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Repeating Numbers

Why do I keep seeing repeating numbers?

It may very well be the case that randomly, out of the blue, you see something in your life that clicks, and sticks to your memory.

Things like a billboard that is catchy, a car you saw on the road that was painted a very shocking pink, or maybe even a wall that had been vandalized are only three examples that you could see and not forget about.

However, at times, there are moments in life when you see stuff and do not notice them, only until you see them again, and then again! This may be the case for repeating numbers.

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Repeating Numbers

Seeing repeating numbers in your life, or a pattern of numbers is just one case that can help you decipher the meaning behind your life and what really is that is coming your way in the future.

A small example could be you traveling through street number 22 to travel to your work. And coincidentally, your cubicle number at the office is 22 too!

Add in a flair of touch and imagine that the new car you just got registered has the number 22 in its license plate too. Little things like these go on and mark repeating numbers, giving added meaning to your life.

What really is the deal with recurring numbers?

You may call it a mere coincidence, but like everything happening in this world has a purpose and meaning, repeating numbers too have a meaning hidden behind them.

One might even consider them to be the universe speaking to the person at large, through its own means. Numerologists and astrologists believe that it is the universe that always has the habit of correcting the natural way.

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So, whenever someone or something tends to deviate from the natural path, the universe sends them signals in order to garner their attention toward this very matter.

Recurring Numbers

Various arts have been derived that can help in tackling the meaning of recurring numbers, however, one that has stuck through the test of time is that of numerology.

It has not only given positive and reliable results time and again, but numerology has also now become the most widely researched field in terms of numbers.

Let us move on and explain what really lies behind the various numerical patterns that you may be experiencing in your life on a repeating basis.

A stream of 16: Seeing double numbers

Double-digit numbers always carry more weight to them, be it in terms of their literal weight, or the meaning that they hold. The number 16 is one of those double numbers that have a very particular meaning, according to numerologists.

The simple meaning of 16 as seeing double numbers is to reassess your direction in life. Recheck your direction, your ambitions, and your aims.

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It very well might be possible that you are headed for ultimate disappointment if you continue in the same direction. Numerologists suggest meditation and calmness as the solution to this. And who knows, you might stop seeing 16 after all.

What does seeing double numbers mean? Let’s talk of 11

In many scriptures and numerologists’ opinions, the number 11 easily held the master number status. If you are going through a case of repeating numbers, seeing 11 where ever you go, you might be in for a surprise.

11 talks about wisdom and inner awareness. This can be channeled to having deep-rooted inner knowledge that you can use to your advantage in achieving anything you want in your life.

Seeing 11 could also be a warning that you are making decisions while ignoring your inner voice. 11 as repeating numbers is here to make you realize that your inner voice has been right all along and that you need to start trusting your gut.

Do you see 22 everywhere in your life?

22 can be most easily associated with productivity in your life. It means you may have something big coming your way. If you work in a corporate setting, this could mean multiple things.

For starters, the most obvious one of these could be a promotion. But it could also mean more people are coming to work under you while you are in the same position.

The basic message that this number is trying to give you here is to always walk through without looking back because this is what life is all about.

33 is one of the repeating numbers

You would be pleased to know that 33 is yet another master number. In fact, it is the highest number of its order in that sense.

33 lets you know that there is something in you, like an artistic skill or something entirely out of the box, that you need to put out in front of the world for your success.

Seeing this number time and again has a simple meaning, there is something in you that you need to show the world, and comfort them with it.

It is also very well known that suppressing creative surges can lead to frustration and building upon that is never good for anyone.

In conclusion

Repeating numbers are not something that everyone gets to experience every day. So make the most out of it, and the first instance you notice a number constantly appearing in your life, make sure you check for its meaning and what implications it brings.

There is so much to life that we do not understand, and with the help of mystic arts like numerology, one can really put their life on the right track.

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