands up in the air,” to her very unique unchoreographed and offbeat dance moves, Lorde shows us that Scorpios are fixed signs (meaning that they fall in the middle of a season, Autumn for Scorpio) and you’ll be hard pressed to make them fit the mold.


There is a reason RuPaul Charles is the most famous drag queen in the world and has been for decades, Scorpios are not just spooky they’re also incredibly intelligent and admirably hard workers. For years RuPaul has been cultivating a meticulous image as well as a language full of catch phrases, which anyone who watches his show RuPaul’s Drag Race can utter off at any instance, showing the keen knack for branding that many Scorpios have.

Scorpio Celebrities: Moons

Lady Gaga

A Scorpio moon is the most difficult placement for a moon sign since it breeds dark and difficult emotions, however, this emotional turmoil often belongs to the most brilliant artists of society. Lady Gaga has always proven herself to be more than just a pop star, while her song lyrics may be about paparazzi and talking on the phone, her performances and music videos play with themes of the macabre and esoteric.


There is something to be said about the curious and surprising mind of a Scorpio moon, and there is no better representation of the absurdity of this moon sign than Icelandic musician Bjork. She has never been afraid to let her freak flag fly (like fellow Scorpio moon Lady Gaga) but nothing rocked the world quite as much as when she showed up to the 2001 Academy Awards in a dress that resembled a Swan wrapping around her body.

Alan Rickman

Scorpio moons are known for being less than forthcoming with their emotions, despite having intense ones bubbling up under the surface at all times. It’s obvious to see that Alan Rickman has a Scorpio moon seeing as the characters he played could always say so much with the simple raising of an eyebrow or the twitch of a lip. The subtlety of his own Scorpio moon made him a pleasure to watch and an actor that will never be forgotten.

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Bruce Lee

The many accolades that Bruce Lee accrued in his short 32 years of life are impressive and certainly a mark of his determined Scorpio moon, but something that makes his story more unique than the others on this list is the air of mystery which surrounds his death as well as the death of his son Brandon. Many believe that the Lee family is cursed since both father and son were taken far before their time. In the 1993 fictional movie Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story a fictional demon follows Bruce around but at the end of the movie the demon changes his focus to Brandon, however, two months before the movie was released Brandon tragically died on set for another film.

Scorpio Celebrities: Risings

Edgar Allan Poe

It seems a bit too on the nose to find out that Edgar Allan Poe is a Scorpio rising, but then again astrology does tend to be on the nose more often than not! Poe is among the most famous 19th century writers, known primarily for his creepy prose and short stories, the most famous among them being The Raven. When people think of spooky writers they think of Edgar Allan Poe, and when they think of Spooky zodiac signs they think of Scorpio!

Charlie Chaplin

Scorpio risings can be quite polarizing people, either you love them or you hate them, and even though Charlie Chaplin is a beloved household name now, his was once more controversial. After a 1940 satirical film The Great Dictator, based on Adolf Hitler, accusations of him being a communist sympathizer, as well as rumors of multiple marriages to much younger women, led him to flee the country to live out the next three decades of his life in Switzerland. At the end of his life he did get to see a reclamation and be awarded for his film achievements despite the past.

Katy Perry

You might assume that all Scorpio risings prefer a more goth aesthetic but you’d be wrong! Astrology (like humans in general) is far more vast and varied, so while Scorpio risings do tend to be dark, moody and intense, they come in all shapes and sizes. Katy Perry is actually a Scorpio sun, moon and rising and she has the beautiful dark hair and the large penetrating eyes to prove it! Though she may have a more bubblegum pop music style, behind the bouncy beats is a lot of heart and soul and lyrics inspired by personal life experiences.

Ozzy Osbourne

The king of heavy metal himself–infamous for once biting the head off a bat on stage–couldn’t be more of a Scorpio rising if he tried! In fact, many people felt let down that the so-called Prince of Darkness became a reality TV star with his family on their show The Osbournes in the early 2000s, but nothing says “Scorpio rising” more than staying relevant and in the limelight. Why? Most Scorpio risings have their career point (the midheaven) in Leo, the sign of fame and attention, so really Ozzy was staying true to the brand!

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