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Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of October 2022

Soul Life Path Messages for the Month of October 2022

The month of October’s cosmic vortex brings us magic and mystery within a combination of illuminating forces. October is under the influence of the universal number seven month. The number seven represents synchronicity, self-awareness, intuition, and mysticism. It infuses the right combination of spirituality and practicality.

It is the ultimate energy of the truth seeker.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology. I am also the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the fifth dimension and the sequel – The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the asking.

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Today, I am bringing to you the intuitive Life Path messages for the month of October.

Last month, I talked a little about the veils between the spiritual and material worlds starting to thin, especially during and after the equinox on September 22nd.

So, what happens when the veils between the spiritual and material world start to thin and become more transparent?

Some people experience time slips. On the planet Earth, time is measured in a linear way, while the higher elevations of consciousness don’t experience time at all because it simply does not exist. That means that All time occurs simultaneously, and it is more of a matter of frequency and vibration that distinguish experience and perceptions.

A time slip is when you perceive simultaneous events occurring on a different vibration at the same time because your perceptual abilities have opened up or have stumbled into a rift in the time/space continuum, you may see or feel something that you simply cannot explain or understand.

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The query of your mind may wonder if its playing tricks on you, but in reality,  it may be that you have stepped through a time rift and are experiencing a time slip where you see something from the past, but in truth, you are simply seeing something that is at a different frequency and is occurring simultaneously to your own life’s journey and path.

These Rifts are continually happening in the time/space fabric. There are areas where the division between the here and now and the Eternal Now is thinner.

These places where the veil has thinned allow these experiences to occur more frequently than places where there is a containment between the dimensional levels, the different frequencies, and vibrations.

October is always a gateway between the realms.

As we move through the full moon on October 9th and get closer to Hallow’s Eve on the thirty-first,  we will experience these dimensional walls or veils getting thinner. It is a time when many are experiencing and seeing things that are considered not normal such as spirits walking the land, and past events suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

The number seven is a mystical number connected to spiritual awakening, introspection, and the development of higher wisdom. This number is connected with the pursuit of Truth and the desire for a deeper understanding of your life path and journey.

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This month is about alignment. Living with honesty, openness, and willingness to heal and grow at the speed of truth.

When you walk a spiritual path, you reach an awakening. This awakening is instigated by divine truth and once you see the truth, there is no way of unseeing it.

This means that at some point in your life, you traded a limited perception for an unavoidable awareness that aligned you with a higher consciousness.

Not everybody is comfortable with the truth. Because once we ask for it, our lives change immediately.

Your energy field vibrates higher, and you start attracting signs, symbols, and divine synchronicity such as repeating numbers, animal totems, literature, and even dreams.

The number seven is about introspection. Going deeper into your inner sanctuary and inviting divine truth to reveal your supernatural powers.

Say Yes, to your light and expand this experience to unfold throughout your day and into the entirety of your life.

This month’s focus is on how you hold and express your inner truth. Do you keep it to yourself? Or are we willing to share those parts of ourselves that are often kept hidden and safeguarded?

Can you be courageous enough to merge your inner truth with your personality and express your authentic self or do you assume that some of your family members and even friends are not yet prepared to witness the part of you that makes you whole and complete?

These are all questions that will come up for the truth seeker this month. Be prepared to shift your beliefs into the light and stand firm with who you truly are.

Every numeric Path has a unique energy pattern that embodies your identity and is represented through symbols, images, or the personal logo of your soul. It is called an archetype.

On a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level, we are all multidimensional beings and these archetypes make it easier for your guides and angels to work with you.  When you tap into your signature archetype, you trigger your imagination, the realm between time and space, which becomes the sacred meeting grounds between worlds.

Our life path tells us the direction we choose to walk in this lifetime. You calculate your life path by adding your day, month, and year of birth. Reduce the total to a single-digit number unless it is a master number 11, 22, 33, and 44.

Every person, thing, place, circumstance, event, and possibility in your life is influenced by this frequency.

The Universe uses this vibration to attract to you everything you need for your journey in this incarnation.

Here are the Life Path messages for October 2022.


Willingness often comes after a series of surrenders. When you are entirely convinced that everything you have done or believed in no longer fits with your upgraded perspective. Humility can strike like a sledgehammer and appears when you are willing to live up to a higher truth.

Self- Honesty is a huge part of the number one’s life lessons. Gaining confidence in your spiritual practice gives you the personal freedom to explore the hidden realms. Learning to be open to the truth, is not as difficult as it appears. Your body will tell you what, and where you are holding onto resistance. When you are honest, these doors open effortlessly. Your biology becomes your biography when you are ready to accept the undeniable link between the two.


This month is about embracing your past disappointments and shedding light on the many life lessons you have recently learned so you can use them as stepping stones to pursue the direction of your highest path.

Be open to reviewing just how far you have come and what your well-paved path is leading you toward.

An Epiphany travels at light speed when your state of consciousness is completely wiped out and replaced with a new truth system.

Your wounds control the ability in which you travel at the speed of light. When you are stuck in old wounds, you are unable to understand anything beyond the pain. This is where self-forgiveness becomes your NorthStar leading you closer to healing and peace.


When you live a life in integrity, it can somehow be misleading when others are not quite as honest as you.

This is where the grand opportunity lies, to rise above the illusion that life is supposed to be fair.

The Universe expresses itself through the laws of nature and the laws of karma never play favorites,  but rather lie in the hands of a force beyond your comprehension. Following a life of integrity requires putting your trust in Divine hands and staying detached from the outcome.

Keep centered this month and review the underlining motives of your actions. Come from a place of authenticity and you will not be disappointed.


We are slipping into the void where energy shifts and renews itself.

This month is not about productivity, but rather a time to get quiet and focus on being willing to empty out the quagmires of your mind.  Yes, let it all go and listen to the voice of your heart.

This is where you come into alignment with creativity and where it wants to direct you.

Being open requires trust and faith in an illuminating force, so powerful that it makes you vulnerable. This vulnerability is the effect of openness that renders you compliant in the moment and free to express in the next. Focus and align with the quiet space between your mind and your heart and let it lead you toward your highest path.


Your personal transformation is one of the biggest assets you can give to the world. Once you come into alignment with your own personal energy, you are best equipped to assist others who may be struggling to find encouragement during these times of rapid soul renewal.

You have a heart of gold and empathic abilities to understand the desperate needs of others.

This month you are the Messenger, the light warrior, and the illuminator who carries the words of hope that shapes the future vision of regeneration.

Be generous with your time and efforts and use this opportunity to advance your understanding and awareness regarding your healing talents.


We are entering the realm of magic, mystery, and the unknown. Everything will be reflected back to you almost instantaneously this month and your state of consciousness will determine what you create for your life.

Staying in a mode of gratitude will steer the direction of your ship towards a safe harbor.

Caring for your loved ones may be a challenge if you don’t remain balanced and grounded this month. Be the alchemist and align with the rhythm of the changing tides. You will leave a positive impression and a state of calm and certainty in all situations by trusting the Universe and leading others by example.

Ask your Angels and guides to assist you in protecting your energy both during sleep and waking hours.


Location is what I am hearing loud and clear to lead you further on your spiritual path.

The question is, “where are you presently? and where do you want to be? Recently, there has been a sudden turn of events that moved you in a direction that you did not anticipate or expect.

The Universe is asking you to recommit to your path and passion. Nothing happens by mistake. Everything that led you to your current state of events needed to happen in order to challenge your convictions and offer you a new direction.

What have you learned and how can you apply these teachings and lessons to shape your future goals?

Once you integrate the new information into your spiritual practice, the journey will start looking familiar and new doors will open to pave a trail to a new location and prosperous destination.


The cosmic energetic Intensity dies down this month and a softness arises in the atmosphere. You may feel as though you are coming out of a whirlwind and need to take a moment to catch your breath.

It is a time to integrate your mind with your heart center and lately, you may find that too much mental stimulation has led you to frustration, confusion, and misdirection.

When this happens, it is a sign to cease the present moment by calming your thoughts and becoming open to your emotional body. You might experience some resistance if your intellect is pushing you to follow its guidance but a part of you welcomes and intuitively knows that what you are feeling is going to direct you to your highest destination.

So, welcome the new paradigm and balance the yin (emotions) and yang (mental stimulation) features of your existence when moving forward on your spiritual journey.


The focus this month will be on energy and freeing up areas of your life that are blocking your vital life force.

It is not uncommon to feel drained, tired, and even weak after all of the energetic light codes being released through the cosmos. Even though light does not carry weight, the impact that it has on our physical bodies can cause major disturbance as it integrates into our energy centers.

It rearranges your cellular structure and updates timelines and lifetimes consisting of old patterns and ways of being in the world that are no longer serving you.

You are not alone in this process. Your Angels and guides are standing right next to you and are assisting you through this amazing transformation.


Healing is the topic for this month. All of the new energy coming through the cosmos has allowed you to overcome some major setbacks. Healing is paramount to your soul and lifts the weight off your shoulders. You are now able to free up some much-needed energy and start a new regimen.

One that fits your new lifestyle. What worked for you last year won’t necessarily work for you this year so be creative, innovative, and smart about what you plan to do in order to advance your physical, emotional, or spiritual directive.

You intuitively know what to do and what not to do moving forward.

Your higher self is guiding you to make the significant adjustments to raise your energy field and promote healthy living.


You will have to take the bull by the horns and communicate your intentions in a clear and precise manner this month. Don’t wait for others to validate your path in life, you must be brave, courageous, and victorious in your drive to succeed by pursuing your passions and your dreams.

Do not let anyone or anything derail your plans for the future. October is the perfect time of year to launch the rocket leading to the target that you have formulated in the back of your mind. Bring your ideas out of the dark, up to the surface, and watch them grow into something tangible.

You get to be the rock star in your own personal movie, and you get to direct where everyone and everything has a part in your production.

Be brave, bold, and victorious and don’t let doubt or fear crowd your mind and heart. You intuitively know how to flow through any discomfort while shooting the arrow to success.


This month carries a dynamic momentum pushing you to pursue your goals like a gust of wind blowing behind your back.

You will feel an extra burst of energy rising from your solar plexus demanding to be released. Ride this fire of intensity where it wants to lead you and trust that this compelling movement is guiding you.

If it is creativity, then by all means let the lion out of the cage and generate a product defining your unique legacy.

If it is a relationship, then learn to communicate your feelings and use this energy to inspire your deepest desires.

If it is freedom, then let loose and express yourself uninhibited by dancing, singing, or some innovative movement that releases the embers of your passion.

Normally, this time of year is a winding down spiral for the collective, but you are being given a last gust of opportunity to generate anything left undone that needs to come into manifestation.

This concludes the Life Path Messages for the month of October. I have many resources to offer through Egyptian Numerology on my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org

I would love to hear from you. Have a blessed month of magic, mystery, and miracles. Namaste’

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