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What Does My Birthday Mean

What Does my Birthday Mean?

There are multiple approaches to tackling this question. For starters, the most common answer anyone would seek would be through astrology and the zodiac signs. However, birthday meanings tend to be more than just embedded in the day. There is much more to them.

While it is very important how the month a person is born in shapes their basic personality, the other factors involved also include the zodiac element a person belongs to, based on their date of birth. This goes on to build up the person’s path in life, and how he or she will react to certain situations.

More on Birthday Meanings

We mentioned some basic factors that tend to answer the basic question, “What does my birthday mean?” Let us now explain the details behind these. When we talk about zodiac signs, you must know that there is a total of 12 signs that talk of the certain kinds of personality a person might have. These are equally divided into the calendar, having some 30 odd days each. A person born on a particular day can check what zodiac sign they belong to, and then relate to the personality traits that this very sign speaks of.

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Zodiac elements

There is a little more to this, with the concept of zodiac elements. Birthday meanings are amplified with the zodiac element, as it tells one how they will generally behave in life. The four elements, namely fire, water, earth, and air, dictate how a person’s general behavior will be. This is quite easy to predict.

Fire is all the rage and anger. Earth is calmness and permanence. Air talks of independence and adventure. While water talks of finding its own path. Together, this help gives more meaning to your birth date.

Your birth date as your Birth Number

The first time you asked the question, “What does my birthday mean?” You probably did not expect the answer to go into such details. However, like everything in this world, birthdays too are shrouded in a tangled web of knowledge, known as birthday numerology.

What does my birthday mean? Numerology and Astrology

Numerology and astrology are one combination that can be easily explained to those asking the meaning of their dates of birth. For your advanced information, there are a total of nine planets, or celestial bodies, as they are sometimes called, in the astrological system. These are the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Mars.

Each of these planets has their own characteristic features too, through which they affect the personality of a person born in a sign passing through them. It might be of interest to you that each of these planets is assigned a number, from 1 to 9.

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Birthday Numerology

This brings us to an even advanced form of answering the question of what does your birthday mean? Birthday numerology answers so many questions this way. Astrologists and numerologists have developed this particular method in trying to get to the meaning that your date of birth has to offer. It is not only ingenious but efficient down to its core.

We say that because it does not involve multiple paths and references to outside knowledge when we try and get to the meaning behind your date of birth.

For instance, zodiac and astrology is an external field, and when referring to it for the meaning behind your date of birth, you are effectively using external knowledge. Let us now tell you of how numerology can easily tell you what your date of birth means and holds for you in the future.

Cracking the numbers

For starters, you need to know that in order to start with the numerology process, a numerologist needs to convert your date of birth into one single number. This number must encompass the year of your birth, the month of your birth, and of course, the date of your birth. It is then called the birth date number.

Some numerologists may also call it the psychic number, or the ruling number. Start simply by adding up all the numbers. For instance, a date of birth of 10th of October 1990 would mean your number is 10 + 10 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 39. This number can then be used to know of your compatibility, as well as harmonics. It can also tell of your lucky months, colors, and dates.

Before this ends

Let it be known that your birth date number is one of the five most influential numbers in your personal numerology. It talks of the skills you possess, and the challenges you will get to face in life. In order to take better control over both, you need to be prepared well in advance, and numerology helps you do just that.

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Take control of your life, know your birth date number today and learn in advance of what life might throw at you. Being better prepared is always better than losing without having a clue about what happened to you. We wish you all the best!

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