June 12, 2024
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What Spring Fever Looks Like For Each Of The Zodiac Signs

On the day of the vernal equinox, you do not necessarily feel that the atmosphere is very spring-like, even though that is the first day of spring. On the contrary, it is a time when the weather is still, like winter, and you still see plenty of snow on the ground unless you live somewhere more tropical.

 So you may not begin to feel that spring is truly in the atmosphere until it is closer to the Taurus season. And that is when you have the urge to take spring vacations and mingle more, as there are more spring weddings, and you begin to wear lighter-weight clothing as the weather permits that. So the change in the season brings out spring fever, and let’s take a look and see how that appears in each zodiac sign!


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Aries – Going On A Long Bike Ride

Aries, you are all about taking action and energy. That is why you will have the urge when spring fever hits you to take out your bike and go out on long rides. You may ride your bike to get something to eat or go to the store. However, you will take your bike and enjoy working out as you ride long distances. You will be the one to also get up very early each morning before heading to work to go on a bike ride.

Taurus – Enjoying Picnics And National Parks

Taurus, you are not the one to want to be in the spotlight, which is one of the reasons you may struggle to get along with Leos. However, since your birthday month is when spring fever is at its peak, you will feel like you are on top of the world, especially when you head over to national parks and enjoy having picnics with your friends and family. Of course, you will bring some gourmet food and drinks when you want those picnics at the parks. Those are dreamy moments for you!

Gemini – Going To Old Libraries

Gemini, you are the one who wants to learn anything and everything at once because you need intellectual stimulation. Sure, you enjoy the outdoors, so you can expend some energy as you are the versatile and active type. However, spring fever will hit you when you have the urge to head over to an old library and spend some time there reading some books. You don’t want to gather your information from online resources as you want to go back in time and do it that way. Therefore, spending that time at the old library is perfect for you.

Cancer – Spending More Time In The Backyard Or The Balcony

Cancer, you are highly emotional, so you are finding that having to spend the winter indoors has given you cabin fever. Yes, even though you are all about the home and family, you still experience cabin fever when you spend as much time indoors as you did all winter long. However, now that the weather is excellent, you will still be at home, but you will be spending a lot more time in your backyard or balcony if you live in an apartment. Of course, you will also have dinner parties, and if the weather gets hot as it can in the latter part of the spring, you will enjoy your barbeques.

Leo – Entertaining And Hosting Parties

Leo, you love being in the spotlight, but you are also the generous type which is why you want to put yourself out there to help others feel good and to have a good time. Maybe you hosted a holiday party or the SuperBowl get-together, but you are pretty down during the winter. And once the thick of spring begins to hit you, you will have the urge to enjoy hosting parties. You want to be known as the one to be the reason others have a good time which is why you are happy to put yourself out there to entertain your friends.

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Virgo – Getting Into Crafts And Selling

Virgo, you are the analytical type, and even though the thought of spring fever hitting you involves you cleaning, that is not the case. Instead, you will have an urge to create some crafts and sell them on platforms such as Etsy. Since you are the one that needs to keep yourself physically busy while using your hands and your mind at the same time, you are going to find yourself creating some exquisite crafts. Of course, you will enjoy the money-making aspect as well!

Libra – Shopping For New Clothes

Libra, you are all about beauty, balance, and fashion. Spring excites you because this is a time when you can start going clothes shopping and buying the new fashionable outfits that you can show off during this season. And you will also begin to buy some summer clothes because that is when you can start to shop for the hot weather that is a few months away. And since you are all about relationships, you will be enjoying time with your friends, and will even shop with them too!

Scorpio – Not Enjoying Spring At All

Scorpio, you are not enjoying spring because you like the cold and wintery months. You get to stay in your home and keep your privacy easier when cold and dark outside. Therefore, you will keep doing what you are doing regardless of the season. However, you are not happy about this time of year, so if spring fever is not affecting one sign, that is Scorpio. And you will be waiting patiently until autumn. Then you can get excited again.

Sagittarius – Making Travel Plans

Sagittarius, you are the one who would travel at any time of the year. However, you are excited that spring is here because it is a time when you begin booking your travels for the latter part of the season or the summer. And you will excitedly ask your friends if they want to join you on your trips. Of course, you would be OK to travel independently if they did not want to join you. All you care about is getting ready to book your trips, and spring is a perfect time.

Capricorn – Ready To Socialize

Capricorn, you are all about business and goal-setting. However, when springtime is in the air, you will begin to socialize a little more. You are the introverted type naturally, as you are known to work long hours in your office and also be the one to provide for your family if you have one. However, spring fever hits you because you will have the urge to call a friend or so and go to a restaurant or to a bar with them to catch up.

Aquarius – Taking Aimless Walks

Aquarius, you are the free spirit, and you do your thing without getting approval from anyone. You took aimless walks during the winter, but they were limited because it was too cold. However, now that it is spring, you will take much longer aimless walks. You walk from point A to point B, and you don’t know where point B is before going there. You end up there, and you will only turn back when you know it is time.

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Pisces – Artwork In The Yard

Pisces, you are all about art, and you have a dreamy side. During the winter, you did your artwork in the basement or some area of your home as it was too cold to enjoy doing the artwork outside. However, now that spring is here, you will enjoy having the ability to do your artwork outside in your yard. And you will want to ensure that you enjoy doing the art in private, which is why you will gladly invest in one if you don’t have a fence. Or, if you live in an apartment, you will enjoy doing the work on your balcony. The spring air is good for your creativity.

Spring is the time to enjoy the outdoors as the weather is warmer and, at the same time, not too hot like it is during the summer to spend a lot of time outdoors. However, some people don’t care for spring and prefer the colder months over that, which is the group of people who will not be hit with spring fever. You can see that is Scorpio’s description, and if that fits you, then there is a good chance that you have Scorpio energy in your chart even if your sun, moon, or rising sign is not in Scorpio.

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