July 13, 2024
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COVID-19 Horary Question Part 2

Update on COVID-19 with Horary Astrology – Part 2

There is a branch of astrology known as Horary Astrology.  The process involves asking a specific question and casting a chart for the moment of the question.  The chart provides the answer.  The question I asked for this article on May 18, 2020, at 04:21:57 in Cary, North Carolina was, “what do the readers visiting Ask Astrology need to know about COVID19?”  This article provides the answer.

COVID19, What We Need to Know Now

The world is changing faster than it ever has in recorded history.  In fact, the pandemic continues to cause situations that are truly unprecedented, as it has never happened before.  It has been far too common to use the word “unprecedented” as hyperbole because life in much of the world has been mostly stable, and even the instability stayed within certain boundaries.  Not so anymore.

We are all looking for insights and answers, critical viewpoints that help, and knowledge that syncs with reality and not wild speculation.  Astrology provides a practical and spiritual interpretation of events in terms of energy and timing.  One tried and true practice in astrology casts charts for specific questions at the time the question gets asked; this practice is Horary astrology.  I employed this technique and asked the question, “what do readers visiting Ask Astrology need to know about COVID19?”

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Below is the chart:

COVID-19 Horary Question Chart

The Answers

You do not need to know anything about astrology to see some obvious visual representations that matter.  Most of the points are “to the left”.  In fact, only 1 point is “to the right” or on the right side of the MC/IC vertical divide.  The point to the right is the upside-down horseshoe shape in the 10th segment, representing the South Node.  The South Node is an energy that we “cling to” but need to release; and in this case, it represents holding onto (or trying to hold onto) the old ways of doing business.  Opposite the South Node is the North Node, in Cancer, providing what we should strive for, which is caring and nurturing energy.

1st House of Identity and 2nd House of Security

The heart (Sun) of the matter is security (2nd House and Taurus) and soul (Moon) of the matter is our individual identities (1st House and Aries).  Very near to the Moon is Chiron, the wounded healer.  The chart signs for this casting align with the natural design of the default wheel, meaning that Aries and all the other signs rule their natural houses, creating a certain type of clarity regarding the message of this chart.

In essence, the message is about how the virus impacts our personal finances and security, the Sun in Taurus in the 2nd House.  And, at the soul level, we are finding out what it feels like to face survival issues and question our identity under extreme duress, which is what the Moon, merged with Chiron, in Aries and the 1st House, wants us to face and work on.

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The Moon phase for this casting is the Balsamic Moon, which means endings.  Symbolically this phase represents the winter and the period when resources are lowest before the renewal of energy with the spring.  Did you save enough for the winter?  This chart reveals that now is the time to think of how to survive a long winter, not what to do with the approaching next spring.

3rd House of Communication and Knowledge

Mercury is both in one of its signs and houses of rulership in Gemini and the 3rd House (the other being Virgo and the 6th House).  Information is flying around at a frenetic and chaotic pace, requiring all of us to figure out how to digest it, filter it, and organize it without being overwhelmed by it all.  We are still gathering data and knowledge about the virus and its impact, and there is still quite a lot to learn.

Venus is here, and retrograde, indicating that we need to review our relationships.  At this time, the virus forces us to rethink how we relate to people around us.  The very nature of relating (Venus) is under review (retrograde) while we must practice social distancing and rethink how we will interact in a world with a highly contagious pathogen as part of an evolving and new normal.

10th House of Prosperity

Jupiter and Pluto are both here, and retrograde.  Contraction, rather than expansion (Jupiter retrograde) is the message in this chart.  And many of the upheaval changes (Pluto) remain hidden (retrograde), but we feel them, even if we do not yet know the “final outcome”.  Only the most important (essential services) and innovative approaches will weather this storm.  But old ways of behaving in business (business as usual) will not let go easily or willingly since the South Node is here as well.

11th House of Community

Saturn is here and retrograde as well.  New forms of community structure will be necessary to cope with the virus, as shown with the online school as a way to keep education afloat while students cannot attend school.  Because Saturn is retrograde for this answer, the new ideas are very experimental.  With the point heading back into Capricorn, there will be an effort to “return to the old normal”, but by the end of the year, Saturn will permanently leave Capricorn for Aquarius and new visions of community structures.

12th House of Spirituality

Mars and Neptune are here.  Mars is in a difficult placement in Pisces and the 12th House because it wants to act, but it is in a sign and house that make direct action difficult and unclear.  It is rather like trying to attack the ocean with a sword.  There is plenty of energy to want to “do something” (Mars), but the situation is so immense (Pisces) that direct action cannot take focus unless there is a unified approach (12th House).

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Neptune amplifies the confusion, as well as the deeper understanding of the spiritual meaning of the virus.  With this casting, Neptune is both in its sign and house of rulership, so it is essentially all-powerful for this reading.  The spiritual significance of the virus for all of humanity cannot be overstated.  We are all awash in an experience that makes us feel deeply vulnerable and will require us to surrender to what is unseen (Neptune/Pisces/Virus) in order to get in touch with our shared consciousness with all the world (12th House).

The Right Half of the Chart

With only one point to the right of the MC/IC vertical, the concentration of the message is global (10th to 12th Houses) and extremely personal (1st to 3rd Houses).  The astrology indicates that much of what we need to know about the virus is happening rapidly and disruptively out in the world and forcing us to understand our individual processes.  How we respond individually will then send energy into others (4th to 9th Houses).


The virus is still spreading and, astrologically, according to this chart as an answer to the question asked, the virus impact will be long term, persistent, and get more personal.  We need to think about who we are in this crisis and who we want to be through it and once it settles into a new normal.

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