June 20, 2024
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Seasons of the Soul

The esoteric view of this Universe is that it is energetic rather than physical. The transformations we witness upon the material plane are precipitated by movements of energy which are the true causes of the physical events. This includes the cycle of the seasons. Let’s see more about the seasons of the soul.

The circle of life

The transformation cycle which turns Spring into Summer into Autumn into Winter is not merely a physical matter of chemistry, cellular metabolism or changes in climate; this cycle is an energetic one, and when we see the changing colors of leaves or feel the temperature raise we are experiencing the physical manifestation of what is at root a spiritual shift.

If you pay close attention, you can directly perceive this energetic shift which gives rise to physical symptoms of natural transformation. The seasons of the soul play a character, mood or defining quality which are not merely the product of their appearance, but an intrinsic attribute of the moment.

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It is common, for instance, that in Autumn the veil between this world and the other world becomes very thin. We become more intuitive, introspective and open to supernatural influences. The earth becomes uncanny, hallowed and haunted-feeling. Suddenly the joyful, life-affirming quality of Summer, which keeps us very much in the moment of “now”, gives way to a more retrospective state of mind. We feel the waning away of life force and turn our gaze back over our shoulder to review what has happened over the year as we drift into the sleep of winter.

In Spring, similarly, an energy of hope and potential breaks apart the bleak, stagnant feeling of winter. Stillness gives rise to a sudden burst of movement, and we have a sense of waxing possibilities and the opportunities for development. The energetic atmosphere of the earth feels optimistic, pregnant with potential and distinctly forward-looking. We have a sense of things to come and a future which is bright and growing brighter.

This cycle of seasons of the soul is most evident in the natural world but it is by no means confined to this domain. In the life of man so too is there a cycle of winter, spring, summer and fall which is evidenced in his career, primary relationships, creativity, health and spiritual evolution.


Winter often settles in when we have run our current trajectory as far as it can take us. For instance, we may have taken all the opportunities for personal growth which a certain career has offered. What had been engaging, challenging and stimulating at an earlier period in life is now stifling, limiting or boring. We may experience a diminished ability in our effectiveness as our tried-and-true methods no longer yield the fruit they once did.

Analogously, we may find that the relationships which had been gratifying no longer are. Business partnerships, marriages or friendships may drift into winter as individuals discover new interests or values and grow apart. The relationship goes into a period of dormancy from which it will re-emerge in a totally new form.

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Winters of the Soul can be difficult, bewildering, depressing and disorienting— especially if we are slow to accept the nature of the season that has come. The more we fight against the natural tides of time, the more harshly these tides batter against us. Winters do not have to be painful if we accept that we have to release the past and find a new horizon. A productive way to spend this time is in study, introspection, meditation or reflection. If we are receptive rather than active during Winter, we will discover what is no longer working and what new and improved goal we want to aim for next.


Spring brings the feeling of hope, potential and new directions. In Spring, we are in a period of waxing clarity and development. There are often awkward “birth pangs” where we face unfamiliar challenges which require us to grow in unprecedented ways. However challenging this may feel, we also have a sense of determination and orientation which helps us to keep moving forward. In Spring there is still a bit of darkness which obscures the path ahead, and there are some very cold nights to endure; yet we have a sense of a dawning light that is growing brighter all the time.

Spring in our careers feels like inspiring creative challenges that demand more from us. Spring may be tough, requiring us to rise to nerve-wracking occasions with significant effort. These challenges compel us toward clear goals, uplifting and gratifying us despite fatigue.

In a relationship, Spring manifests as the beginning of a creative union. We are getting to know other people and seeing what we bring out of one another. This may well involve conflict at times; yet conflict early in a relationship often offers a unique opportunity to build trust if it is constructive, for one can show one’s true colors under stress.


Summer manifests as a period of fruition, breakthrough and flourishing. During this period we may find recognition, acclaim and success, or we may produce brilliant work that will lead to success later. The moment is characterized by feelings of ease, harmony, mastery and a release of pressure. We feel confident and firm in our position, while still being maximally engaged, inspired and uplifted by it.

Summer in relationships features high sentiment, creative union, productivity, harmony, and growth. Relationships in summer bear fruit in some way; we may get married, have children, find radical solutions to long-standing problems, produce high quality creative work or simply feel deeply gratifying peace and contentment. Summer is a time of feeling that everything is going just right.

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Let’s dive into the last of the seasons of the soul.


Fall brings a final harvest. During this period, we easily and effortlessly harvest the fruits of past efforts without much inspiration or challenge. Our creative works may seem to ‘write themselves’ as our well-developed methods run like well-oiled machines. We might gain financial rewards or public acclaim for summer’s work, or climb the status ladder with less current dedication.

In relationships, Fall marks a period of settling down into established patterns. We have come to know one another well by now, and now we are running out the clock on this particular incarnation of the relationship. No individual remains the same from one year to the next, or even one day to the next. We may think of stages in a relationship as defined by the creative tension that exists between the two characters we are “playing” at a given time. Yet next year, both people will be playing different characters, with different preoccupations, values, needs and priorities.

Fall marks the finale of the relationship in its current iteration. Conflicts may arise which point to incompatibilities or imbalances which must be resolved if the relationship is to survive the coming winter and be re-born anew.

Now you know everything about the seasons of the soul.

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