July 17, 2024
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Egyptian Numerology Weekly Forecast – March Week 1

We are closing the last week in February with an amazing 222222 ascension portal. Many have anticipated this golden opportunity since the beginning of our new year.

It brings us the ultimate life balance of Divine feminine and masculine energies. Even though the number 2 is feminine in nature, it always seeks balance with its counterpart.

I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology bringing the 4th-week numerology forecast of February.

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Universal Number 8 Month

I have felt the energetic force of this numeric good fortune through the strong wind currents following the full moon. I have also had an increase in a high-pitched ringing in my ears and prophetic dreaming.

This entire month has been governed by the Universal number 8 month which refers to balancing energy flow. The number 2 Number is associated with intuition, harmony, balance, love, union, relationships, and partnerships of every kind. This vortex is here to open the flood gates promoting personal freedom through the balancing of our feminine and masculine energy which then encourages abundance and prosperity.

These 2022 energies have activated and accelerated a numeric higher ascension portal that is supercharged and extremely amplified as they integrate the synchronicity of this amazing multiple 2 energetic coding. This shift has caused a merging of timelines and the diffusing of old third-dimensional anchors on a personal level as well as the global grids. You may have been feeling this energetic shift on the physical level.  An immense amount of Galactic energies have been streaming through and assisting us with merging into the higher states of consciousness. We are encouraged to release anything from our energy bodies that are holding us back from our highest timeline and future freedom.

The most impressive gifts emanating from this powerful activation portal is an increase in healthy reciprocated connections, heightened awareness and intuition, prophetic dreaming, emotional healing, receiving divine messages, unexpected positive news and blessings,  the balance of divine partnerships, divine unions, divine unconditional love frequency,  and immense assistance from the higher realms to humanity during this planetary awakening and ascension process.

We are experiencing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Galactic Portals merging together into one through the opening of our kundalini awakening. These connections are taking place in full alignment to assist us with our Soul Life Path and purpose on all levels. These energies are synergized and in alignment with the Fiery Venus-Mars Conjunction, which is happening during the months of February and March. We are in for a ride as huge timelines shift and split in the collective. This will affect our individual journeys and will benefit our healing process. Many karmic contracts will end, and intense upgrades may cause people to leave our lives but for the ones that have done the inner work, you will reap the rewards as deeper love blooms between their chosen counterparts. More triggers will surface to show you what is blocking the union and the truth will be revealed.  Stay strong and grounded and allow the winds of change to blow and cleanse the energy as the earth prepares for the grand union of the beloveds.

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Integrity with Your Authentic Self

Staying in integrity with your authentic self and using clear communication in your relationships ensures an easy passage through this divine epic event. This cosmic clearing is not only about your personal bonds or affairs with other people, it also suggests that you acknowledge and implement the ultimate balance of your life by living in harmony with nature. I am speaking of the ultimate intimate divine relationship with  Mother Earth and Father sky, brother sun, and sister moon. You boost your ascension rites when you begin learning to listen to the wind, flow with the water, cleanse with fire, and stabilize your heartbeat with the core pulse of Mother Earth. This is equalizing your energetic codes into the higher relationship of feminine and masculine qualities. You have the opportunity to understand the concepts of balance when you adopt the true ingredients of your soul.

Open up to the energy pouring through during this numeric portal and receive. You have the opportunity to connect to your core essence and clear what is blocking you from interacting with others and aligning with your planetary elements.  Over the next few days, you are stepping more and more into this energy and remembering your creative power and you can draw upon more wisdom, intuition, and uplift your spirits when you synergize with the rhythm of the planet.   Yes, go deeper than you have ever risked before. Don’t just play on the surface with what you already know, explore, expand, and experience new concepts concerning your relationship with nature. Allow her to be your ultimate teacher of the universe. Tell her your fears, your dreams and entrust her with all your secrets.

Be open to new perspectives that show up during the woven tapestry hours of your day and the auspicious messages you receive in your nightly travels. Notice how you feel and stay vulnerable to releasing old memories that don’t apply to you anymore. Bless and release these into the strong energetic ascension currents and allow the nature spirits to dissolve the emotional charges.

After releasing your mental and emotional resistance, stay empty for a while and trust that the universe will restore and replenish all your energy centers with a luminous electric and atomic lightning force that jump-starts your highest intentions and inner visions of what is to come in the future. Prepare yourself for the next level of exuberant joy and fulfillment. Don’t limit yourself with idle expectations of what is to come because you have no idea the heights of opportunity that are waiting for your integration.  

Deliver your lifeforce generously to the harmonious balance of your living breath and stay balanced, be focused, remain open, and graciously accept the gifts from the Source.

This concludes the numerology forecast for the last week of February. Learn more about Egyptian Numerology on my website.

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My blessings extend out to all of you, and I look forward to connecting with you next week. Blessings, blessings, blessings,


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