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soul life path messages for February 2022

Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of February 2022

We have two portal gateways being activated this month. On February 2nd and February 22 of 2022 and when the Universal number six aligns with the energetic vortex caused by our multiple two’s, we receive a unique phenomenon offering us a brilliant opportunity to manifest balance and peace within partnerships, love relationships, and the cosmic energy from the collective. Yes, this month is about “connection” and removing anything that is stopping us from contributing to the importance of experiencing the Human Touch. Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of Egyptian Numerology and The Path of a Wounded healer bringing to you the February Soul Life Path messages for the Month.

And because we are under the umbrella of February being the universal month of the number eight, we are naturally connected to abundance, freedom, prosperity, financial well-being, resourcefulness, hard work, determination, and inner strength. Spiritually, eight is an equalizer or balancer that unites the conscious with the unconscious, and earthly with the spiritual.  I love talking numbers…

Spiritual Meaning of the Number 8

The symbolic gesture of our number 8 represents two circles linked. The circle embodies the realm of all possibilities, the alpha & Omega, the wheel of reincarnation, endings and beginnings, wholeness, and completion.

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Referring to the infinity symbol of this number, we can recognize –

The bottom circle is linked at the top representing the earth opening to the higher realms. The top circle is linked at the bottom, representing the Spiritual realm opening to the material world.

The link itself serves as the symbolic nature of our intentions, our potential, and our responsibility to keep these two circles open and flowing so our ability to manifest heaven on earth is possible and fluent as long as we are conscious creators in the process of co-creating with spirit. 

This month represents balancing energy and receiving manifestation through connecting with our inner abundance, inner authority, inner strength, and being in integrity with communication while extending our best efforts to harmonize our relationships in every area of our lives.

Valentine’s Day

We also celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th which is about the opening of your heart and finding ways to connect through the Human Touch. I am not talking about physical touching but rather – spiritual bonding. We have been taught not to connect these past two years due to a fatal virus running ramped in our world and people are craving connection. Some people may have even forgotten how to connect because it has been so long.… But there are other ways to connect – like through your smile, your truth, a helpful gesture, and catching a glimpse of the sparkle in one’s eyes as you pass along on your day-to-day Journey.

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I was at the grocery store the other day and two people made eye contact with me that was manifested through the love of their hearts. I could feel it, sense it, and receive it. These were perfect strangers, but this contact meant a lot and reminded me that even though we are discouraged to touch each other physically, we can offer love, patience, courtesy, and a genuine smile. We have multiple ways of expressing the Human Touch.

If we have learned anything from the past couple of years, let it be a new way to offer and receive connection. This is the ultimate message from this powerful month of February.

The Messages for February 2022

Here are the Soul Life Path messages for the month of February.

Soul Life Path Number 1

You may be feeling like you have a heap of responsibilities to confront and maybe not enough time or energy to take care of everything all on your own.

Being a life path number one, you typically don’t enjoy delegating because nobody can do things as thoroughly as you can, but this outlook opens the doors for a little resentment while feeling that everything appears to fall on your shoulders.

When this happens, it is time to step back and show compassion for yourself. Sometimes you need to allow others to help you even if it feels uncomfortable. This month will ask you to share your load and allow others to be an integral part of your life process.

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Soul Life Path Number 2

This is a special month for you with all the gateways open around the number 2.

There are several forces in action allowing for the opportunity of balance, relationships, beauty, and love. These are all qualities that belong to you on a soul level, and you can learn a lot about yourself and your motives for going forward while forming a bond with those at work, family, friends, and lovers.

Are your relationships balanced in the giving and receiving department? If not, how can you step forward and achieve a more equal partnership?

Soul Life Path Master Number 11

The number two portals this month give you the opportunity to max up your intuition and power. If you have learned the lessons from the number two, you are in a position to ride these energy waves and accomplish connections that will advance the areas of your life needing a smooth collaboration to help you move forward. This is pointing to your Spiritual directive as well as personal. Hopefully, you are at the stage where you realize that they are both one and the same. Everything is in Divine order energetically and in timing.

Soul Life Path Number 3

You have just gone through a major transformation caused by the Universe shifting things in your favor even it felt as though it was working against you at times. This month, you are in a position to appreciate some much-needed hindsight and welcome those changes that are showing up for you.

Don’t be in a hurry to put your life back together but rather take it as an opportunity to let go of situations not serving you by adding some positive lifestyle changes or even perspectives. The people in your life are important members of your spiritual tribe and if they are true to their hearts, they will assist by accepting your transition and help you move forward.

Soul Life Path Number 4

This month the focus will be on health and well-being. You are being asked to balance the elements of our planet air, fire, water, and earth, and learn how they affect your everyday life. You have been getting intuitive guidance on what needs to be modified in your life so you can achieve the most effective route to vitality, strength, and endurance. Being in touch with your inner intelligence leads you perfectly to the most productive strategy bringing you peace and wholeness.

Master Number 22

Your focus is on relationships this month. How are your love relationships weathering? Are you attracting equal partners? If you’re not in a love partnership, then ask yourself why. Is it out of fear? Have you cleared your past karmic bonds? Or are you hiding behind distractions?

Clear anything stopping you from balancing your masculine and feminine energies and move forward to be open to love. What can you change within yourself to manifest the most beautiful and productive relationship of being with an equal partner? This assignment will keep you busy but also guarantee extreme happiness and pleasure along the way.

Soul Life Path Number 5

This month supports your personal freedom. Rely on your desire for personal attainment and create from this unleashed territory. Reflect on how personal freedom works in your relationship with others. Is it possible to explore the wilderness and still make space for home?

Can you share this vital soul energy by respecting others and their quest for personal freedom? It is possible and attainable to express your wild nature and still follow a healthy relationship. It does take compromise and a creative perspective, and you are quite capable of achieving both of these qualities under one roof.  

Soul Life Path Number 6

This month enhances your desire for balance, relationships, beauty, and harmony. You will effortlessly build or re-build your spiritual sanctuary using the cosmic gateways as your inspiration. What are your fears around your current relationships including love?

What would you have to sacrifice in order to love yourself first?

Do you use your relationship with others to distract you from self-love?

Anything that needs to be rectified in the relationship department is going to be cleared this month if you allow it to be so. Whatever you don’t clear in this lifetime, you will have to clear it in the next because your energy is eternal.

Master Number 33

You know you are here to do amazing things with your innate gifts and talents but because of your strong empathic nature, you have often held yourself back from being at your full potential. This month, you will achieve the encouragement from the Universe to dig deeper in your spiritual tool bag, examine your limits, and expand your energetic protection safety net that gives you confidence.

Connect deeply with the matters of your heart and begin becoming the person you want to manifest by your side. If you have been waiting for a sign from the Universe, this month gives you ample notification that you will attract what you become. 

Soul Life Path Number 7

You can’t serve two masters. You must choose between logic and intuition. Open your heart and learn to trust your inner guidance system. Learn to tell the difference between your mind and your heart and choose your master wisely. Your inner guidance will be on high alert this month and it is a vital opportunity for you to exercise your intuition. When you are in balance with Source, both your intellect and intuition become one steering wheel. Seek harmony in your quest for answers and the Universe will provide them.

Soul Life Path Number 8

You will experience an amazing opportunity to equalize your relationships or at best balance the yin and yang qualities within yourself using the energies of the Universal 6-year, Universal number 8 month, and the Gateways influenced by the number 2 this month. Or you can choose to bury your head in the sand and ignore all the signs coming your way.

Trust your bond with Spirit and you will follow the most beneficial way when serving the light moving forward. Equalizing polarities always starts with yourself and your connection between dualities such as true/false, good/ bad, logic/ feelings, and male and female. How you perceive the world will influence the relationships that you attract and It all boils down to what you believe to be true in your heart about yourself.  

Soul Life Path Number 9

This will be a much lighter month for you in terms of connecting with people. Last month might have pulled you into some deep reflection which caused you to isolate yourself. This month you will attract the people that admire and appreciate you. You deserve recognition for the work that you do and the friendships you create. Open your heart and allow yourself to bask in the loving devotion that the universe is bringing your way. It is not a coincidence that the numbers are aligning to support you. You will need the strength, confidence, and courage that this remarkable gift is bringing into your field because you are entering another leap in consciousness soon and you will need this manifestation to help you reserve your energy and direct your next cause of action.

This concludes the Soul Life Path messages for the month of February.

If you want to learn more about your Soul Life agreement, schedule a private reading with me, Join our Monthly Group coaching program, and visit my website.

HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY to everyone and know that I am sending you all my love for an extraordinary month full of blessings. ….


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