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Pregnancy Cravings

The Kind of Pregnancy Cravings You’ll Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Pregnancy is a very life-changing time for any woman who experiences it, and each experience is quite individual. However, when it comes to pregnancy cravings, there is a lot of information about the type of cravings that pregnant moms will experience. For instance, it is commonly said that for pregnant moms that are expecting girls, they will crave anything sweet. If they are having boys, then they will crave anything salty. If they are carrying boy and girl twins, they will crave a combination of both.  

Is there truth to that? It is hard to say. However, what if pregnancy cravings and the zodiac go hand in hand? Because they certainly do. Let’s go over the type of cravings pregnant moms will experience based on their horoscope right now.

The Aries Mom – Anything Spicy Will Satisfy Those Fiery Cravings

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is also the first fire sign. Aries is associated with passion, initiation, power, and independence. The downsides of the sign are impatience and impulsiveness. However, when it comes to the Aries mom expecting, then she will have cravings for anything spicy.

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That means this fiery mom-to-be will be the one pouring spicy BBQ sauce on her meat or will be having an uncontrollable craving for Szechuan chicken. She will be the one to order hot and spicy Mexican dishes as well as Mexican or other restaurants that offers those dishes. And, hot buffalo wings will be another thing she will insist that her husband or partner grabs for her late at night. As long as it is spicy, she will be satisfied. However, the only thing this mom needs to be careful with is the heartburn that will become triggered by eating these foods. No one is immune to that regardless of their sign!

The Taurus Mom – As Long as It Is Sweet or Salty, It Is Perfect

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is the first earth sign. Taurus is associated with stability, routine, security, and loyalty, as well as an appreciation for material items which include goods and food. The downside with this sign is that stubbornness is associated with it.  And, for the pregnant Taurus mom, she will be craving foods that are either salty or sweet regardless of whether she is pregnant with a boy or a girl. She will crave candies, pasta, bread, basically anything that is carby.

However, this mom will need to be extra careful not to gain too much weight because this can lead to complications like gestational diabetes. These cravings can be indulged, but moderation is the key to anything.

The Gemini Mom – Likely to Eat Pickles with Ice Cream

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and it is an air sign. Gemini is associated with high energy, curiosity, and constant movement. The downside is that this sign is associated with playing Jekyll and Hyde as well as lack of stability. And, for the pregnant Gemini mom, she will be the one to most likely crave the oddest foods mixed together. Think about chocolate on pizza, or candy corn in casseroles. Those are the types of combination of foods that she will crave, and this one is the one that will most likely be eating pickles with her ice cream regardless of the flavor every night. That is the Gemini nature after all.

The Cancer Mom – Anything Goes in Large Portions

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is the first water sign. Cancer is literally the mother of the zodiac because it is a maternal sign by nature. They take pride in their family and home, and they are very nurturing. However, the downside is being overly emotional. And Cancer moms will have large appetites when they are pregnant and will eat anything and everything. If they crave a burger, they will crave two of them. If they crave pasta, they will crave several helpings. If they crave chocolate cake, then they will have two to three slices. Anything goes as long as the portions are large. They need to be careful because their stomachs could easily flip and pregnancy is a time when sickness can strike at any time.

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The Leo Mom – It Must Be Gourmet, or Else It Won’t Be Good Enough

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and it is the second fire sign. Leo is the King or Queen of the zodiac as it loves to be in the spotlight and be in the center of attention. Creativity and playfulness come naturally to the lion or lioness. However, the downside is that they also crave attention.

However, the pregnant Lioness will only crave anything that is gourmet regardless of the food. If she wants to have a burger, it has to be the one from a high-end restaurant. If there is a craving for pasta, then she will head to the most expensive Italian restaurant to indulge the craving. If she is craving a sweet, then again, the dessert will consist of expensive Swiss or Belgian chocolate. Otherwise, it will not satisfy the craving which will cause her to roar which no one around her will want to happen!

The Virgo Mom – Fruits and Vegetables Are All They Need

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is the second earth sign. Virgo is associated with health, work ethic, service, cleanliness, and details. The downside to Virgo is that they can become obsessive and too picky because of being naturally analytical. However, the Virgo pregnant mom will have the healthiest cravings around because all they will crave are healthy servings of fruits and vegetables. Other moms that are of other signs will be confused as to how this mom will only crave foods that are known to be purely healthy. But give the Virgo mom apples, peaches, berries, mangos, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, then her craving will be satisfied!

The Libra Mom – Sugar, Sugar and More Sugar

Libra is the seventh sign and the second air sign of the zodiac. And, it is a sign that represents beauty, peace, fairness, and good things in life, in general, are associated with Libra. The only downside is that those who have this sun sign are known to be indecisive and non-confrontational. And it would not be a surprise to know that pregnant Libra moms would have a continuous sweet tooth.

She will want all of the chocolate, candies, and anything sweet that she can get her hands on. However, too much sugar is not advisable, and this is why she will need to be careful with how much sugar she consumes. Pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes can be quite likely to happen if it is not eaten in moderation.

The Scorpio Mom – Anything Spicy Goes

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and it is a water sign. Scorpio is associated with passion, secrets, intuition, and anything intense. The downside with this sign is that those who have this sun sign are known to be quite secretive by nature. They also can be your greatest protector or your worst nightmare which depends on how you treat them. However, based on knowing this alone, you would not be surprised to learn that Scorpio pregnant moms would be craving spicy foods like their Aries counterparts.

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However, unlike the Aries, if the Scorpio mom does not get her spicy fix within a timely manner, she will not let that go. That means any partner she has will need to make sure that they have plenty of spicy BBQ sauce on hand so that her craving is satisfied. No one wants to anger a Scorpio.

The Sagittarius Mom – Cravings for Spicy And Exotic Food Will Be Common

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and it is a fire sign. Sagittarius is associated with optimism, fun, travel, exploration, and adventure. The downside with that sign is that those who have a Sagittarius sun are known to be not wanting to stick to commitments, routine, and responsibility. However, the pregnant Sagittarius mom will constantly have spicy cravings given that it is a fire sign, as well as exotic foods from other cultures.

Because Sagittarius and foreign culture go hand in hand, it would not be a surprise to know this. For instance, if this mom has a craving for chocolate, she will not want a Snickers bar. She will go for the Lindt chocolate because it is from another country. She doesn’t care about it being an elite brand like her Leo counterpart would. But the fact that it comes from another country is what she will crave. At the same token, a pregnant Sagittarius mom in Switzerland may end up craving a Snickers bar for the opposite reason!

The Capricorn Mom – Give Her A Homemade Meal and She Is Happy

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is an earth sign. Capricorns are known to be organized, into the corporate world, and are pretty much all about business. The downside is that they are too serious and don’t like to have fun. However, they also have an appreciation for their home like their mirror sign, Cancer. With that said, pregnant Capricorn moms have a strong appreciation for homemade food which is what they will be craving.

It does not matter whether the Capricorn mom-to-be is craving a spaghetti or casserole dish. It has to be homemade in order for her to satisfy her craving. If she is lucky, then her mom or mother in law will bring her some homemade dishes that will make her happy.

The Aquarius Mom – Unusual Vegetable Dishes Are What She Needs

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and it is an air sign. Aquarius is associated with innovation, uniqueness, nonconformity, and friendliness, as well as humanitarianism. The downside of the sign is that it can be associated with being aloof and the refusal to follow any rules. However, as you know the Aquarius loves anything new and unusual and it would not be a surprise that many of them are vegan given that they are humanitarians by nature.

That means the pregnant Aquarius mom will crave unusual vegetable dishes such as those featuring cholla buds, which comes from a cactus in the southwest. They would also love dishes such as cardoon risotto which is related to the artichoke family. They will also love eating plenty of seaweed. Anything that is a vegetable that is different is exactly what this mom will crave!

The Pisces Mom – Anything Goes

Pisces is the twelfth or last sign of the zodiac and it is a water sign. Pisces is associated with intuition and psychic ability, nurturing, as well as dreaminess and a love for the arts. The downside with this sign is that many who have this sun sign are not in touch with reality and they can also be quite emotional. However, because this sign is associated with being nurturing, the Pisces mom-to-be will not necessarily have any specific cravings.

She will crave what she wants. Sometimes she will want something sweet, or something salty, or something that is filled with protein. She will intuitively know what her baby needs and will provide that growing bundle with what is needed. However, the only thing is that she may eat too much of anything she is craving and will need to be careful not to literally eat for two!

Now you know what foods pregnant moms will be craving based on their sun sign. If you are a mom, what is your sign and what did you crave during your pregnancies?

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