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Powers of Crystals and Gemstones

The Powers of Crystals and Gemstones

Gemstones and crystals are the most ancient forms of life that appeared in the universe and on our planet. They belong to one of the three kingdoms living on our planet: the mineral kingdom. Gemstones and crystals are full of vibrations that can share their properties with us through waves that have been positively identified by science. Welcome to the world of gemstones and crystals and their amazing properties. You can use them in many different contexts: spiritual elevation, health, peace of mind, protection of your home, removal of negative waves, attraction of luck…

Crystals and gemstones: vibrating and positive elements

From a spiritual point of view, beyond their material appearance, all the elements of the three kingdoms science has recognized (the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdom, the latter of which Humankind belongs to) is made of invisible vibrations. They have been scientifically measured in a number of ways, and through their wavelength, these invisible vibrations can be qualified and measured. Since all the living elements found on earth are interdependent, their vibrations can combine, work in opposition, or share their positive properties.

Choose your crystals, gemstones, and jewelry well

Accordingly, vibrations radiated by minerals – including crystals and precious gemstones – can have a positive or negative influence on your environment, but also on your body and mind.

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This is why It is so important to carefully select those around you or those you want to wear, even in a purely aesthetic design like jewelry or precious gemstones.

The first essential reason to get interested in gemstones is that no matter where you live on planet Earth, it constantly generates more or less harmful radiations depending on the nature of the soil you live on.

As such, even if granite is a stone that is pleasing to the eyes and that is used to build houses in many areas, this stone is known to be radioactive.

Do not worry if you live or spend a holiday in a region where granite is predominant, because this is a very weak kind of radioactivity that will not negatively impact your health!

Likewise, several crystals like quartz generate radiations that, conversely, are reportedly beneficial to your body and mind.

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Preventing health and vitality issues through Crystals and Gemstones

Several gemstones are known to prevent health problems. Other can be used as a supplement or alternative to other natural treatments dealing with health problems or lack of vitality.

There are numerous techniques for prevention and cure and we will talk about them through the various articles we will regularly post about the numerous and wonderful properties of precious stones, crystals, and jewelry that can be used in any aspect of life.

Indeed, you might have never taken an interest in the therapeutic properties or in the protection of your environment or home so far. And yet, you must have been in contact with minerals already. You might even be wearing some right now, or you will in the future.

As such, it would be interesting for you to know about the spiritual, psychic, and physical properties of the gemstones, jewels, and crystals so that you might know the positive or harmful influence they might have upon you.

Regarding the importance of knowing about the mineral properties of crystals and gemstones

Indeed, even if you do not own precious stones or crystals, many people around you do or even wear some!

I will even stress that living on a planet made of stones that constantly radiate vibrations that are invisible to the naked eye ensures that you receive their influence upon your body and mind.

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This is why I would advise you to learn about the mineral, physical, and psychic properties of the most common gemstones.

This knowledge will allow you to either counter the negative properties that some of them might possess, or to fully benefit from the positive properties of some others (most of them, really) in order to improve your existence in any aspect of your life you wish to focus on.

Yes, it is essential to carefully select your precious gemstones, jewels, or crystals, even if you only use them for home decoration or to enhance your look on a daily basis or for important milestones in your life. Making deliberate and wise choices to that effect will let you constantly benefit from their positive influence.

Precious Stones and crystals influence your Being as a whole

Crystals, precious stones, and jewelry can protect your entire being overall: your body, your mind, and your soul, helping you with your spiritual or personal development, controlling your negative emotions, detecting and fully using your personal abilities.

So if you are prone to yield to your negative emotions or are having a hard time preventing them altogether or keeping them in check, gemstones and crystals can be a great help for you.

Wrath, jealousy, envy, dark thoughts, misery, nostalgia, regrets… Gemstones and crystals are able to relieve or annihilate most negative emotions.

Likewise, if you are having a hard time discovering or harnessing your potential and personal skills, regardless of their nature – romantic, personal, familial, professional, social, or anything else – minerals can be a very useful boon.

For instance, obsidian influences negative energies, pain in the joints, and can provide clarity of mind.

Many kinds of agates, depending on their color, will allow you to restore your energy, attract money, or facilitate your feelings of well-being…

Lapis lazuli can boost creativity, facilitate communication, develop intuition, and enhance your perceptions.

These are but a few examples of the astonishing properties of minerals, selected among the many kinds of crystals and gemstones that you will discover if you regularly check our articles!

Gemstones and Crystals: an accessible and durable way to take care of yourself!

Additionally, contrary to what the words “jewelry” or “precious gemstones” might imply, some of these minerals are quite affordable, even when they are cut and set on various items (rings, necklaces, bracelets…).

This is how you will quite easily acquire minerals with remarkable and powerful physical, psychic, and spiritual properties… for a very affordable price.

Another advantage is that you will be able to keep them for the rest of your life since most minerals came to be thousands of years before you were even born and will still be here long after you are gone!

You can count on their loyalty to radiate their wonderful properties for the rest of your life, sharing them with you and making sure you will benefit from them!!

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