July 15, 2024
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Virgo and the Constant Pursuit for Perfection and Acceptance

Without Virgo’s in our life, we would probably all have ruffled feathers and be a bit rough around the edges!

Virgo symbolizes purity

Majority of the Virgo’s you meet are quite innocent, honest, and pure-minded. Usually, their main intention and focus are on what is best for the greater good and order of mankind. Occasionally you might find a Virgo with their head in the gutter with some impure thoughts, however, it is rare to find a Virgo engaging in vulgar and corrupt activities.

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin, and this represents the purity of the Virgo’s intention. Their intentions and motivations are pure and white as snow, and they possess a crystal clear microscopic vision that allows them to analyze and examine everything around them in the finest detail. Nothing will go unnoticed with a Virgo around, and it is impossible to sweep things under the rug or sugarcoat things, as they can instantly pick up falsehood and insincerity.

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Virgo’s have an analytical eye

They can see a person, object or situation exactly for what it is. They are not fooled by illusions.  Possessing a critical eye and brain that is filled with logic and structures, they need to know every possible aspect of everything they encounter in order to determine how they will proceed. Knowing exactly what all their options are and what the possible outcomes can be is extremely important to them. Nervousness and anxiety will arise if the Virgo is unsure of a situation.

They have experienced a lot of disturbing and chaotic situations and they have had to do a lot of damage control in their life due to no one actually paying attention to the important things. The Virgo eventually realizes that they are the only one with the fine eye for details to oversee and examine the small things everyone else overlooks, and they usually take on this responsibility throughout life.

It is important that the point they are trying to present is as clear and easily understandable as possible. They are completely aware that not everybody possesses the critical eye they do, and their distrust in other people’s ability to complete a project gives them an obsessive-compulsive kind of behavior.  They never forget to mention anything of importance, and all details will always be disclosed and overseen.

They are silent observers

Virgo’s are usually quite silent and observant in public, and can sometimes be seen as a loner by others. That person sitting in the corner, observing everybody and their actions quietly and expressionlessly, that is a Virgo. That person who wouldn’t dare cut you off in traffic, or jump the red light, that is a Virgo. The person who has their whole day already planned and scheduled to the second, that is a Virgo. Virgos will never allow any unforeseen disruptions in their schedule.

Virgo’s will know about the things you never thought they were even aware of. Their hyper observance can shock you, as they usually play it so cool you’d never suspect a thing. Social gatherings are especially challenging for Virgos, as they prefer to be in control of everything and to know every facet of what is going on around them. Social situations can be overwhelming if the Virgo is not able to critically assess every possible situation and conversation happening around them. This causes them to feel uneasy and anxious. They would rather not attend a social gathering if they do not have some degree of control of the environment or understanding of what the people and situation will be like.

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They can be extreme workaholics, constantly working late to ensure their work is completed perfectly, in due time. It is rare to find a social butterfly Virgo as they tend to avoid crowds like the plague. Most of them struggle to fully unwind, feeling more at ease if they are completing their duty and being productive. A Virgo who has no task to complete or object to analyze is an agitated Virgo!

Virgo’s mental and emotional state

Virgos are strangely addicted to worrying. It allows them to over analyze things in their mind until they can understand it fully, which is the Virgo’s ultimate goal. It’s impossible to hide things from them. They will notice if you have moved a cabinet in such a way to hide an ugly hole in the wall, or if you are wearing a hat or your hair tied in a knot to hide your unwashed hair. They notice every single flaw, even if you try your utmost best to cover it up.

A Virgo’s worst nightmare is dealing with disorder, especially if that disorder and chaos could’ve been prevented. Virgos have been traumatized by being blamed for the disorder caused by others. They might have had a situation in their childhood where they had an emotionally manipulative family member that used to blame the Virgo or lean on the Virgo when things went wrong. Due to this, they cannot stand having any blame put on them for any disorder occurring around them. They will do whatever it takes to make sure everything runs smoothly, thus leading to harmony and acceptance from others.

Virgo’s need for acceptance

Their ultimate goal is to be accepted. They fear people becoming as aware of their flaws and their shortcomings as they are, and they fear they will not be respected and accepted if this happens. They want to be recognized and appreciated. Not so much in a way to boost their ego such as with the sign Leo, but more in a way where they expect recognition for their attention to detail and for thinking and recognizing the things that others didn’t. It is important to remember, if you are a Virgo, not everyone has spent so much time analyzing everything that is wrong with you as you have, so relax and take it easy!

Virgo and Scorpio are quite similar in the sense where they experience extreme observation and introspection. Scorpio channels their observations into inner emotions and feelings, strengthening their inner self through what they learn, the Virgo usually channels the observation through logic and applying what they have learned to be useful in the physical environment.

They are masters of perfection

You cannot trick them, or try to persuade them of illusions because their fine striking eyes will see straight through any rose-colored tint you are applying to any glass. They are usually able to impress you tremendously with their ability to perfect a task better than anyone else. You can rely on them to complete any complicated meticulous task perfectly, usually willing to complete the annoying detailed tasks that most refuse to do.

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There is so much information and thoughts running through their heads, that the only way they will not be completely scatterbrained and all over the place (like Gemini) is through logically processing each and every thought that pops into their mind. This can be extremely exhausting.

We all need Virgo’s, without them, important details and facts will be overlooked and missed, They bring to our attention that everything and every aspect of something must be looked at and observed before we are able to fully make use of it and understand it for what it is. You can rely on a Virgo to get things done the way it needs to be done. They will even think of the things that didn’t have to be done and do it! It is rare that you will find an unreliable Virgo.

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