June 12, 2024
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Signs for Being a Natural Spiritual Healer

Signs for Being a Natural Spiritual Healer

Since the advent of this world, there has been a conflict between the interest of the people, according to the “conflict theory.” Through these conflicts, there emerge many physical and spiritual injuries. While the help of a doctor can cure the physical injuries, for spiritual injuries, you would need a spiritual healer. Some people born as spiritual healers meaning that this art comes to them more naturally. This world needs many of these healers, but sadly there are only a few who would provide their help. 

Given are the signs depicting the signs that you may be very well a born spiritual healer.

1. Empathetic and Sensitive

With the world facing many issues, it is very difficult to deal with the day to day problems. Meaning that a spiritual healer acts as the filter for these people. They calm down the patients by absorbing their negative energies, and this leaves them exhausted. Not only the patient but the spiritual healer as well.

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These energies, after being absorbed, need to be released in some form. But that is where they distinguish from the rest of us. A true spiritual healer never wants to make things too dramatic. They prefer to stay on the sidelines rather than hassle with the rest of the world. This develops a sense of sensitivity in their hearts and minds.

2. Preferring Solitude

Things may become too social for an empath sometimes, though they do not hate people, their negative energies drain them of their positive structure. This gives them a true love for solitude where they can meditate and recharge the energy that they might have lost during the process.

Wandering in nature and contemplating different matters gives them the key to developing this positive energy, which might make them a natural born spiritual healer.

3. A Calling to Help People

As explained before the world is shifting and lacks behind in the spiritual identities. Though a born spiritual healer would not like to stay with people. When the cry for help comes, they are the first ones to respond. It gives them great pleasure to aid them in any way possible. A dead-end job does not mean anything to them. Instead, they can spend all of their money and time on a single person, and one true smile can become the payment for the whole treatment. They do not like to be paid for the help that they offer to these people.

4. Magnet for People

Though the world is a large place, yet the presence of certain people can make it a better place to live in. These people are the ones who are called upon by friends and family when they hit a rough patch in their path.

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Born spiritual healer energy can be felt a mile away, and people feel protected when they are near them. They have this natural healing energy that soothes the troubled heart mind and soul. These are the people whom they trust with their biggest secrets, without thinking that they might be misused.

5. Staying in touch with your Intuition

Life is a series of paths that unlock according to the decision made by the people that inhabit this place. When a spiritual healer decides on a certain decision, they do not think with their mind. Rather their emotions are more dominant.

They have this voice inside their head which teaches them to make the decisions that they usually make. They never regret their choices as it is their inner voice, and it is this very voice that charts out the path to the different people. This trait makes a true spiritual healer.

6. Slow Down

Staying as the most valued person in the society a natural spiritual healer is meant to be someone who is not fitted to the fast-paced, solution-oriented society. This trait of a society deeply saddens them and creates a void inside their hearts and souls. They need a time out from all of this drama and confusion. These two traits are the most notable amongst the spiritual healer. For this very reason, the true healers require the people to give them space and let them get back on their feet before setting out on the path of love and help.

7. Social Drainage

Though spiritual healers can be a very rare breed, they are much important to society than any other element that inhabits it. When visiting friends or going to party, a born spiritual healer would feel anxious and would not be comfortable going to such places.

The basic nature being to help, they interact with a lot of souls, giving them a mixture of different energies to deal with. After that, they feel tired and exhausted and would want to retire to meditation and solitude for a while before resuming their lives. This trait is the best sign that you are a born spiritual healer.

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8. Attracted to Healing Professions

A truly born spiritual healer is always someone who is attracted to such professions or activities that calms down oneself and heals the human body. This highlights their biggest sign of being helpful souls, offering their services whenever they can. This shows that these are the people who love to go to meditation classes or are attracted to be a chiropractor or anything else that brings peace and harmony to the people.

9. Natural Peacemaker

As explained earlier, the world is made by different conflicts, that range from simple mouth to mouth disputes or war between nations. All of these things deeply sadden a born spiritual healer. Through their natural energy, they try to calm down both parties.

10. Vivid Dreams

Sometimes these born spiritual healers get vivid dreams that encircle the spiritual items. Some of their dreams carry signs from the mystical world, including the animal totems. These vivid dreams might seem strange at first but try to find the hidden meaning in them, as a true born spiritual healer. See Interpreting Your Dreams.

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