April 18, 2024
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Well-being – another word for Happiness – begins when body, mind, and soul are synchronized. Therefore, we speak about Mind and Body Harmony.

In our age, people are desensitized about their direction and purpose in life, which is followed by emptiness and dissatisfaction.

Mind and body harmony brings a person closer to their higher purpose in life, which aligns their spiritual needs with their physical needs.

It refines their self-awareness and connects our body and mind to a larger pool of energy that can be used to minimize the incompleteness and separation one feels.

Apart from the divinatory techniques (tarot reading, psychic reading, numerology reading), there are many ways to achieve Mind and Body harmony. Discover them on this page, and find the ones that suit you best.

Take another step on the road to self-awareness!


Benefits of Chakra healing

Everything in the material world radiates energy, the earth, the biggest oceans or lakes, mountains or hills, to the cells in our body. Each individual part of our body has its own energy that must be regulated. The constant flow of this energy through the parts of a whole creates channels of energy.

Many traditions recognize the existence of energy centers and channels in our body that can transmit powerful energy to it if it is functioning in a balanced way. Hinduism is one of the traditions that best describes these energy centers, giving them the name Chakras.

According to Hinduism, one of the most ancient religions in the world which first appeared in India (and more precisely according to one of its branches called Brahmanism) Chakras are energy centers situated all along the spine.

Crystals & Gemstones

Benefits of Crystals and Gemstones

Healing crystals and gemstones have been harnessed by spiritual believers and healers for centuries. These crystals hold a special connection with the physical and the spiritual world as they gather healing energies.

Each crystal has its own vibrational energy that can be used to offer healing or luck. Some crystals hold energy that can offer overall well-being, while others can provide targeted help for anxiety issues.

These types of healing crystals or gemstones can transfer those energies by connection to your skin.

The mineral world, especially when considering crystals and gemstones, has a great influence on your everyday life, most notably through the vibrations they radiate, affecting your body, your mind, and your environment.

No one can escape the influence of precious stones and crystals, whether at home, in the workplace, or anywhere one might go. Indeed, everyone lives on Earth and is thus within range of the mineral world’s vibrations.

Dream Interpretation

Benefits of Dream Interpretation

Spirituality plays a big role in dream interpretation, it allows us to see beyond the experiences of the material world and perceive a different meaning through the spiritual realm.

To interpret a dream, one needs to shift their worldly perspectives and become one with the universe, as “the universe is Consciousness” of both the spiritual world and the material world.

It does not mean changing the way you think or a change in behaviors, through the shifted perspective you fully commit to one action or thought. The past nor the future can influence any of the decisions.

Each action and thought at the present time about a dream would be a manifestation of the higher perspective, one that is sought out from the Consciousness.

Feng Shui

Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement, which allows good energy flow in the surroundings. According to this spiritual concept, the placement of objects in the surrounding can improve the success, healing, wealth, and companionship of a person.

The placement of objects allows the energies in the environment to harmonize and find balance. Feng Shui definition can be properly understood by looking at the literal Chinese feng shui meaning, ‘wind’ and ‘water’.

Wind and water are associated with prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture. Good fortune would mean a good flow of Feng Shui energies and vice versa.

A good flow of energies in a room can attract good fortune, while a good flow can be achieved by the placement of objects in the area. You can use the Feng Shui energy map, or get to know the areas of the home where specific objects can be placed.


Benefits of Aura Healing

Aura, energy field, etheric body… there are many names to designate this envelope, invisible to the naked eye, that surrounds your physical body. According to tradition, the energy field is composed of a number of layers, each having a different color.

Mention of the aura can be found in many occidental and oriental traditions. From the aura surrounding the heads of saints (halos) that are mainly seen in occidental traditions to auras surrounding the entire body, seen in oriental traditions, descriptions of auras are numerous. But did you know that you can cleanse your own aura, and heal it?

Law of Attraction

Benefits of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is considered one of the most powerful and effective laws in the spiritual and physical realm. This law works like gravity to gather the energies that you need now. It allows you to change your reality by consciously and subconsciously thinking about a single future.

The   Law of Attraction is an empowering technique about one’s own spirituality and spiritual belief in the divine realm. This law focuses on gathering like energies through thoughts and actions. If you act anxious, then you are sending out anxious and negative energies.

Due to the Law of Attraction, such energies are reciprocated by the universe and sent back to you. Thus, not only would you be giving anxious energies to your surroundings, but also you will allow be receiving the same energies from the surrounding, be it people, places, or actions.


Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is used to heal individuals spiritually and mentally with life force energies, this life force energy is present in all beings in the world. It can be used for relaxation and stress reduction, which in turn promotes the healing of the body.

It has been popularly used in Japan as an alternative form of therapy, it is commonly known as a Reiki energy healing therapy.

Reiki is a Japanese word combination, meaning ‘God’s wisdom’ and ‘life force energy’. Thus, the combination of the two works ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ would mean ‘divine guidance of life force energy’.

This method of healing uses natural and safe spiritual practices to promote the healing of the body. During the healing process, there is a strong feeling of relaxation that comes from within the body.

The spirituality of a person does not matter; a person can receive a Reiki healing either way. The Reiki healer uses their hand movements on specific areas of the body to provide relief and relaxation. Placement of the hand allows the healer to transfer life energy into the client’s body.


Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a process of self-healing, it may take several months to acquire the experience to make a huge difference. However, it can be used to heal the mind, body, and spirit gradually.

You can even hypnosis for weight loss if you have the right mind step. You can even develop your own stop-smoking hypnosis technique through guided self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis can be induced by deep relaxation techniques that can improve healing. The relaxation technique allows the mind to be free of distractions, thus, making it perceptible to enter a healing state.

During this state, the intentional imagery of good health and well-being should be the focus; the images could be related to weight loss or quitting smoking.


Benefits of Shamanism

Shamans have existed in many cultures all over the world, and they have recently started emerging in the modernized western world. You might be asking what is shamanism at this point, however, to define shamanism involves an interconnected awareness of the inner and the outer world.

This awareness allows shamans to call upon spirits of nature, spirits of our ancestors, spirits of the dead, or even higher angelic guidance. Shamanism definition is various with various tools of connection to the divine and spiritual world. Individual practices of shamanism involve guidance from different spirits.

A Shaman focuses their spirituality and energies to reach an ecstatic trance state, which allows them to make changes in the spirit world. Changes in the spirit world can impact physical healing and thought processes in the ordinary physical realm.


Benefits of Yoga

Only a minority of practitioners know and properly appreciate this fantastic spiritual discipline from India, while most only use it to “get in shape”, which is roughly a tenth of all the blessings Yoga normally has to offer.

More than just a practice for well-being, health, and relaxation – which should not be neglected, obviously – if we want to understand what Yoga really is, we need to look at the etymology.

Yoga is Sanskrit for “Union”. A union is an action to join two elements that are bound to work together, to be better than the sum of both parts. Yoga is striving for some union, trying to connect things together.

It purifies the mind so that it can liberate excess thoughts, which brings the individual soul closer to the universal soul. A person can achieve their true self by becoming one with absolute consciousness through this spiritual belief.



Spirituality is a term used to describe transcendent concepts that permeate all aspects of life, belief, and culture. When people look at transcendent concepts through the lens of spiritual understanding, people can see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Consider the concept of gratefulness; both a Christian and an atheist can be grateful even if they do not agree on how the world was created or what happens after death.

Spirituality is a unifying force because human beings seek purpose, even if they are taking a utilitarian approach to life:  “I work to make money to pay my mortgage so I have shelter” rather than a mystical approach: “my work is a calling; it is who I am and what I must do”.

Both of these individuals navigate life with transcendent concepts like honesty, perseverance, authenticity, regret, and on and on.

Even people born into cultures as far apart and different as European, Asian, African, North/South American, Islanders, and Indigenous share spiritual energy and understanding even if their languages and ways of life appear foreign to each other.  Spirituality is the web of energy and awareness connecting everyone.