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Secret Messages from the Birds Connected to Your Zodiac Sign

Secret Messages from the Birds Connected to Your Zodiac Sign

I’ve always loved all animals and used to enjoy playing with ants and watching them walk over my tiny hands, as a toddler.  My first knowledge though was of birds; I had a little ladybird book of British species, and I am told that by the time I was 3 I had memorized the book and could identify all the birds in our garden.

I lost some of these memories, as schoolwork and reading gave me a different way to remember information, but over recent years I have relived this love of birds and have formed a special communication with them all.

Many say that they are messengers; that they are visiting angels, and at times I believe that they really are. 

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You can tell if a bird is delivering you a message; it will come close to you, look at your differently, perhaps fly very close and perch near you, it may come to your window, or even inside your home.  At other times the totem may come through your dreams or vivid meditations. 

All of these forms of communication are valid and can be symbolic of magical messages which are from your higher self or loved ones on the other side.  Here is a symbolic overview of many common bird types and their connection to the Astrological signs.

1.  Robin – Correlating with the Energy of Aries

Most cultures acknowledge a link between robins and loved ones who have passed.  Robins do often come to us as visitors from the other side with messages that we are loved and that those who have died recently are safe. 

Observing robins though we also see a fearless, feisty bird who is extremely territorial and never scared to square up to a threat.  They are not even perturbed by humans, demeaning permission from invasive gardeners and commanding respect for their nest vicinity. 

Robins also teach us to stand up for ourselves and believe in what we hold dear.  Never back down from what we hold as true, and stand up for those who matter the most to us.  The message here is to be courageous and as fearless as these beautiful little birds. 

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2.  Bullfinch – correlating with the energy of Taurus

These amazing red birds are so bright and vibrant.  They are often seen in pairs with their mates, or in groups with their young and seem to embody a kind of light-hearted joyfulness. 

It’s like they are conveying to us the benefits and comfort of a great partnership and how much happiness can be found in a great, loving, close relationship bond. 

If these birds appear to you, it is a message that love and stability are within your grasp and that you just need to open your heart and trust that the kind of romance that you wish for, is within your grasp and you can believe.  They could also be heralding that true love is about to enter your life. 

3. Blackbird / Thrush – Correlating with the Energy of Gemini

The blackbird is a gentle, non-competitive, and unassuming bird, but also the bird with the most varied and one of the most glorious songs, just as the song thrush which is the same family. 

These Turdidae birds wish to encourage you to “stop and listen” when you are out walking or sitting in your garden.  After a will notice each blackbird has its own signature tune, they are all unique and so varied in their song too!

This messenger shows you that you are beautiful like no other.  You also have your own way of expressing your creativity and your sense of love and connectedness to nature.  Spend time each day in nature, get in ~tune~ with your soul calling, and learn to find your own inner voice and your own unique signature tune.  It is time for you to start expressing more, whether in writing, speaking, or perhaps to start singing more too!

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4.  Blue tit – Correlating with the Energy of Cancer

The blue tit is a loyal and regular bird, a well-known visitor in most gardens and parks.  Along with most of the tits, they have definitive family networks, build strong nests in sensible places, and are great parents. 

The blue tit shows us how to harmoniously connect within their own network and alongside other bird varieties.  If this is our totem it points us to the wisdom of our elders and our ancestors, what can we learn from the generations gone before us?  How can we improve and support the network of people we have around us; whether our actual family or our community.  Sharing our resources and time is an invaluable contribution to society.  Perhaps the blue tit is calling upon you to focus upon your own parenting skills and what wisdom you are passing to the next generation also. 

5.  Goldfinch – Correlating with the Energy of Leo

This beautiful bird displays the vivid colors of a performer showing off their talent and attributes to the world.  They are sociable birds, with a lovely melodic call and graceful group choreographed movements. 

If the goldfinch is a symbol to you, it points to improved finances and possible wealth.  It also encourages you to enhance your creativity, express your own voice, and speak up about your ideas.  Even if your work is mundane, your ideas and the energy you contribute is intrinsic to your profile.  A promotion or improved career choice is on the cards for you, if you only have a little more faith in your abilities and the beauty of your own natural essence.  Shine!

6.  Goldcrest / Firecrest – Correlating with the Energy of Virgo

These lithe, fast-moving, birds are some of the smallest native UK birds.  They always appear as if they are on a mission with their evidently busy schedules and precise manner. 

They are efficient, picky about what they eat, and very pretty with beautiful clear and vivid markings. 

The message of these birds is to pay attention to detail; that old phrase “look after the pennies and pounds will look after themselves” comes to mind.  You could apply this to anything; noting that setting great foundations in all areas of life, may seem dull at first, but we only reap rewards from hard work, attention to detail, and become truly knowledgeable in our fields.  The key here is focus, diligence, and patience.  All will come through in time start from the beginning and never give up!

7.  Eagle / Large Bird of Prey – Correlating with the Energy of Libra

Having a large bird of prey or eagle appear to you – whether in person or in a dream – illustrates the majestic power which also resides within you. 

You are more powerful than you think, and the message here connects to the phrase “knowledge is power” just as we learn far more by listening than we do by speaking.  The more you are aware of and the broader view you have; the better placed you are to make choices and important decisions.  It’s important to “stand back” and observe sometimes in life, as we can all be easily swayed by situations that draw us in emotionally, but the best decisions are made with a clear, dispassionate perspective that observes all elements of possibility.  Your decisions are sound, trust your insights.

8.  Nuthatch – Correlating with the Energy of Scorpio

These beautifully vivid birds, have a snake-like movement and are the only bird that can creep down the trunks of trees.  They like to have secret nests in high-up tree cavities, where they stash their food and nest.

The message here is that you have a gift to see into the minds and hearts of others and have accumulated enough life experience to share these unique and evolved abilities, whatever it is that you do.  You are ready to step up to the next level. 

The information and awareness that you have amassed through your life can now help and guide others.  Have faith in your great intuition and awareness and take the courage to step up in life, using your observation and honesty to develop and express your advanced experience.  You are gifted, you are astute, impressively observant and you are a healer. 

9.  Owl – Correlating with the Energy of Sagittarius

The owl has always been associated with knowledge and academia, featuring as Professor Yaffle in Bagpuss, the walking encyclopedia. Owls are beautiful, majestic creatures with all-seeing eyes, and heads that can turn 360 degrees.

The owl here is telling you further your learning and suggesting that you take on a new course, or subject to add to your knowledge.  It could be that travel is being indicated here too, owls are powerful in flight and often the best learning can be gleaned from experiencing other cultures or learning to think in a different language. 

Your versatility is an asset to you and the more you learn, the more you will feel fulfilled and satiated at this point in your life.  Perhaps it is your path to teach also – academia is your key. 

10.  Woodpecker – Correlating with the Energy of Capricorn

This introspective bird is often hidden and difficult to see and yet displays very beautiful colors and graceful movements.  They are linked to the ISTJ in the Myers-Briggs personality types, as they are very hard-working, focussed, and enjoy being successful and quietly authoritative. 

This totem shows that; whilst you are willing to work behind the scenes to achieve, sometimes you need to step back and recognize your own beauty.  Take some time out to rest and enjoy life a little more.  Remember that stress and tension are what ages and jades us in life the most. 

You don’t have to be the best at everything, learn a new game, enjoy losing from time to time, and try to take yourself and/or life a little less seriously. 

You have great wit, express that more freely, and learn to leave time for comedy and silliness.

11. Crows / Magpies – Correlating with the Energy of Aquarius

Although sometimes given a bad name, magpies are highly intelligent birds, with strong community networks and a great level of humor and mischievousness. 

They are masters at figuring out puzzles and work in teams; realizing that the hive mind is more powerful than working alone.  They don’t need to stand alone and be noticed, rather they realize that all are equal, and more food is available if all resources are shared. 

This totem shows you the beauty of teamwork and the importance of your community.  Even if you are a lone wolf, make sure you take some time to connect with others and even help out at a local charity or conservation project. 

This also tells you that your intuition is sound and that you can trust any ideas that you have at this time, you are in a great mental space right now and new projects will turn out successful for you. 

12.  Seagull / Kingfisher / Water Birds – Correlating with the Energy of Pisces

The water birds have the keenest eyes and the fastest reactions. Like musicians, their muscle memory is admirable and their ability to respond to what they see is magnificent. 

There is also a sense of intuition and diligence associated with living ones’ life alongside the water and the symbolism of these birds for you, represents that by developing your patience and practicing your talents, you can attain great things.

Put in the time and develop your muscle memory, the creative arts are cleansing to your soul, and music, art, and anything to do with water and nature is very important for your spiritual health at this time.

Remember your creative spirit and know that for you to be truly happy, this part of you needs to express and soar.  Even if it’s just regular meditation – pay attention to solace and the deeper parts of your nature at this time.

Which of these birds do you most relate to?  Do you feel my descriptions resonate, or do you have other experiences you can add?

Perhaps you’d like to hear a write-up for some of the birds I’ve not covered here?  I’d love to hear from you and am always available for readings about your totems, dreams, or life mission. 

Wishing you all; peace, love, faith, and joy.  Shalom and blessings~~~~~

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